Ed's crimes against Gordon are finally revealed as Oswald becomes the Penguin once again


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April 12, 2016 at 02:15 AM EDT

Let’s just cut to the chase. There’s one very big moral to Monday night’s episode of Gotham: A leopard can’t change its spots. And boy was this adage on display in a big, big way. Oswald Cobblepot learned the truth behind his beloved father’s demise and reverted back to his Penguin-ish ways; after being released from Arkham, Barbara Kean immediately visited an old psychotic break-inducing friend; and Ed went full Riddler despite having the upper hand against Gordon during his hunt for the man who framed him. 

Bruce and Selina begin the episode as they jump from building to building to escape a thief from whom they’ve stolen quite a bit of money. Of course, Bruce, the good-hearted boy we all will come to know as Batman, dumps his share of the money out because he doesn’t want to steal — he just wants to understand criminals. Selina is rightfully annoyed; she’s probably been dealing with this nonsense talk for weeks now. 

Meanwhile, the top story in Gotham continues to be the escape of prisoner Gordon, and of course, Barnes’ first suspect of aiding and abetting the fugitive is Bullock. Bullock attempts to play dumb, but we all know that he’s sheltering his partner (even if we didn’t know he was the one who broke him out of prison in the first place). Gordon and Bullock discuss going through the case once again to find out who set Gordon up, but Bullock warns him that he’s been working the case since Gordon was locked up and found nothing. This shouldn’t be an easy go of it, and yet the case is solved within a 46-minute episode, so what does that say about Bullock’s skills (or more likely Gordon’s luck when it comes to police work)? 

Gordon remembers that IA supposedly records all the tips that come in, an important tip given to him by Harvey Dent — who, by the way, is a series regular on the show and has appeared in approximately one episode since the midseason premiere. Seriously, where is that guy? Luckily for Gordon, Bullock’s got a lady friend working in IA, and with the help of her stolen keys, Gordon grabs his tape and is ready to clear his name. But he can’t help himself when she spots a woman being attacked by two thugs and saves her, a hero move that almost costs him his newfound freedom when a cop spots Gordon and reports him. 

Gordon escapes and plays the IA tape with Bullock, but the voice on the tape is muffled, as is a sound of possibly a bird. Gordon decides that he will go to another “friend” of his for help: Ed, the framer himself. To Ed’s surprise and relief, Gordon still does not suspect him of the crimes and asks for his help to clean up the tape to find any possible clues. 

As Gordon and Ed wait for their results, Ed makes the mistake of debating with Gordon the makings of a psychopath. Gordon quickly starts to suspect Ed of being the criminal he is seeking, and that suspicion is made painfully aware when the scrubbed tape proves Ed called in the IA tip. Ed gets the upper hand on Gordon and almost succeeds in burying like he did Kristen, but Gordon escapes with a bullet wound to the leg and heads to Selina’s house to pass out; there he encounters her makeshift domestic life with Bruce. 

Bruce calls Alfred to take Gordon back to his mansion, where Gordon reveals his plan to incriminate Ed: He has Selina reveal to Barnes, with Ed listening in, that Gordon is looking for Penguin to “find out where the body’s buried.” This news sends Ed into a tailspin of paranoia as he heads for his Kristen Kringle hiding place, comes across Gordon, and reveals his entire plan to Barnes and the entire GCPD, who are all listening in. Ed is sent to Arkham. He and Hugo Strange are bound to have a fascinating connection. 

But despite crossing with Gordon, Bruce’s story line also gets a big boost as Alfred tells him Lucius (another series regular who has vanished) fixed his father’s computer and his work can be continued. But Alfred warns Bruce that Selina does not deserve to be put in the line of fire — Thomas’ activities are sure to be dangerous. Bruce tells Selina he won’t be going back with her, and she takes it as a slight on her life and their relationship, which is now clearly strained. 

Gordon is quickly offered reinstatement and an apology by Barnes, but the good detective isn’t quite ready to go back to his regularly scheduled life. He wants to first solve the Wayne murders like he promised Bruce he’d do so very long ago, and that means his life with Lee is on hold as well. 

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