Jimmy throws a lavish party for Edie's second birthday.
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What’s cuter than a bunch of giggling 2-year-olds running around at a birthday party? Adding John Stamos to the mix, of course. The fourth episode of Grandfathered begins with Jimmy missing Edie’s birthday party. He’s giving his restaurant positive reviews online when Sara texts him to ask where he is. He scrambles to find the perfect outfit, makes a smoothie, and then lounges on his bed in a robe drinking the smoothie. It becomes clear to Sara that he’s not actually telling the truth when he says he’s in line for a valet — at a public park.

Gerald, as per usual, makes excuses for his father. When Jimmy finally shows up — champagne for his 2-year-old granddaughter in hand — he’s missed the entire party. Everyone is annoyed, but have no fear! Jimmy will make it up with an even better party at his restaurant. He tells Sara to invite her weird brother and calls Annelise (who is visiting her grandmother’s grave) and instructs her to drop everything to throw a party.

It’s apparent that Jimmy has had some input at this second party, though. Criss Angel is the magician — with a chainsaw. Small children have access to caviar, and the cake is tiramisu made with St. Lucian rum. While Chef Ravi makes his competitiveness for Jimmy’s affection known to Gerald (“I feel totally threatened by you, and I’m not sure how to process it”), Sara is alarmed to see that her brother has shown up. As it turns out, she let him believe Jimmy was a deadbeat who ran out on her when she realized she was pregnant. She asks Jimmy to go along with the scheme just for a night to avoid ruining Edie’s party. He agrees.

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Sara’s brother, however, is less complacent. He threatens to kill Jimmy as Edie makes her entrance and Criss Angel conjures up a cloud of fire. The party does not go swimmingly. Jimmy gets a falcon instead of Big Bird, so Gerald has to run out and rent a giant chicken costume from a conveniently placed bystander on the street. He has promised his daughter Big Bird, and Big Bird she shall have!

While Gerald is out hustling for costumes, Fredrick gives a singing performance as “Fredrick the Farmer.” This quickly turns into a ballad about how Jimmy is a “dead beet.” Adorable little Edie is unknowingly singing about how her grandpa is a deadbeat as a miserable Jimmy looks on.

Annelise, of course, would’ve been the one to save Jimmy from the embarrassing antics that follow, but alas — she’s been placed on bathroom duty for the young guests. It’s a thankless task, but she does have the best line of the episode: “I’m a black lesbian from the South, and this is the worst thing I’ve ever been through.”

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With Annelise occupied, Jimmy stages a grandfather-granddaughter dance. Edie, in her adorable bubblegum pink tulle dress, cooperates as she is whirled around to “Over the Rainbow.” She even seems to enjoy it — until Jimmy puts her down amidst disapproving looks to tell everyone that Sara never revealed her pregnancy to him. A pained Fredrick asks his sister if she’d told him the truth. She says yes, right as Ravi brings out the cake. He notices the looks and goes right back to the kitchen, at which point Gerald comes in as Señor Plucky/Big Bird and takes in the scene. Lots of confused children and unhappy adults stand about the room, and to top it off, Vanessa is flirting with Criss Angel.

Sara and Jimmy convene in the kitchen for a heart to heart about why she never told him of her pregnancy in the first place. She was going to tell him, she says, at the Cure concert, but Jimmy called and said he was stuck at a pool party at the last minute. Sara attended alone and bawled when they played “Pictures of You.” She admits that she may have made the wrong decision.

Jimmy gets a sudden inspiration and takes the stage with the mic to take some accountability. “I deserved it,” he tells the crowd. “I wasn’t a very good guy back then.” Sara joins him, and the celebration of Edie’s birth turns into an odd display of her grandparents comparing guilt with an audience.

“Why are you talking about this in front of us?” a random woman interjects. “It seems real private.” Sara and Jimmy pipe down and let the party go back to being about Edie.

The episode ends with Vanessa finally telling Gerald he’s hot and the family watching home videos of Gerald’s second birthday party together. Sara cries, and Jimmy puts his arm around her, trying to grab her boob.

Most millennial moments:

“I was thinking about sending her some anonymous hydrangeas for her 26th birthday — then on her 27th birthday, reveal it was me.” —Gerald’s scheme to win Vanessa over

“Edie needs to get over herself. I’m on team Jimmy. Bros before grandhoes.” —Ravi

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