Lexie spends the episode covered in blood as she tries to save Seth Green; meanwhile, Meredith provides emergency treatment under an ambulance

By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated December 07, 2007 at 05:00 PM EST

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”Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Bloody good

Meredith was right (gasp), in a lot of ways, when she summed up this week’s episode by saying that sometimes ”the world rights itself.” Sometimes Grey’s Anatomy rights itself, too, and reminds us why we got so damn wrapped up in it two and a half years ago — as with this solid conclusion to that great Thanksgiving cliff-hanger.

We’ve been waiting a long two weeks to find out what would happen with that poor paramedic still stuck in that ambulance and Seth Green and his gushing carotid artery. I have to say it was nice to see the Grey gals in action on both those fronts, Mer climbing under the ambulance and Lexie trying to stop Seth’s bleeding (and calling a controversial code blue, which basically meant he was dying, even though he was still talking enough to verbalize exactly that for the non-medically-trained among us).

Bailey, meanwhile, was still stuck operating on that Nazi while her husband pouted in the waiting room. She kept sending poor George back and forth as her messenger, which was unfortunate for him but probably better use of him than watching him moon over Izzie some more. ”You tell him that if he’s thinking about leaving right now, he might find himself hurt and wounded and needing an operation, and he may not get a surgeon who is as married to her vows as I am,” she told George. ”Can’t I just do some charts?” George replied, but to no avail. I say just get Tucker together with the Chief’s estranged, disgruntled wife already and call it a day. Apparently the only personal-life story-line option for the married Seattle Gracers is to give them a neglected spouse. Yeah, so over Tucker.

Was starting to get pretty over Hahn’s bitchiness, too, and couldn’t help thinking she could use a little of that humanization Grey’s can be so good at. On the other hand, not totally over — though not totally under yet, either — the idea of Derek and his Mary Louise Parker-alike nurse as they worked together, all cute-ish, on fixing that computer that helps him do brain surgery. Oh, she forgot to press the restart button! All fixed! (No, seriously, that’s really how it ended.)

Alex had his own problems when he had to close out a surgery that Sloan (called away to the Seth Green crisis) had started; Alex may or may not have screwed up because Ava the Amnesiac was watching from the gallery. Sloan did, however, get to Seth just as his bleeding finally stopped. Maybe because Seth had lost enough to cover Lexie in it? Just a guess. It was a lot of blood, that was all I knew. That, and the fact that I really didn’t want him to die. I hate when witty people die on Grey’s Anatomy. They’re always making us care with their banter and then kicking it. I really wanted Ray to live, too, especially after he put in all that time hanging upside down. Props all around, one more time, for this week’s patient guest stars.

Then, boom, just minutes after I wished for Hahn’s humanization, the Grey’s gods made it come true. She berated herself, repeatedly, for the complication that arose in her heart surgery, clearly as flustered by her own shortcomings as she is by everyone else’s. After that, we even got a bonus round of sympathetic characterization for many of the other ladies we love to hate: Meredith rescued Ray! A patient’s wife eviscerated Izzie! Seth Green flatlined on Lexie! As all the surgeries started to come to a close, as they often do at a conveniently coordinated time, Ray was recovering with his deceased partner’s wife at his bedside, Lexie was mourning Seth Green (as was I), and George was having a post-operative word with the Nazi. ”A black woman saved your life at a great personal cost,” he told him. ”If I had been alone in that OR, you probably would’ve been dead.” See, even George got to redeem himself a little to us. (Though Cristina had a kinda annoying hissy fit about Bailey pulling her off Hahn’s cardio service to help with the white supremacist. Whatev.)

NEXT: Make-out and alcohol therapy

Then, also as things often go, it was time for some after-surgery making out. First up, an awfully hot kiss between Derek and Nurse Mary Louise (promise I’ll learn her real name soon) that flipped me solidly into the pro-them-as-a-couple camp. I did feel sad for Meredith, though, when she then finally told him she didn’t want him to date other people. She gave him until the next day to think about it, but we know he didn’t need it. Next on the make-out list were Amnesiac and Alex, who was once again a supreme jackass, though an honest one. He told her straight out, ”That girl you were talking to — I’m screwing her.” Then he further scolded her, reminding her that she had a husband and a baby and adding, ”I think you have to admit that you’re not here to talk.” Angry sex ensued, and, well, it was kinda hot. If a really poor idea. Such is life. Sigh.

Thank goodness for drinking. (Man, this show gets it right sometimes. Depressing, but right.) Hahn managed to swallow a little (like one shot glass’ worth) of her pride to ask Callie and Sloan, ”Any chance you people want to get a drink with me?” Meredith finally (finally!) swallowed some of her own pride when Cristina brought Lexie home with her for some booze-fueled commiserating. Even Izzie and George, after threatening to kill the buzz with more sulking, decided (finally, finally!) that they were done. ”We’re not gonna make this work, are we?” she said. Then they joined the drinking and dancing out in the living room, and all was, strangely, right with the world. Or at least this episode.

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