Serena and Ben put their romance on pause while Blair and Dan hit play...on movie night!
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While it would have been nice to spend Valentine’s Day with a new romance, I guess spending it with “Dair” (Dan and Blair) is good enough. Kind of. Sorta. Okay, not really, but at least there were some sweet moments between these two. I feel like they’re starring in an updated version of You’ve Got Mail, particularly in those final moments where they were watching Rosemary’s Baby from satellite locations. Awwww, so cute, but I do worry about them using their laptops and their cell phones in bed at the same time. That seems dangerous given the closeness to their private areas. See, this is why I need a date so that I’m not spending my waking moments worrying over the radio waves potentially causing sterility to characters on a teen soap.

But I’m actually starting to feel good about this Dair situation. I like that the writers are taking it slow with them and showing their friendship growing before it gets too lovey dovey. One of the nicer moments was when Dan consoled Blair when she found out that Chuck did, in fact, like Raina and wasn’t just using her for his (confusing) plot to gain back Bass Industries. He held Blair’s hand, but even though she ripped it away, you could tell she sorta regretted acting so cold.

The only part I didn’t really believe was that Dan’s writing would get anywhere near Vanity Fair. Sorry dude, but a story about living with your girlfriend’s ex-con boyfriend is not really VF material. If the ex-con was a Kennedy and you were all living in the new Andre Balazs hotel then maybe (it would probably also help if there were some scenes set on a yacht). Humphrey better take those words on over to Time Out New York.

Serena and Ben were once again trying to figure out their relationship or lack thereof. The chemistry-challenged pair decided to take a break from any kind of romance (Good news—there isn’t any!). In a weird twist, Blair had Serena interview Raina for some profile for W during which they would all attend a big Chuck soiree (more on that later). I thought it was an actual written story, but by the end it turned into some kind of video thingy for W’s “blog.” Um no. Serena and Raina bonded at Ralph Lauren over sparkly dresses, obvs. We all know Serena would marry a sequin if it was legal. She was even wearing a bedazzled scarf while she was praising Raina’s sequin fab cocktail dress. Clearly, I would hire Serena in a second as my own stylist. I’ve always said that I would wear sequins constantly if it was more socially acceptable for men. I think S is the gal who could help me break that barrier. In a move that was half friend and half pure bitch, Serena told Raina to cancel the W interview so that Blair wouldn’t be hurt by seeing her and Chuck together on Valentine’s Day. Um okay. Serena, you may want to read the friendship handbook again. I think we can all pretty much predict that Blair would not thankful for Serena’s executive decision.

NEXT: Blair goes all TMZ on Serena!

Blair definitely got back at Ms. Van Der Woodsen by arranging for now-cater waiter Ben to work Chuck’s elaborate shindig (apparently there is only one catering company in NYC). B ambushed S with a camera crew and drilled her on her new boy toy being one of the help. As Blair put it so succinctly, “Madonna and Julia Roberts paved the way for girls like you.” Laughed out loud at that gem. But of course the girls eventually made up at the end and Serena dashed off to meet Grossy McGrosserson, a.k.a. Ben, at Old Town. At least the dude has good taste in bars. I’m not sure I could overlook his general dreariness but, based on that talent, it’s quite possible. Maybe if I was already drunk.

Speaking of dreary, the Bass Industry political game continued with Chuck still attempting to gain control. From what I could gather, Chuck decided to impress Russell Thorpe by throwing an elaborate mansion party where people’s fantasies came true or something equally creepy sounding. Basically, it seemed like he was pitching some kind of Eyes Wide Shut freak-a-thon and Thorpe ate it up. AGAIN, what in the hell kind of business is Bass Industries? It doesn’t exactly scream professional.

Chuck ended up getting Lily removed from the Bass board after he revealed to the other members that she had a romantic relationship with Russell. Do we really think in this the gossip-heavy world of the Upper East Side that people would be totally unaware of Lily and Russell’s past? Like no one caught them ever on a date at Philippe’s or something?

Raina caught Chuck being brutal to Lily and basically bolted. It was a weird break up moment. She basically was afraid he would be horrible to her the way he was eventually horrible to everyone in his life. It kinda made sense, but she also didn’t really understand the history between Lily and Chuck. Either way, it’s fine by me because the sooner we wrap up this whole storyline the better.

Has anyone else noticed that Nate’s father gets more screen time and dialogue now than Nate? It’s like they’re slowly phasing Nate out or something. I do like that The Captain’s hair is finally starting to grow back. The Captain was fired by Russell but kept his handy dandy key card and a series of passwords for Chuck to use. Looks like someone is gonna break into a company and go all Sneakers on their biznatch (Confession: I just caught a rerun of this 1992 movie on HBO. It’s so fun!).

Then, of course, there’s sad little Eric. Oh Eric. Maybe it’s time to go to boarding school or something? The lil’ dude’s life just keeps getting more and more tragique. Basically he had to hand out meals to homeless dudes and got hugged by a bunch of them as part of his rehab orders. Then, Damien showed up and threatened to go to the police with tales of Ben and Lily and perjury if Eric didn’t do what he said. What exactly is Damien gonna make Eric do? Not sure. I think it’s a safe bet that it won’t be asking Eric to dye Damien’s hair since Eric had those heinous blonde highlights for so long.

Next week it looks like we have the return of Vanessa. I only caught her for a minute but, GG fans, I’m almost positive I saw at least one pattern. I’m sure there will be more.

So I’m all for the evolving relationship of Dan and Blair. But the other main couples of the moment (Serena and Ben; Chuck and Raina) need to go. What do you think Gossip Girl watchers?

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