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The Army of Freaks comes together, while Jim Gordon earns his spot on the Court of Owls.


S3 E17
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May 08, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT

This week, some of Gotham‘s strongest alliances are literally tossed out the window while others are being formed. Ed Nygma is back to do his worst as the Riddler — albeit with less vexing wordplay this time — while the Court of Owls is ready to take Jim under its proverbial wing. Meanwhile, Bruce’s doppelganger’s endgame is coming into view, and Penguin and Ivy are recruiting their “Army of Freaks” just in time for a busy day.

Let’s take it from the top.

Can we all start by agreeing that Penguin doesn’t deserve Ivy Pepper? Her bubbly personality runs hilariously counter to just how vicious the girl can be, so she’s delightful to watch, and if it weren’t for her, he’d be getting nowhere fast. To be fair, Penguin does manage to talk himself out of a jam of his own creation with Mr. Fries by promising that once he’s back in power, he’ll help undo the condition that’s caused him to be stuck on ice all this time, and Fries will no longer be a cast-out pariah. But it’s Ivy who manages to scurry up the suit he needs to return to Gotham City from his ice fishing cabin.

And Bridgit Pike would have nothing to do with Penguin’s plans if it weren’t for the fact that Ivy has a connection to Selina Kyle and knows just when to say assuring things like, “There’s nothing wrong with being a freak” to lure her out of the fire pits once and for all. Of course, there’s some obvious discord running through the new squad right away — Fries and Bridgit aren’t exactly destined to be besties — but Penguin’s able to refocus his team on the task at hand: getting revenge on his former friend who now calls himself the Riddler.

After Frank’s self-sacrifice, Jim has no trouble getting into the door with Kathryn. She’s interested in Jim taking his uncle’s place on the Court, but she has to be sure that his loyalties lie with them and this isn’t some grand revenge scheme for their hand in killing his father. Considering Jim’s looking at the bigger picture right now — stopping whatever weapon they’re bringing to destroy Gotham — it’s easy enough for him to make them believe he doesn’t hold them accountable for Frank’s death.

Where Jim is not so convincing, however, is pretending to be unaware of Frank’s death, which puts him directly on Leslie’s bad list. Both she and Harvey can see right through his thinly veiled surprise that his uncle was seemingly executed; only Harvey knows why Jim’s not concerned about it — but only because he tells him as soon as Leslie is out the door.

Jim and Leslie might have had a moment at the graveyard, but as far as she’s concerned, he’s public enemy No. 1 now.

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