On ''Grey's Anatomy,'' Alex shows that he can care when he and a team of surgeons operate on a pregnant car-crash victim

By Tim Stack
Updated January 15, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST
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”Grey’s Anatomy”: More complications

Grey’s Anatomy delivered yet another top-notch opening sequence last night. Finn making fun of Meredith. (”I want you to try real hard and act like you’re not scary or damaged.”) Callie peeing naked in front of Meredith and Izzie. Cristina dancing with glee. A Southern family wheeled into the ER after a car crash, in a whirlwind of yelling and commotion. Plus an appearance by John ”Harold” Cho from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Good times all around, thanks, at least in part, to the talented director, Tony Goldwyn (A Walk on the Moon).

The episode quickly took a decidedly serious turn. Many of the surgeons were called upon to save the life of one of the aforementioned Southerners, specifically the pregnant wife and daughter. Playing the mother of the girl, Frances Fisher (Unforgiven, Titanic) delivered a tear-inducing speech about the choices she has to make as a mother. Cho’s character (a surgical resident who fell asleep at the wheel after a 12-hour surgery) was much more complex than the usual villain. Instead of some drunk jerk, he was a guilt-ridden guy who simply made a mistake; it could have happened to any one of the interns at Seattle Grace. When he apologized to the dead girl’s father, Big Jim, it was hard not to shed a tear. Okay, I should have said ”impossible,” because Big Tim started crying alone in his apartment.

Falling asleep was an issue for Cristina, as well. I love that she was all smiles and happiness about her two favorite things (surgery and sex) but then Burke revealed she had dozed off during lovemaking. Classic. That final moment with Cristina and Burke at the dinner table seemed to foreshadow a potential breakup. When Burke said, ”I’m tired too,” I don’t think he was only talking about being worn out from surgery.

One of the best moments of the evening was Meredith and McDreamy’s showdown in the stairwell. McDreamy was on Meredith’s case the entire episode, but then she finally let him have it. (”You’re not allowed to call me a whore.”) McDreamy started looking McUgly after that exchange. And Meredith finally got to attack him for jerking her around. Maybe these two won’t be getting back together for a while. Plus, Finn completely won me over at the end of the episode when he told Meredith that he was just as scary and damaged as her. Now if we had only seen more of him than his standard bookend appearances at the beginning and end of the episode. Meredith could also take some comfort in the fact that George finally said four words to her: ”See you at home?” I guess that’s a start.

In other love news, Denny and Izzie are still going strong. (Denny didn’t bite the dust, despite the episode’s coming attractions.) I’m not a fan of this relationship, but I enjoyed his big speech to Izzie about her not understanding what he’s going through. It’s been reported that one of the interns is leaving the program, and I’m betting it’s Izzie, especially after she decided to spend the night in Denny’s arms. I know it’s important for a doctor to have a good bedside manner, but that’s a tad inappropriate.

Alex finally had some bright moments, thanks to Addison’s tough mentoring. This whole story line is actually making me like Addison even more, though I’m still ambivalent about Alex. It would be nice to have some backstory for this guy to see where he’s coming from.

The running gag about Callie not washing her hands was hilarious, especially when even George asked her if she had cleaned up before she examined the car crash victim. Related question: How does Meredith’s ginormous house only have one bathroom upstairs? Doesn’t that seem crazy? Or perhaps the roomies just love dropping deuces in front of each other.

What do you think? Was McDreamy out of line? Do Callie and George have a future? And who do you think is most likely to be written off the show?

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