On ''Grey's Anatomy,'' the top surgeons start to battle to become head of surgery; plus, Burke and George propose, and Bailey tries to start a free clinic

By Vanessa Juarez
Updated January 28, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST
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Grey's Anatomy

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”Grey’s Anatomy”: The doctors make their moves

As Meredith’s voice-over about great expectations kicked off last night’s episode, I thought this could either be really good or, as Addison might say, vomit in the mouth. Unfortunately for us, the cheerleaders of Seattle Grace Hospital, it was the latter. (My poor pom-poms are sad.)

Let’s begin with the scene where I thought things really started to go downhill. It was two-thirds or so into the ep, when Meredith and Shepherd had had a really asinine fight at the hospital and it looked as if they too might be on their way to the International House of Silence. Until Shepherd came home and said to Mere, ”I was a jerk. Sometimes boyfriends can be jerks. It doesn’t mean you stop talking. You get that I’m saying I’m sorry.”

To which Mere replied, ”You yelled at me for no reason and then you walked away and now you show up here.”

Shepherd: ”Of course I showed up. Why wouldn’t I? You don’t trust me?”

Mere: ”I do.”

Shepherd: ”Okay, well, this is how it works. You fight sometimes, and somebody apologizes.”

Mere: ”Well, how am I supposed to know that?”

Okay. Stop the HTML. Did Mere just ask how she was supposed to know that? Was she kidding? Is she 12? I’m going out on a limb here, but typically, when you get in a fight with anyone in your life in any kind of relationship — lover, friend, child, parent — you usually apologize. Especially if you were fighting about something stupid to begin with. It’s what you do. It’s called ”getting over it” — but I digress.

So I thought the kicker of the show would be that Adele had moved on with her life sans Richard. But I was wrong. (It could’ve made for a good cliff-hanger, no?) Then Burke asked Cristina to marry him. Yipes! I thought, this has got to be the end. But then I was wrong again (a very rare event, I might add), and I lost it. George began bending his knee, proposal-style, and I began curling up in the fetal position. Two proposals in one episode? For goodness’ sake, Grey’s writers, let the story lines breathe.

Instead of the whole great-expectations thing as the theme of this ep, it should have been titled ”What Happens as an Adult When You’re Not Picked for Kickball in Grade School.” Burke, Shepherd, McSteamy, and Addison are supposed to be some of the best surgeons in the country, yet they all acted like whiny children at the mere possibility [enter bright ray of light] of becoming chief.

Don’t get me wrong — there were definitely some salvageable parts to the episode. I love that Cristina and Callie will eventually become friends, probably bonding over being such hard-asses — though I’ve been trying to figure out why Cristina is always wearing that emotional armor. Is it because she’s been in the Dead Dads Club for so long? Could it be — dare I say? — great expectations? Or pothos, the Greek notion that ”some people, no matter how much they achieve, no matter how much they’re loved, they continue to chase a horizon that will never arrive”? (Today I happened to be reading an interview with Baz Luhrmann from back when he was planning to do a movie about Alexander the Great, hence the Greek…oh, never mind.)

Callie, at least, can be empathetic outside the hospital. Seeing as how she was living in the hospital basement, I assume that she had a rough life, which would be a quasi-good excuse for being icy. But why does Cristina continue to be so stubborn?

Meanwhile, George has turned into a sex machine. Hey, we all grieve differently.

Speaking of grief, how distressed were you to watch Callie slicing up that dude’s legs? Holy crap. She basically said, ”Hey man, if you want to keep your legs, you’re going to have to be still while I cut slits into your calves like apple pie.” Um, okay, but please hold the à la mode.

It’s safe to say that the Amish people did not watch last night’s episode, nor are they reading this TV Watch (sniff, sniff), but I thought that patient’s scenario was out of the ordinary. I’m glad that the mother and father weren’t made out to be reps of some merciless cult.

By the way, did I miss something? What happened to the patients? Will there be closure on their stories next week?

And what did you guys think of Nazi-land this week? The free-clinic stuff was sort of a snooze. Izzie is going to keep throwing her $8 mil at people until they finally take it. (Iz, I just want you to know that I’m still paying off school loans. Nudge-nudge.) Bailey did have that one good line aimed at the super-surgeons: ”I know you all have your messy love lives and your secrets and your silliness, but I want more.”

Changing the subject to a little TMI, but there’s something about karma that makes me want to be a believer. Maybe it’s that warm, fuzzy feeling of Schadenfreude I get when it works in my favor. (Boy, I sound like Cristina.) Anyhoo, the reason I bring that up is because my favorite part of the episode was when Karev pulled Addison into the storage room and said, ”You kissed me, and ever since, you’ve been avoiding me. You’ve been avoiding me because you just assume that I want you. You just expect that everyone you look at sideways is pining after you, right? Has it even occurred to you that maybe I’m not interested?” Wow. How about them apples?

So, kids. The moral of this story is that when you make it to the finish line, you’ll be relieved. And you’ll still probably have a big ego and low self-esteem.

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