On a lively episode of ''Grey's Anatomy,'' both Cristina and Meredith refuse to tell the truth about their relationships

By Allyssa Lee
Updated January 15, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST
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”Grey’s Anatomy”: Big and little lies

The great thing about Seattle is that after the long periods of dreariness and seemingly endless bad weather, the clouds will eventually part and suddenly everything will be sunny and clear and nice and fresh again. As is the case with Seattle Grace.

This episode was all about lies. Who knew all those little fibs that slip out when you’re on the spot could make for a refreshingly honest hour of television? As Meredith explained in her requisite voice-overs, the truth hurts, so we lie. Yang refused to admit to an adorably fawning Burke, who was over the moon that his girl had decided to move in with him, that she had actually held on to her apartment. And yet, quick to point out lying in others, Yang let her own skeptical flag fly when she flatly told a rocker (guest star Donovan Leitch, son of rocker Donovan, brother of Ione Skye) who got his fingers chopped off that she didn’t believe him when he said he would quit smoking.

Meredith, on the other hand, slipped and referred to Derek as McDreamy but then tried to convince Yang that she was over him. While I still think that Meredith can be cloying and could use a sandwich, it was a welcome sight to see her finally showing something other than her one-note woe-is-me side. She even revealed some procedural know-how and actually stood up for herself to Burke over her weirdly euphoric patient. This is the Meredith that I enjoy and stand behind. And she eventually came clean about her feelings for McDreamy to Cristina.

Speaking of coming clean, I may be having a change of heart about Addison. Of course, she’s the woman people love to hate. But when Dr. Bailey’s contractions were getting worse and Addison told her to lighten her demanding schedule, I was inclined to trust her. I mean, she is one of the best OB-GYN doctors out there, right? But Bailey, being the stubborn workaholic that she is, refused to put down the scalpel. So Addison took a harder line and prescribed bed rest, which, again, sounded about right. Believe you me, I was never an Addison fan — she’s the other woman, she seems so harsh and alien (she is from the land of ”Passive-Aggresiva,” after all) — but I had to respect her after this exchange. She obviously is a good doctor who seems to care. And is she really the other woman, if she was Derek’s wife to begin with? Besides, what if beloved Bailey needs some more prenatal care? Right now, I’m hoping that neither Addison nor Bailey will be leaving us for an undetermined amount of time.

And then poor George issued an ultimatum to Meredith that either she gets rid of the annoying dog (whom he’s affectionately dubbed Cujo) or he’ll go packing, and Meredith (oh, dear), hesitated. How humiliating is it to be ejected from your living quarters in favor of a mangy mutt? (Reminds me of a friend of mine who was forced by her parents to take the space in her family’s teeny hatchback on road trips, while the dog got its own seat.) George, who’s very much like a puppy himself, with his shaggy locks and hangdog expressions, could really use a biscuit and a nice scratch on the back. Or, like, a different story line to reveal another side of his character or something. Instead, he got stuck having to entertain a show-tune-singing, flirty Mrs. Robinson-ish diva whose eye makeup rivaled Tammy Faye and who refused to leave the hospital. But I guess if she hadn’t been around, she couldn’t have tutored him in the fine art of the Irish swagger.

Meanwhile, a still shaky Alex got the results of his board examinations but didn’t have the nerve to face what was inside the envelope. And while it was obvious he would pass, it was still nice that he had Izzie open it up for him and tell him what he needed to hear. ”Congratulations, you’re not an idiot,” she proclaimed. ”Except…when you’re being an idiot.”

And in what may have been the best subplot of all, a prize competitive eater was brought in with a massive case of the hiccups, which resulted in an esophagus-tear diagnosis, which set up an excuse for…a hot-dog-eating competition in the staff dining area! And as if to confirm her Golden Globe win, Sandra Oh hilariously channeled reigning hot-dog-eating champ Takeru Kobayashi — nibbling the wieners first, sometimes two at a time and devouring the buns after — and put her competition to gut-busting shame. This, ladies and gentlemen, may be acting at its finest.

What do you think? Are you liking Addison more? Are you worried that we’ll be seeing less of Dr. Bailey? And is Sandra Oh the cast’s best actor?

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