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Hugo Strange reanimates Fish Mooney while Gordon, Bruce, and Lucius are held captive by the evil doc


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May 17, 2016 at 12:58 AM EDT

And thus concludes another episode of The Bad Guys Always Win.

From the return of Fish to Ed’s killer new gig for Hugo Strange, “A Legion of Horribles” set up what is sure to be an explosive finale of Hugo Strange and his monsters vs. everyone else. Tonight, we also caught a glimpse of Hugo’s employer (henceforth known as the Masked Lady), and what his monsters can really do.

Last week saw the second death of Theo “Azrael” Galavan just as Selina came face to face with Bridgit, whose mind was just scrambled enough into believing that she is a fire goddess hellbent on destroying anyone in her path. Things thankfully don’t go according to plan; Selina knocks Bridgit out cold and takes her flamethrower to try and burn her way out of Indian Hill. She quickly realizes this effort is unsuccessful, and what’s worse, Bridgit is back on her feet and unharmed from the flames Selina shoots at her. Selina cuts her losses and chooses to play along with Bridgit’s brainwashed new identity by asking to be the “fire goddess’ servant.”

When Selina doesn’t show up to meet Bruce, our future Batman realizes how royally screwed he is and immediately runs to Gordon for a rescue mission. Gordon, meanwhile, is waiting for new Acting Captain Bullock to finish his Azrael press conference. This entire exchange deserves to be re-lived:

Bullock: Regarding last night’s nocturnal activities, the suspect calling himself “Azrael” led a one-man assault upon Wayne Manor, whereupon an altercation ensued in which said suspect was blown up by a person or persons unknown. So he’s dead. Any questions?

Reporter: Can you confirm that the man known as Azrael was in fact disgraced Mayor Galavan?

Bullock: Well, seeing as how the suspect is now meat dust, positive identification would be difficult.

Reporter: How long are you acting captain?

Bullock: Until literally the second someone else wants the job.

Reporter: Who killed Galavan?

Bullock: Which time?

Bullock and Gordon then disagree over the method for how they should go about taking Hugo down. Now that Bullock has real responsibilities in the GCPD, he finally understands that you can’t just go busting down doors whenever and wherever you want to get justice. The system just doesn’t work that way, as much as Gordon likely wishes it could.

Bullock’s press conference is getting an interesting viewership as the mysterious Masked Lady makes a call after Bullock’s words to let an equally mysterious person know that Strange is “losing control.” “We need to gather the court,” she says forebodingly.

The Masked Lady’s not wrong. Hugo is far off the rails, and even Peabody seems worried. Hugo’s trusted right-hand woman reminds Hugo that with the patient Basil, he has now reanimated seven subjects in 12 hours. Peabody believes their employers will shut down their research because they have yet to bring someone back who has retained their memories. Hugo, however, asks her what is better than being able to control the minds of their subjects. What he should have said is, “What’s better than controlling their minds and making them do my bidding with their newly added creepy abilities?”

While Hugo readies what is sure to be his army, Alfred is giving “Master Bruce” an earful about putting Selina in danger with his own reckless behavior and mission. While the harsh lecture is probably warranted, now is clearly not the time. They have to figure out how to save Selina because the GCPD just can’t get the job done. If they come loudly knocking at Hugo’s asylum door, he’ll have the chance to cover his tracks just like he did when Bullock and Gordon had a warrant to search his office.

Lucius tells the gang that there’s likely a secret lab where Hugo is conducting his experiments, and Gordon realizes it has to be in Arkham somewhere. So a plan is formed: Bruce and Lucius will enter the premises asking for a “tour” of Arkham because the Wayne Foundation essentially funds the whole operation. Meanwhile Lucius will use his handy-dandy pocket radiation reader to find where the entrance to the secret lab is located, and Gordon will sneak in to find and rescue Selina as Bruce provides the distraction. It’s a plan riddled with flaws, but we’ll get to that a in a bit.

First we have to talk about the resurrection of a badass queen.

NEXT: “My name is Fish Mooney, bitch, and you better tell me what the hell is going on.”

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