Cristina receives a huge nomination, while patients fight for their lives on the floors of Seattle Grace.

By Denise Warner
Updated April 11, 2014 at 03:05 AM EDT
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Welcome to this week’s Grey’s Anatomy! Your regularly scheduled recapper, Sam Highfill, is off on a well-deserved vacation, so you’re stuck with me. I warn you. Sam and I regularly have arguments about Grey’s in the office — I am not as big of an April and Jackson fan as she is. (I love Jackson, but can’t stand April.) Luckily, there’s not a ton of gross stuff with them this week. But! Rest assured, I am a big Grey’s fan in general. (I’ve been watching since the beginning.) So let’s get to it.

This episode focuses on jealousy. Everyone is jealous of Cristina’s achievement. Callie is jealous of Meredith’s baby. The interns are jealous of each other. Bailey is jealous of Meredith’s HIV-positive surgery. Alex is jealous of Jackson’s money. All jealousy, all the time in Seattle.

We start with Meredith and Cristina lying in bed together in Alex’s house/Meredith’s old house — the clock about to turn five. (In the morning.) It’s good to see the throwbacks to Cristina and Meredith’s relationship. I’m glad they aren’t fighting anymore. It’s rough to think that next season, Sandra Oh won’t be around. I don’t know what I will do without the dark and twisted twins.

The alarm clock goes off. Meredith’s voiceover explains that they are waiting to hear from the Harper Avery committee. Cristina was on the shortlist, and now she waits to find out if she’s actually nominated. Alex and Jo bound in to the room, waiting for the phone to ring. Meredith forces Cristina to apply lipstick. And of course, there’s a call. Cristina has been nominated.

This must set the stage for Burke’s return. He won a Harper Avery after he left Cristina on their wedding day. We know Isaiah Washington is coming back, so it’s safe to assume that Cristina wins (Although this is a Shonda Rhimes show. There are always big surprises. Maybe he just consoles her when she doesn’t win?)

At the hospital, a young girl named Frankie makes the rounds with the doctors. The interns — Steph, Leah, and Jo — are frustrated with Smash/Shane. (Sorry, I still can’t think of Gaius Charles as anyone but his Friday Night Lights‘ character.) Smash/Shane is acting like he’s been nominated for the Harper Avery, too. They tell Steph to use her swap monkey privileges with him. She doesn’t want to. Not today. (Spoiler alert: She does.)

In other couples news, Callie and Arizona discuss the possibility of having another baby. Arizona pushes Callie to focus on her research with Derek — because Sophia is almost in school full-time and they don’t have to do any of the horrible, “time-consuming” baby stuff anymore. Callie looks sad when Arizona says they should stop at one kid. When Callie works with Derek on their new machine that can detect human emotions, it keeps telling Callie she is depressed. When Meredith walks in with baby Bailey, though, the happy part of her brain lights up. She realizes she wants another kid. She tells Arizona. Arizona agrees — not before accusing her of sleeping with someone else first — and they hug and kiss. It’s cute. Even if I’m sick of their back and forths. Keep them together, keep them happy, or break them up for good, I say.

Back to Frankie, who used to be a patient. Before we see her family, Frankie visits another patient — a boy basically in a bubble. His immune system is compromised and he can’t leave the contained area, or have physical human contact. He’s Bailey’s patient, and she is staring at a computer all day, trying to figure out how to fix him. Later on in the episode, he escapes. Alex catches him, and they put the boy back in the bubble. Jake Gyllenhaal would be proud. Alex uses and iPad and an electric car with a camera to jimmy a device that will let the kid roam the hospital and talk to Frankie. He tells Jo it was the “ten-dollar solution.” After watching Jackson put $25K on his credit card to charter a private plane for a patient (more on that later), Alex decides he wants to discuss the job offer with Dr. Butthole from last week. He wants to make money. Jo seems fine with this plan.

Meanwhile, Frankie’s brother is in bad shape. There’s a bunch of complicated medical things happening. Yet I can’t focus on it because the actress who plays Frankie and the dying boy’s mom was in R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet.” (If you haven’t seen it, it’s amazing.) Basically, Cristina wants to replace his heart with a device only used on sheep. However, it’s not FDA approved. Hunt goes to work on this, and tells the FDA that Cristina has basically won a Harper Avery. They let her do the surgery. It’s a success.

Throughout the hour, Jackson and April argue about money. April wore a one-piece bathing suit instead of underwear because she hadn’t had time to do laundry. Jackson, with his $4 dollar latte, tells her to send it out. She thinks that’s a waste of money. April always eats left-overs, too. Jackson won’t. Jackson lets Jo put $25K on his credit card to fly the sheep-device Cristina needs to the hospital to save the kid with the bad heart. They two of them have fundamentally different mentalities about money, and one can only hope that this difference rears its ugly head in their marriage. (Seriously, I’m sorry, I just don’t like April.)

Then there’s Bailey. She’s frustrated she can’t cure the boy in the bubble. She’s frustrated that Meredith is doing a kidney transplant with two HIV-positive people. She refuses to congratulate Cristina (until the end of the hour). She does manage to steal Meredith’s surgery and chide her former intern for being too emotionally involved. To which I say, bollocks! Bailey ALWAYS gets too emotionally involved. And she would ALWAYS yell at her interns — Izzy especially — for letting their feelings get in the way. Does anyone remember when Thomas Ian Nicholas — from American Pie and Rookie of the Year — was a patient, and Bailey was too invested? She does this all the time, and yet she never learns herself. It’s kind of annoying, yet we let her get away with it because she was the Nazi.

There were other throwbacks to older days in Thursday’s show. Richard pulled out a photo of Ellis on the night she won her first Harper Avery for Leah. Meredith’s narration constantly referenced her mother, when seemingly it could have been about Cristina too. In the weeks leading up to Oh’s departure, I wonder how she will ultimately leave. I don’t think they will kill her. I wonder if she makes a plan to leave Seattle with Hunt, but in the end he decides not to go, too. Much like Richard and Ellis from years ago. We’ll see.

And finally, the episode ended with Cristina and Hunt drinking a bottle of champagne in the vent room, gloating over Dr. Yang’s chances of actually winning the award. Both had looked up the other nominees. Both decided she was the best one. Both think she will be taking home the prize. I like that they are back in one of their special places. The air blows Cristina’s hair up, causing her to squeal with delight. If you’re like me, you are really rooting for Hunt and Cristina to figure their crap out.

The only complaint I really have is that I miss the Derek and Meredith moments. Yes, they have a cute one in the gallery, watching Cristina perform her miracle surgery. Derek accuses Meredith of being envious of her friend. Meredith says she wore waterproof mascara in case she cried all day. (But she is a good friend, she did throw a surprise toast for Cristina with all the doctors.) Maybe the only good thing about Oh leaving the show is that we might get a little more focus on MerDer again?

What did you think of Thursday’s episode?

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