A night of partying with Jimmy lands Gerald some body shots and a potentially serious relationship.
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This week’s episode of Grandfathered opens with Gerald making a profile on a video-dating app called “Boofinder.” Despite Jimmy’s objections that online dating is only good for sex and not love, Gerald is determined to find a woman with a “maternal” vibe for Edie. Not surprisingly, Jimmy is not on board with this description. He encourages his son to go for someone more risqué, noting that he sees himself as a “sexy guardian angel” who’s out to help his son find chicks — not women, but chicks.

Jimmy is determined to take Gerald out to find these women, and so they go to the new hottest club in town, as determined by a Justin Bieber-urinating incident that took place the week before.

“Keep it safe, and spring for a good Uber in the morning,” he advises his protégé​ before the night out. He teaches Gerald to hit on drunk girls, and when he seems to hit it off with one named Frankie, Jimmy even plays wingman with her annoying friend — or, as she abbreviates it, “noy-noy.” Pria, the friend, can fairly be described as a hot mess. She gets too drunk to remember her address, so Jimmy takes her to his house and lets her sleep it off. He does not, however, touch her. Is this progress for our favorite grandpa?

Gerald, of course, turns what was supposed to be a one-night stand into a picnic date and then a tandem bike-riding date. Jimmy is immediately suspicious and becomes even more so when Pria informs him that Frankie’s nickname is “Frank the Skank.”

A week later, Jimmy heads to Sara’s to discuss Gerald and Frankie; it seems the two have become a full-fledged couple in a number of days.

“The summer of 2008, I briefly dated Tila Tequila,” says Jimmy. The lesson that stems from this absurd confession is that one should not date a party girl. His impression of a drunk Frankie at the club leads him to believe Gerald is entering into a similar situation.

Jimmy finds Gerald in the guesthouse listening to Armenian folk songs because Frankie is a quarter Armenian. He’s selling his 3-D printer for a “lovers’ weekend” in Vegas — and yes, Jimmy is mystified by every part of that statement. He’s determined that something is not right with this situation, and so he goes to meet Frankie’s friend Pria at work in hopes of finding Frankie. It turns out that Frankie has been at a “business lunch” with her boss for a while. Everyone in the office seems to believe they’re sleeping together.

Meanwhile, Jimmy has assigned Annelise to be Vanessa’s mentor, though Vanessa is a little confused about who is doing the mentoring. Annelise tells Vanessa that she dreamed of being a soul singer, but she grew up and got a real job. She advises Vanessa to do the same. Vanessa threatens to kick Annelise’s ass for telling her to grow up, but at the last minute, an adorable Edie wakes up from her nap and is ready to play peek-a-boo. That kid has perfect timing.

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After his ordeal at Frankie’s office, Jimmy goes to his kitchen staff to consult with them about her apparent affair with her boss. They advise him to do nothing at all about the situation. Ravi, of course, is on team Jimmy all the way and comes up with a plan to get the boss to the restaurant. While they’re talking, Gerald shows up at the restaurant with Frankie and Sara.

Jimmy pulls Sara into the kitchen to tell Sara that Frankie is cheating on Gerald. Sara finds it hilarious. “When did you become a Jewish mother?” she asks. She tells him to chill, and so Jimmy joins in on the dinner. Frankie, it seems, wanted Jimmy to have a better impression of her than she made at the club. She mentions that her boss creepily hits on her at lunch — before micro-managing the way Gerald eats. Sara is now completely on board with Jimmy’s plan: “That bitch has gotta go.”

To add some sound effects to the evening, Vanessa shows up at the restaurant to apologize to Annelise and inspires her to take the stage to sing. It quickly becomes apparent that Annelise was correct to abandon her dream — her voice is horrendous.

When Frankie and Gerald go to the restroom (why are they going to the restroom together?), Sara sees that Frankie has a text from someone called “Big Daddy,” so she and Jimmy look — and immediately gasp. It’s clearly in reference to genitalia.

Right on cue, Gerald comes back from the bathroom and wonders why they’re looking at Frankie’s phone. Pria, Frankie’s neurotic friend, shows up, and Jimmy announces to the table that Frankie is sleeping with her boss.

Roger, the boss, shows up at the restaurant, as well. Jimmy explains that he went to the office and discovered that she was having an affair. Frankie balks; she’s not sleeping with her boss, after all.

As it turns out, Big Daddy is Gerald — he’s working on an app that allows you to send texts in advance. Pria is exposed as a liar and excuses herself, but the damage is done. Gerald and Frankie storm out.

Jimmy apologizes to Gerald the next day by buying him a printer — he doesn’t understand the difference between a 3-D printer and a regular one, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Gerald tells his parents that Frankie is great for him, and the episode ends with Jimmy giving him money to take his girl to Vegas.

Most millennial moments:

“If I want to get into a serious relationship with a girl I did body shots with at a night club, I’m going to do it, okay?” —Gerald

“I’m a cool mom. I just found out what Burning Man is.” —Sara

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