Meredith meets the doctor who could be her first post-McDreamy love interest
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More and more, we’re taught and told not to push people out of their comfort zones — hell, there’s even such thing as a trigger warning now to alert those readers, watchers, listeners sensitive about certain topics that they’re about to enter a potential danger zone. Meredith preaches the very opposite in this episode, though: Pushing people, she says, isn’t always the worst thing. Sometimes it’s even the best thing.

Meredith knows this firsthand. Early in the episode, she and a handful of fellow surgeons board a bus to go perform a risky operation on a cancer-stricken patient at a military hospital, and they use their time on the bus to return to their middle school days and talk boys. Specifically, the handsome (so handsome that Callie uses the adjective not once but twice to describe him) doctor they’re about to team up with. Apparently, he asked about Meredith, and this is enough to send Callie and the rest of the crew dreaming up a future for him and Meredith despite the fact that half of the imaginary couple is completely reluctant to jump into anything romantic, let alone something romantic with another dreamy doctor.

Although their blatant hinting makes Meredith visibly uncomfortable, she later reveals to Callie that it might have helped. But let’s back up a little bit: What Callie dubs the Dream Team — her, Meredith, Jackson, Bailey, and Wilson — arrive at the military hospital and give their patient the choice of whether to go through with the surgery or not. The hot doctor, Will Thorpe, tries to convince him not to. You can get chemo and have a few good years, he argues. You can have this surgery and live a full life, Callie retorts. Guess who wins?

The surgery is extremely risky, though, and Callie has a freakout mid-operation once she realizes her original plan might not still be viable. Meredith tries to calm her down, but Callie says she needs space — and that’s when Meredith gets in full-on pep talk mode: She basically says she doesn’t care that Callie wants space and that pushing Callie to figure this out is a way of trying to help, just like how Callie egging Meredith on about Thorpe was her way of trying to help. It works, and a solution to the surgery is born. They’re ultimately successful. The Dream Team, at least today, does indeed make dreams come true.

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And now the most important part: Does Meredith flirt with Thorpe? At first, no. As they’re saying their goodbyes, he says he’d like to follow up with her personally. She coldly gives him her hospital business card and then walks away to the bus. At first it seems like she wasn’t kidding episodes back when she said she thought she was done with the dating phase of her life. Then she turns around, approaches Thorpe, and gives him her number. Could this be…McHottie?

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Back at Grey Sloan, Ben’s pulling a bit (keyword: a bit) of an Izzie. He’s up in the psych ward and finds a wailing patient crashing, and he finds out that he needs to open his chest to save him. The only problem is that they’re not allowed to have anything sharp in the psych ward, so he has to send his hesitant intern down to get supplies. While this intern is trying to acquire them, he runs into Webber and brings him back up to the room where Webber proceeds to throw a fit because, by that point, Warren has opened the guy’s chest with a clipboard and dug his hand in. Bad news: That’s totally against protocol. Good news: He saved the guy’s life.

Webber doesn’t care too much about that last part. He gives Ben a stern talking to, and then Bailey does the same once she returns. His punishment doesn’t last too long, though: At the end of Bailey’s scolding, she quietly expresses how impressed she is that her husband cut open someone’s chest with just a clipboard and his bare hands. Warren might be in trouble with the chief, but with his wife? He just got a gold star.


  • DeLuca wants Maggie to stop hiding their relationship, so she tells Riggs and Arizona about it in a delightfully awkward moment where she says that the two are “seeing each other romantically…in romance.” It’s adorable but, evidently, not adorable enough for DeLuca: She hugs him to celebrate, and he suddenly looks terrified. Sometimes secret romances are better left just that.

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