'Tis the season for love... Or is it?

By Ariana Bacle
May 13, 2016 at 01:58 AM EDT
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It’s wedding season on Grey’s — and Meredith is not happy about it.

Amelia and Owen are back in love and better than ever. They’re exchanging flirty glances in the OR. They’re having sex in the on-call room. They’re playfully bantering about their future together. Basically, they are what they call “fake-married.” And this is great! Amelia and Owen deserve to be happy, especially after all they’ve been through (then again, that goes for anyone on this show). But Meredith doesn’t see it that way: She sees it as Amelia living the life Derek didn’t get to, as Amelia living the happy life she wishes she could. How can Amelia just go on, Meredith seems to think, while I’m stuck here, miserable and alone?

And miserable, she is. Meredith has been, uh, not in the greatest mood lately, and it comes to a head in this episode when she basically yells at Amelia for not being Derek. She literally says, “Get your own life.” Just because Meredith’s in pain doesn’t make this excusable. Did she forget that Derek was Amelia’s brother? That she spent most of her life by his side? That they shared the same DNA, the same family, the same childhood? Just because Amelia’s living her life doesn’t mean she’s not in pain, either, something Meredith is choosing to ignore.

She chooses to ignore it at the worst time, too: right before Amelia performs a dangerous operation on Edwards’ kind-of beau. At the beginning of the episode, Kyle is still mad at her, but they end up having some sweet pre-surgery conversation and ending it with a loving kiss. Kyle is Edwards’ Denny…and just like Denny, Kyle dies. Unlike Denny, though, it happens during the surgery. As Edwards is watching from the gallery.

This is upsetting enough and even more so because she didn’t want Amelia to perform this surgery in the first place. It’s too risky, she told her. Amelia was confident about it, so she did it anyway, and, well. Maybe she was a little too confident. Or maybe she was right when she later tells Edwards that he was too far gone, that they truly did everything they could. Maybe Edwards and Kyle were doomed from the beginning. Plus, he was cute and all, but they were never going to work. Edwards even pointed out their differences in their final talk when he asked her to go on tour with him in Europe. “I’m a surgeon,” she explained. And surgeons (or this one, at least) don’t pick up and become a groupie for a few months. 

Although Amelia is upset by this turn of events, it’s not enough to bring her to her dark place — thank goodness. Instead, she brings some light into her life by proposing to Owen in the driveway of his newly bought house. Yes, Amelia proposes to Owen. She’s ready, and he’s ready, and they’re working, so they say, hey, let’s go for it. Their romance has always been so tumultuous that it’s a bit hard to keep up with, so this feels like it’s happening fairly quickly, but they have seemed pretty in love lately. Congrats, kids.

NEXT: Karev pops the question…again

Karev also has marriage on the mind. He once again brings up the topic to Jo, who he’s proposed to twice. Twice! He needs to know if marriage is in the cards for them, if she’s ever going to want to marry him, whether that’s tomorrow or months from then. She takes some breaths and gives him the last two words he wants to hear: “I can’t.” Time to take that ring to the pawn shop?

This would be a good time for Meredith and Karev shippers — if only Meredith wasn’t hooking up with Riggs in the hospital parking lot. The two get in a weirdly heated argument about how Meredith is mad at Amelia for “getting all the good stuff” that ends with them pressed up against her car passionately making out. They eventually get in her car, which is good news for them but bad news for Maggie: She and Riggs have been a bit flirty lately, and this episode hinted that something might be happening between them. This is about to get messy, messy, messy.

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Also messy: Callie and Arizona. Callie’s giving Penny the cold shoulder because she’s hurt, and Penny’s at a dead end. She wants to be supportive, she wants to help, but Callie just isn’t letting her. She’s too heartbroken by the Sofia thing and probably too mad at herself to focus on anything else. It’s no surprise later when she breaks up with Penny, saying she’d rather end it now than drag it out. Penny wanted to make it work, to fly back often to see Callie and Sofia in Seattle because, by the way, Callie decided to stay in Seattle. This isn’t Penny’s choice, though, so she’s left in the dust (or, rather, left on a plane to a really cool fellowship in New York — as Meredith later consoles her, “You will go kick some fellowship ass”).

Callie’s attitude and decision and everything about this story line is so, so frustrating. She essentially put, as Arizona says, everyone through hell for nothing, and now she’s acting like a hurt puppy. It’s fine for her to be upset because it is an upsetting situation, but at the same time, she did this. This isn’t Penny’s fault. This isn’t Arizona’s fault. It was her decision to try to move Sofia across the country with her. Everything would have been fine if she had just talked with Arizona about it from the beginning.

Because she didn’t, Arizona’s mad. She tries not to be at first: Callie asks to switch around some days to spend with Sofia, and Arizona lets her. Then later that day, post-breakup, Callie asks if she can have Sofia that night. She’s upset, and she wants her daughter with her. This is Arizona’s final straw. She scolds Callie for expecting her to keep accommodating her after everything she did and basically says she’s all out of kindness. This will never end, will it?

Arizona’s telling Webber about this confrontation when all the sudden the room seems to start spinning as he gets ready to leave the hospital. It seems like something’s wrong, like he’s about to pass out. Then he pushes the button for the elevator and clutches the back of his neck like something’s hurting him, like he’s in pain. The elevator doors open and there stands Catherine, who came to visit a week early. They embrace and everything’s fine with Webber…for now. Next week’s a wedding, though, and as we all know: Weddings on Grey’s are cursed. In other words, pray for Webber, people. 

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