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Remember when Callie and Arizona were starting out? When they were so in love? When they were one of the best couples on the show? Because they were, no matter how hard it is to believe that there was once a time when these two got along for more than five minutes at a time — and not just got along, but adored each other. Those were the good ol’ days for everyone involved.

Now I’m past wanting Callie and Arizona to get back together. They tried that; it didn’t work. That’s fine! Not every love is supposed to last. But it would be nice if they didn’t have any relationship drama for at least a single season. This one was going so well, and then this happened. Thanks, Penny.

Moving on to the actual episode: Callie and Arizona go to court, where a judge decides who gets sole physical episode of Sofia. Owen and Meredith speak on Callie’s behalf while Webber and DeLuca vouch for Arizona. The judge prefaces the whole thing by warning, “The things said here will undoubtedly be harsh.” That’s not quite true: None of the witnesses say anything awful, though Penny does (unintentionally) screw up a bit.

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Penny’s doing great, listing Sofia’s favorite toy and favorite cereal and favorite animal, until the lawyer asks what outfit she was wearing that morning. Penny can’t remember — understandably. Hell, I can’t remember what I was wearing today. The lawyer then asks her what grade Sofia is in, a question Penny answers confidently: second, she says. Nope. Sofia is in first grade, a mistake she quickly tries to correct. It’s too late. Sofia’s potential new parent doesn’t even know what grade she’s in.

Even as someone who’s inclined to dislike Penny, this is…not a huge deal. That’s not how Arizona’s lawyer sees it, though. But Arizona’s case isn’t free of cracks, either. First, Callie’s lawyer points out how much time Arizona spends at the hospital, a point that Bailey counters by telling the lawyer this isn’t something she’d ever bring up to a man and that Arizona is just “wildly successful.” True and true. Tell ’em, Bailey.

The lawyer’s not sold, and it gets even worse once she brings up how many times Arizona went to trivia with Richard the past six months — and how many times Arizona asked Callie to take over Sofia duties last-minute. Arizona’s understandably upset that Callie even let these things be factors in this decision, but it’s also understandable that Callie would do it. She’s doing everything she can to keep her daughter by her side, even if it means trashing that daughter’s mother.

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In other words, this is getting really, really messy, and it’s hard not to think that this all could have been avoided if Callie and Arizona had just talked it out sans lawyers. They were getting along so well! Would it have been so impossible to sit down and have a civil, rational conversation about what to do? And, uh, would it have been so impossible for Callie to have that civil, rational conversation with Arizona before deciding to move to New York?

But alas, what’s done is done. Toward the end, Callie takes the stand and recounts the day Sofia was born, a.k.a. the day she nearly died in a car crash. “I had to fight to stay alive for my daughter’s sake,” she remembers. “Being a mother is the reason I’m still alive today.” Once Arizona takes the stand, the lawyer implies that she’s less of Sofia’s mom because they don’t share DNA — an implication Arizona does not take kindly to. While she’s explaining how she chose to be Sofia’s mom, how she chose to stay, her phone starts ringing, and her own lawyer apparently doesn’t know how to silence a phone because it keeps ringing…and ringing…and ringing.

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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