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Meredith gets on a relationship high—then is forced to come down from it. Way down.

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March 14, 2015 at 07:40 PM EDT

Meredith’s been pretty absent from episodes as of late, and that’s apparently because she’s been busy operating her little heart out: Since Derek left on Nov. 14, Meredith’s done 89 surgeries—and hasn’t lost a single patient, something that causes Jo to call her “magic.” Meredith doesn’t know that she’s on a so-called streak though, or that Jo’s secretly bowing down to her. She’s too busy working.

So busy, in fact, that she skips out on a trip to D.C. to see Derek. And she’s okay with that: Mer seems to have really taken Yang’s “he’s not the sun, you are” goodbye speech to heart and is all about taking care of herself and acknowledging that, no, the world doesn’t revolve around her husband. Alex is suspicious, and he and Grey spend most of their screen time (which isn’t much) arguing about relationships—and tending to an injured family, but that part is fairly boring especially compared to Meredith’s musings on herself and her relationship.

Meanwhile, Callie and Maggie are dealing with an older woman who broke her hip during sex. She says things like “razz my berries” and “are you getting laid?” to her doctors, who react with both discomfort and amusement. The “are you getting laid?” question is especially relevant given Maggie’s elevator interaction with Nathan, a dreamy radiologist who later asks her out—only for Maggie to say “no.”

Maggie and Callie end up operating on the older woman, who’s willing to go through a five-hour, somewhat risky surgery so she can get her sex life back. Afterward, the two have a heart-to-heart of sorts about love: Maggie claims she doesn’t date, that she feels like there’s a gap she can’t get over when it comes to dating, that it always gets too awkward. But Callie’s not having it. “That’s a load of crap,” she replies. “Life’s too short to be scared, so screw the gap.” Classic Callie wisdom right there. And somehow, this pep talk works: Maggie later sees Nathan and says “yes” to drinks. Screw the gap.

Speaking of gaps, there’s a big one between Ben and Bailey because of Roslyn. To refresh: A few weeks ago, Ben’s brother Curtis revealed he identified as a woman named Roslyn. Ben reacted with anger—anger that his sibling kept a secret from him for so long, anger that he was lied to. Bailey, however, acted with a bit more compassion and even brought Jackson in to talk to Roslyn about next steps. This all gets brought up again this episode when Bailey suggests Ben call his sister to see if she’s okay, a suggestion that ends in an argument. 

But Ben changes his mind after an encouraging talk with Jackson and ends up calling Roslyn—and then proudly telling Bailey, who reacts with a stone-faced “okay.” To Bailey, he didn’t do anything to be proud of—he just did something he should do, like brush his teeth or wash the dishes—so she seems to feel no need to congratulate him. But then he apologizes, and all of a sudden, he’s back on her good side. The lesson here? Ben should call his sister more often.

NEXT: An 11-year-old plays doctor with the help of Owen, Amelia, and Webber.

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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