It's every doc for himself as the chief tries to find out who's responsible for a patient death on a seemingly filler episode
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Hello, fellow Grey’s Anatomy fans, your regular recapper, Jennifer Armstrong needed a break from all the dark and twistyness, so I’ll be taking you through tonight’s storm — and boy it sure was a dark and twisty one.

I don’t know about you guys, but I could have skipped this episode all together. I’m all for a little medical mystery and blood and guts, but I need a healthy dose of sexual tension, whining, and banter with my Grey’s. This episode lacked all those elements and was, simply put, no fun.

I mean let’s face it, this hour was really just another way to get us acquainted with the new Mercy West doctors, Dr. Reed (Nora Zehetner), Dr. Charles Percy (Robert Baker), Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), and Dr. April Kepner (Sarah Drew). With the absence of Meredith and Izzie (Meredith who is milking her bed-rest after giving her father part of her liver — or rather Ellen Pompeo hiding her big giant pregnant belly, and Izzie gone MIA, A.K.A. Katherine Heigl making a movie/raising her newly adopted baby), they needed to fill the void, and that is where the Mercy West ”others” come in. Last week we met them, this week we got to know them. Kind of. But I think Cristina said it best when she told Meredith — who made a brief appearance at the very beginning and very end — to hurry back because, ”We need more us’s.” We sure do! I even found myself longing for silly Izzie — well, almost. I’m still annoyed at her overly dramatic rant at the Chief last week when she got fired, ”Why didn’t you just let me die???” Come on, Izz, get some perspective.

Anyway, the big mystery of the night was who killed Cathy Becker, a mother who came in with seemingly simple burns — think again, my friends! The episode played (confusingly) backwards, with snippets of flashbacks and focused on the Chief ‘s hunt to find out who was ultimately responsible for Becker’s untimely death. We opened on a rainy night in a tension-filled hallway with everyone denying that they killed a patient. Fun times! The catastrophe of the night: A deadly hotel fire. And ultimately someone would be fired. Like a game of Clue, let us now deduce who was not the killer (and thusly wouldn’t get canned), shall we?

Beginning with the ”us’s,” we know it’s not Meredith or Izzie due to aforementioned pregnancy/baby/movie obligations. Phew, that was easy!

Cristina always seemed unlikely, simply, because they need her on the show too badly and she’s just too good a doctor. The day she leaves Grey’s is the day I stop watching the show. Mark my words! Plus, I can sense that she is moving away from her needy ”I miss Burke,” ”I need to hold a heart” meltdown from last week. The strong fighter we know and love is coming back to us — as was evident when she punched the brave fireman (Bill Fagerbakke, who played the loveable, but dumb-as-rocks Dauber on Coach) in the chest and started his heart a’beatin’. Now, if only they could get her back on track with a steamy make-out session with Hunt. Come on, they know we love this couple. Why must they tease us? Give us some more action between them! Stat.

For a minute, it looked like it could have been Lexie’s fault, but she was too busy crying to be responsible for anything. Seriously. Stop crying. Speaking of which, Arizona gives one hell of a smack down. I like it when she gets fired up, but as Jennifer mentioned last week, they need to cut down on some of her many high-horse speeches.

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It also seemed as if Alex could have been the negligent one, being as he spent all night on his phone frantically looking for Izzie. I thought it was pretty fricking funny when they hinted that because Alex was on the phone with Izzie, he could have killed Cathy. The girl’s not even in the same state and she’s still killing people at Seattle Grace!

Callie, Arizona, Hunt, Derek, and McSteamy all seemed to be in the clear, playing a leadership — and sadly marginal — role to the main newbie ”other” players. Word of advice Grey’s writers, we like our oldies but goodies. Bring on McDreamy, McSteamy, Huntaliscious and the lesbians! They are our tried and true friends. We depend on them.

Now onto the newbie’s — we’ll start with the most annoying first, and that would be Dr. Reed, in my opinion. She makes even Lexie look tough. She’s like a little pixy with ‘tude. But it became clear early on that she was not the killer as she kind of seemed on the ball. And if Cristina’s pseudo defense of her at the end was any indication, she may be around for a while. I smell an alliance here, and I’m not sure I like it…

Now, I know we are not supposed to like Charles, A.K.A. the one who got Izzie fired, A.K.A. the one who fainted with an ax (that just sounds gross), but I find myself enjoying his sarcasm. And he almost had me smiling when he was running around the surgical ward with an open wound and a piece of tape on his head. I said almost —there were no chuckles in this episode. Though, we knew he was in the clear because the dude couldn’t fall on an ax and get axed in the same night — it would just be too ironic.

Now, if there’s one newbie I’d like to see sit down and stay for a while, it’s Jackson. He can sit on my lap any day. Wait, what? I just mean that he seems like a really great doctor and all, a fine addition to the team. Who am I kidding? Who cares what he does, as long as we can see those eyes. What color are those things anyway? Blue? Green? Turquoise? Plus, he’s pretty damn witty, quipping ”How long do I have to work here before they insert the bug up my ass.” Ha, good one, Jackson! He’s just too pretty to kill anyone.

And then there’s April, our poor, loveable Sarah Drew from Everwood. Sorry, Sarah, there’s no one left, and really, you never stood a chance in this crowd. She’s just too sweet and innocent, even if she was successfully manipulative in the last episode. Now I don’t want to kick the girl when she’s down, but can someone please get her a rubberband? She’s around open bodies, and her hair’s was flying loose in the wind. Am I the only one who was annoyed by that? But alas, it wasn’t a rogue hair that brought her down, it was something almost as simple the fact that SHE DIDN’T LOOK IN HER THROAT! So simple, but so serious. And then, there were three.

I think Derek summed up this episode best when he said to the Chief: ”Maybe it’s not one doctor, maybe it’s too many doctors who don’t know each other and who don’t trust each other.” Ahh Derek, always so wise, always so handsome. Much like Cristina, Lexie, and Alex, we viewers don’t know these new Mercy West docs and we aren’t willing to trust them just yet. But something tells me we will (be it begrudgingly and with a lot of whining).

So what did you think, Grey’s watchers? Was I wrong and this was a great episode? Did you like all the blood and guts, or did you want more smooching like me? Who is your favorite newbie? Who do you wish they had fired? And do you think Sarah Drew will be back?

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