Jimmy reunites with old friends while Sara and Gerald go through breakups
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Horror of horrors: Jimmy has realized his idea of an exciting night out is running into Edie in the grocery store and discovering that they’ve selected the same snacks. His staff, particularly Ravi, are disappointed in his lack of titillating adventures, so Jimmy sets out to prove that he’s still just as exciting as he’s always been.

Tonight, Jimmy is going to revive the Sat Pack — those are his boys, he tells Gerald. “We call ourselves the Sat Pack, and do not, I repeat do not, ask why.” Sara interjects: “It’s because they hang out on Saturdays. That’s literally it.” “It’s a satire on the Rat Pack,” explains Jimmy.

He has his old friends to his restaurant, and they start in immediately on the Mr. Mom jokes. And then Ronnie (Bob Saget) shows up: “I’m right here, you son of a b—h!” Within his first 30 seconds of screen time, he sings a song about drinking, being as sexy as Jimmy’s mother, and dropping pants. Woah. Hello, Ronnie. He and Jimmy salute each other by nuzzling foreheads. This is clearly going to be interesting.

Sara, meanwhile, is on a double date with Bruce (I guess he’s still around), Gerald, and Gerald’s girlfriend. They’re sitting at a Chinese restaurant when Bruce reveals that he has big news: He’s moving to Beijing for work, and he wants Sara to come with him. She doesn’t hesitate to say no, which is a relief if you’re rooting for Jimmy but certainly makes for a super-awkward dinner conversation.

Back at home, Edie is about to see her first movie with Vanessa. Apparently 2 years old is the acceptable age to watch a movie for the first time. It’s going to be The Little Mermaid, and it’s going to be grand. Except Vanessa can’t figure out how to work Gerald’s complex remote-control setup. She hits the wrong button and a sea creature eats a mermaid on screen while a toy airplane zooms around the house and Edie runs away in terror.

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Gerald isn’t having a great night either. Sara’s revelation makes Gerald want to be on the same page in his own relationship — which is tough because his girlfriend is apparently dating multiple other guys. Gerald asks to be exclusive, and she tells him they should break up — in a less-than-polite manner.

He storms to Jimmy’s immediately. “Play ‘tender folk mix,’” he says to the surround sound. Jimmy doesn’t want to deal with the Sad Pack — it’s the Sat Pack’s night! But Gerald is sad and doesn’t want to be alone, so Jimmy insists that he roll with the pack for the night as long as he doesn’t kill the vibe. Of course, he does anyway.

“When I was 17, I was 290 pounds. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t all muscle,” he begins. He commandeers the female attention in the room, and Ronnie is not pleased. At all. But Annelise has come through and secured the entire group an invite to a yacht party.

“Why don’t we make like old times and stop and donate blood on the way to the party?” asks Ronnie. “Possibly get drunk faster.”

When Sara texts Jimmy to tell him she’s broken up with Bruce, the yacht party quickly turns into a “five-minute” trip to Sara’s house. She confides in Jimmy — traveling the world was always her dream, and then Gerald came, followed by Edie.

“Maybe the best guy for you is right here in Los Angeles,” Jimmy says. Is it finally going to happen? Please? No. He doesn’t continue on that trajectory. Ronnie then busts in, and he’s pissed. He’s tired of hearing about Jimmy’s “daughter” Gerald’s problems, and it quickly gets physical. Ronnie slaps Jimmy, and Gerald barges in to punch Ronnie. This is really not the Bob Saget we’re used to.

The tension between Jimmy and Ronnie is short-lived. “You okay?” Jimmy asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just horny. I’m horny for what you have. I’m horny for family.” Well that’s one way to put it, Ronnie. The two decide to skip the yacht party — it’s 10:30, and Edie wants Jimmy to give her a bath. (She’s adorably covered in flour, like only a mischievous 2-year-old can be.) Jimmy complains, of course, but it looks like family comes first after all.

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