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April 19, 2018 at 11:27 PM EDT

Grey's Anatomy

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Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr.
We gave it an A-

Tonight’s episode was number 1420 and it definitely played the 420 part to the highest (pun intended) degree.

It’s Surgical Innovation Prototypes Day at Grey Sloan Memorial, and everyone has gathered for the long-awaited presentations. Arizona brings in a tin filled with cookies, and starts offering them to her colleagues as she tells them that her lesbian patient who wound up not having cancer baked them for her in appreciation. As almost all of our favorite surgeons grab one (or two), Maggie jokingly calls them “lesbian gratitude cookies.”

Whatever you decide to call them, they’re not the only things that end up baked. It turns out that the lesbian couple that made them accidentally used peanut butter cannabis in the Famous Gaymoses. Zoinks! They page Arizona 911 to tell her about their mistake, but it’s too late.

The presentations are already underway with Webber (who did not indulge in a treat) being first up. Everyone is understandably impressed by his Path Pen, which detects cancer cells in tissue.

Jackson and Catherine begin their presentation, but the edibles have already started to take effect. As Jackson is rambling on about making a better vagina, Arizona explains what happened to Meredith and Jo. “Who had the cookies? Meredith asks, and Arizona immediately shoots back, “Who didn’t?” Jackson keeps falling down the ganja hole as he continues, “Vaginas are terrific just the way they are. I came from one. This one –” he points at Catherine before finishing, “hers.” Like the rest of us, April starts giggling hysterically.

Meredith announces that the presentations are being postponed. She then tells the room that the cookies were tainted with rat poison, to which an already stoned Arizona audibly gasps in surprise.

In another room, Meredith tells the inner circle that they weren’t really baked with rat poison, but rather, budder (get it?). Arizona scolds Meredith for her lie: “You scared me to death,” and Meredith reminds Arizona that she knew. Meredith then instructs everyone to stay in the room until the effects wear off. She says that Jo will handle everyone’s patients, and makes them turn over their phones. As Jo collects Maggie’s phone, Maggie tells her, “You’re so pretty; like a cartoon.”

Elsewhere in the hospital, Amelia is on the phone with a very nervous Owen. Social Services is bringing him a foster baby — a boy — and he’s not even close to being ready. Amelia tells him she’ll come over to help him out, but first she is brought up to speed on her stoned colleagues as Arizona comes searching for Maggie who did not listen to her sister’s instructions to stay in the room. Deluca, meanwhile, goes from petting the plant wall to hilariously staring at a wall print. Eventually Arizona manages to corner both Maggie and Deluca in the room with the computerized dissection table as Amelia goes to check on Karev.

Looking like the Nutty Professor, Amelia immediately deduces that he’s stoned and decides to take him with her to Owen’s.

After their hot mess of a presentation, Catherine tells Jackson the truth about Rebecca Froy: His grandfather was a sexual predator. Jackson asks her how many women besides Rebecca, and he’s shocked when Catherine tells him there are 13 women they have under NDA. “This is so bad, Mom,” he bemoans as Catherine is frantically searching for her glasses, which she has on her head.

Jo and Meredith round up the interns. Meredith tells them about the Famous Gaymous cookies, and then turns their sudden-increased workload into a contest; whoever wins gets to scrub in on her with a whipple. As the interns scatter like rats, Meredith gets a page from Bailey who is high as a kite in the OR.

Meredith explains everything to Bailey who thought she was having a heart problem. “No, this is your brain on drugs,” Meredith somehow manages to say without even cracking a smile. Meredith assures Bailey she will take care of the patient now lying open on the table as Jo comes in to assist. As Bailey is leaving while telling Meredith she loves her, she manages to get Meredith’s fingers caught in the door. It’s not like a surgeon needs her hand for anything.

This means Jo is now going to be performing the gastrectomy since Meredith is unable to. As Jo is elbow deep inside the man’s cavity, she tells Meredith who’s sitting in the OR icing her hand that the tumor feels smaller than she thought. Jo wonders, therefore, if she has to do the full gastrectomy and asks to take a look at the pre-op scans. (Recap continues on next page)

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