Katie Bryce makes her return, and now it's the female Shepherd's turn to save her
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Remember Katie Bryce? It’s okay if you don’t — even I, someone who watched the first season too many times after two different family members gifted the DVD set to me, didn’t have the clearest idea of who she was when she popped up on the screen this time around. That didn’t turn out to be a big deal, though, because Katie’s reoccurrence didn’t have as much to do with her as it had to do with Amelia moving along in the grieving process.

To rehash, Katie first showed up at what was then Seattle Grace on Meredith’s very first day. After some detective work, she figured out that Katie had burst an aneurysm and was bleeding. Together, she and Derek saved her life. Now, she’s back after some new symptoms emerged, and it’s Amelia’s turn to save her life — a task that proves difficult once they discover her new aneurysm is impossibly large.

Amelia has always struggled with living in Derek’s shadow, and this gives her a chance to prove to herself that she’s just as capable as he was — and to feel a connection to her late brother. This could go two ways: She could successfully operate on Katie and finally feel like the talented neurosurgeon she is, or Katie could die, sending Amelia on a downward spiral. Luckily, the first option is the winner. This is especially good news given that Amelia reveals earlier in the episode that she’s now 60 days sober, a streak that a failed surgery of this emotional weight could have interrupted.

Meredith isn’t so lucky. She tells a longtime patient, Daphne, that her cancer is almost gone but then discovers an infection on her chest right before discharging her from the hospital for the day. Once she cuts it open, she realizes that it’s worse than she thought, and it won’t stop bleeding. Riggs comes in, and the two quibble over what to do. There is plenty of medical jargon and a little bit of romantic chemistry, despite Meredith’s resistance (more on that later). Finally, they realize they need to take her to the OR — and that’s right when Riggs and Meredith basically force this poor woman to call the 20-year-old son, David, she hasn’t spoken to in six years. Because now seems like a great time for that.

After plenty of pushing, Daphne makes the call. Then she bleeds everywhere. Seriously, she sheds horror-movie amounts of blood on the bed, on the floor, in the hallways, in the elevator. The whole time, Meredith is applying pressure to the wound and instructing her to “hold on,” a tactic that ultimately does not work: Daphne dies right before David was going to show up and say hi.

Let’s think about David for a minute here. His mom left him when he was 14 and then she didn’t communicate with him for six years — a long time in general, and especially long when you’ve only lived 20 years. Then one day she calls him out of the blue to say what’s up, and he decides, “Oh, okay, I’ll go see her”. He makes the extremely tough decision to go visit, and then he shows up and…she’s dead. David just had a s—ty day.

This isn’t to say that Daphne was wrong to call him. She seemed like a fine person who genuinely tried to turn her life around, and was successful at doing so. It’s actually pretty sweet that the last thing she did was briefly reunite with her son over the phone, so maybe Meredith and Riggs aren’t the worst people for making her call him. But still: Poor Daniel.

NEXT: Webber knows Maggie’s secret

In lighter news, Webber for sure knows that Maggie and DeLuca are sleeping together. This becomes clear once he begins assigning DeLuca all his grunt work and even clearer once he and Maggie have a wildly uncomfortable conversation about DeLuca’s talents. “He’s got good hands,” Maggie says, in what is probably now the most horrifying moment of Webber’s life.

Eventually, Maggie casually confesses to Webber that she likes DeLuca but that she appreciates him being protective. Then they decide to ditch DeLuca, who’s still busy doing that aforementioned grunt work, and grab dinner. Interns still have to do intern duties, no matter how connected with the higher-ups they are.

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While Maggie’s coming clean with Webber, Riggs is coming clean with Meredith. She already knows that he put Owen’s sister, Megan, in a helicopter and that she died in that helicopter, and now she wants to know the whole story. Riggs tells her that there was one spot in a helicopter going through dangerous airspace, and he tried to take the seat. The helicopter ride involved her patient, though, so she ended up fighting for the seat and nabbing it. Then the helicopter disappeared, and now Owen blames Riggs for it. Related: How do so many people get in aircraft crashes on this show!? They aren’t that common.

It’s good to know Riggs’ connection to Owen’s sister now and to know that he’s not the bad guy Owen made him out to be. In fact, he seems like a pretty good guy — a pretty good guy that Meredith keeps acting like a disgruntled preteen toward. Every sentence she utters in his direction is dripping in attitude, something that will likely change now that she knows the real story behind his girlfriend’s death. Although it seems doubtful that Meredith would jump into a relationship again at this point, it is possible, and Riggs seems like the best bet for that right now. Plus, he’s cute (almost said “dreamy,” but…).

Owen and Amelia, however, arejumping into a relationship again. After having great sex, the two decide to start at square one as if they’d never met before. This always seems like a horrible idea when fictional characters introduce it because, well, they have met before. You can tell yourselves that you’ve only known each other for a single day but that won’t stop you from remembering every detail you know about them from the relationship you’ve had with them. So even though Amelia and Owen seem cute now, there are probably darker days ahead. This is Grey’s Anatomy, after all — there’s no such thing as happily ever after here.


  • April is incredibly happy now that she knows she’s pregnant, and Happy April doesn’t want to tell Jackson about it. Alex figures out that she’s expecting — he works in pediatrics, he explains, so he notices these things — and advises her to tell Jackson ASAP. Will she do this? Probably not. Ugh.
  • Karev’s been keeping his ring for Jo in a drawer because she’s still not ready to give him an answer. This doesn’t change by episode’s end, though she does ask him to keep the ring in case she does eventually decide “yes.”
  • While everyone else is either breaking up or just barely surviving, Arizona’s back on the dating scene and loving it. Let’s just hope she doesn’t end up with a woman responsible for killing a beloved character à la Penny. (I still think Callie can do better.)

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