Dark and twisty Meredith isn't so dark and twisty anymore

By Ariana Bacle
February 19, 2016 at 03:03 AM EST
Credit: Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Everyone needs a family. That family can be made up of blood relatives or friends or a combination of the two — it doesn’t matter, just as long as you have them. And Meredith might have gone through a lot in her years, but she definitely has family.

She’s in hospital-mandated therapy this week after getting beat up by a patient in the last episode, and she spends most of her sessions relatively cheery. When her therapist questions whether or not she’s traumatized by the attack, she mostly laughs in his face: “Have you read my file?” she says with a smirk. Or watched 11-and-a-half seasons of Grey’s Anatomy?

The good thing about trauma is that it builds perspective, so Meredith has plenty. “Nobody died,” she says of the attack, “and any day where nobody dies, that’s a good day.” Please go and tell this to everyone who goes around saying “I had the worst day ever!” after, oh, spilling coffee on themselves or missing a deadline, Meredith.

The therapist keeps pushing her to reveal more about the day she was attacked, and one of the most overwhelming memories is that everyone was there. Ever since starting at Grey Sloan, Meredith has never been alone. There’s been George and Cristina and Alex and Derek and a whole slew of people who have been there for her whenever she needs them. They’re her family, and they’re what helps her stay strong after every awful thing she’s had to go through.

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Speaking of awful things, Owen reveals a bit about his beef with Riggs to Amelia in a tense moment when a clearly uncomfortable Owen does exactly what he hates doing: He talks. He tells Amelia that he had a younger sister, Megan, and she dated his best friend, Riggs. Riggs was with Megan the day she died. Owen doesn’t specify how she died, only that he felt like Riggs should have done something to stop it apparently. Because Amelia recently lost her brother, she has a bit of wisdom to provide on the matter and suggests that he give Riggs another chance. Megan loved him, after all, and that makes him family. Sounds a bit hypocritical since Amelia still hasn’t sincerely apologized to Meredith, but maybe this just means a bonding session for the two sisters-in-law is in store.

Owen’s openness works in his favor with Amelia, and the two head off on their merry — or, well, as merry as you can be after confessing you had a sister and now she’s dead and it still pains you to even bring it up — way to eat some pizza. While they’re on their date, Jo is struggling to figure out what to do about Alex showing up at her door at the end of last week’s episode. At first, she plays cold with him, rejecting his offer to come over by saying she’d rather hang out with friends. But by the end of the episode, she’s making out with him in the back of Meredith’s car (while Meredith is there, mind you).

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Although Jo and Alex seem like they might be reuniting, Grey’s plants a tiny seed during Meredith’s therapy that could come back to bite them: Meredith keeps chatting about how stupid Alex and Jo are being and how they belong together and blah, blah, blah, and then the therapist asks, point-blank, if she’s in love with Alex. She keeps talking about him instead of herself, after all. She responds by laughing and denying that she has any romantic feelings toward him. It’s not convincing.

I should say that I am perfectly content with Meredith being alone. She doesn’t need a romantic partner — hell, no one does. At the same time, this is Grey’s Anatomy and part of Grey’s Anatomy‘s charm is its romances, especially its long-simmering ones. Sure, maybe Mer and Karev are really just great friends. That’d be fine. It’d also be fine if they discovered that they have feelings for each other and then settled into a life together.

For now, though, Karev is just Meredith’s family, and that’s exactly what she needs. The therapist gives her the go-ahead to stop counseling, expressing confidence that she’s going to be okay, partly because she has people there to support her. “You got really good at being alone,” he tells her, referring to when Derek died. “But something terrible happened to you, and they were all there. And they still are.” And they will continue to be (as long as no one else is killed off anytime soon).


  • DeLuca tells Webber about this new woman he’s secretly seeing, and Webber reacts by talking about how sneaky romances are always the more exciting ones. He then refers to DeLuca’s lover as a “wildcat”…and finds out soon after that Maggie — you know, his daughter — is DeLuca’s lover. Cue collective groan.
  • Callie and Penny make out in a stairwell. Yawn.
  • Context-free quote of the night: “If you’re not too busy making some kid a butthole, can you keep my mom company?”

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