Gerald works for Jimmy, and Sara works on her sexting.
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“Jimmy & Son” opens up with Bruce doing chores for Sara around the house, clearly trying to prove how useful he is to have around. But when Jimmy arrives, he quickly clears out. Jimmy throws some snide remarks Sara’s way — that jealousy thing clearly hasn’t gone anywhere — and then heads to the guesthouse to follow through with his real mission: to get his son a job.

“If I employ Gerald, he’ll have some dough, and he’ll be able to finally step out of the guesthouse,” he tells Sara.

Gerald doesn’t love the idea. He’s working, he says, on an airplane-boarding simulator for Boeing that would streamline the boarding process. Boeing doesn’t know that he’s working on this, but hey — it’s the thought that counts, right?

“What’s a real job?” Gerald demands after his father tries to reach through his naivety. “I got a couple apps that might take off.” Jimmy offers him $16 an hour to host at his restaurant, and he turns it down. Because turning down $16 per hour for an entry-level job when you’re unemployed makes total sense.

But later that night, Gerald hears Bruce searching for condoms. Suddenly, he’s all about a job outside of the home. He takes the job from Chip, a poor soul Jimmy had hired after Gerald’s refusal, and his dad sets out him to teach him to host.

The kitchen is the place to be before the shift begins. Not surprisingly, Ravi has a pre-shift dance routine with magic tricks included. Annelise is not impressed. She tells him to get it together because his kitchen crew thinks he’s an idiot.

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Sara, meanwhile, is attempting to sext Bruce — with photos of herself eating a tuna sandwich. Vanessa comes over just in time; she’s the perfect person to rectify this situation.

At the restaurant, Jimmy has chosen to put Gerald in the thick of the action. “Best way to learn is to throw him into the deep end,” he says. Right on cue, Gerald begins to tell the customers that he’s feeling “a little blue for no reason at all.” He refers to items on the menu as “murdered babies” and “tortured adults.” Appetizing.

Ravi is struggling in the kitchen at trying to impress Annelise with his serious work ethic. He yells at his staff, telling them he’s their boss and they should take him seriously. This is clearly going to be a mounting problem.

NEXT: “Suck in your lip. Slight duck face.”

Vanessa is proving to be an excellent selfie professor back at Sara’s. “Suck in your lip. Slight duck face,” she instructs. “Now flip the clasp, and show me those knockers.” And then Sara sends her topless, sexy selfie to Jimmy instead of Bruce. (Freudian slip?) She panics, but as her service provider informs her when she calls, there’s no way to take a text back. Let this be a lesson to us all.

Jimmy, naturally, is impressed but confused. Why would she send that to him? He decides that his only option is to send a mostly naked picture back. Right after Sara opens the message, Bruce shows up. He’s ready to take Sara to Jimmy’s restaurant to watch Gerald host. It’s sure to be a nice, pleasant family affair.

Gerald is doing terribly. He convinces a customer to break up with her boyfriend of three years. Jimmy takes his son into his secret lair of an office (of course Jimmy has a secret lair of an office) and proceeds to polish him up. This involves dressing him in the exact same outfit as Jimmy and teaching him how to schmooze with the best of them.

Bruce and Sara show up, and Sara attempts to explain the photo situation to Jimmy. “Classic Freudian nip sip?” says Jimmy. (That’s what we said!) Sara analyzes the reason that Jimmy sent one back, theorizing that he cares about her. Jimmy points out that she never sent the picture to Bruce, so that means she cares about Jimmy more. (Obviously. Why does she not see this?)

Ravi gets so fed up with his new somber work environment in the kitchen that he quits. “Maybe I need to do something fun, like go cook at a Chuck E. Cheese or buy a food truck,” he tells Jimmy. He clearly means business. He leaves and doesn’t answer Jimmy’s calls, but Jimmy does notice that he’s started a blog called “A Chef’s Journey.”

Gerald, on the same mental train Ravi is on, realizes he doesn’t need the life that his father dictates for him — or so he tells Edie. Then he realizes he’s forcing his own interests on his daughter.

Ravi is leaving the restaurant when he runs into Annelise, who tells him that his staff loves him. In fact, she feels left out because she’s not viewed as quite as fun. Gerald comes around, as well. He goes back to the restaurant and apologizes to his father. As he’s there, he fixes a problem the valet is having with overcrowding in the parking lot. Maybe Gerald is on to something with this Boeing business? Jimmy hires Gerald on the spot as a valet consultant.

Unfortunately, Sara does end up sending Bruce her sexy photo — and, as Bruce later yells out, they make it down to the last condom in the box.

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