Blair finds new joy in her favorite holiday, while Nate's father finally shows his family their true value
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‘Gossip Girl’ recap: That warm holiday feeling

I wish I could be thankful, TV Watchers, but Jenny still had that horribly harsh hairdo. I don’t think I can swallow any turkey until some changes are made in that department. And, of course, the newly independent girl was causing all sorts of drama. Apparently she’d been living at the Bass apartment for the past week while Lily and Bart were out of town — yet again (are these two on some kind of press tour?). How did Serena and Chuck not notice her? Although, in Chuck’s case, I guess not telling Dan would sort of be like revenge. I love that Lily intervened and arranged a time for Rufus and Jenny to speak. Jenny is really getting some mileage out of that leather motorcycle jacket. Also, where was this girl getting products for her hair? And where was she keeping them? In her sad little sewing machine case? On the plus side, she rocked an adorable mohair, black and white cardigan in her first scene. And I loved, loved, loved that red flannel dress she wore to Thanksgiving. All that said, she was still a beast.

What I can be thankful for is all the Dorota in this episode of Gossip Girl! It was like a big bountiful feast of my favorite domestic servant. Blair was so mean to her (“Who do you work for?!”) and I ate up every bit of it. How genius was it that Dorota’s ring tone for Eleanor was “I’m a Slave 4 U”? Perfection! I just love the idea of Blair and Dorota roaming the Upper East Side together like gypsies. How cute, especially since Dorota was wearing her little maid’s cap! I think if I were in Blair’s position and my mother was marrying a wee man she had only known for like a week, I’d be pretty angry too. It’s a little impetuous. Still, Blair and Cyrus are such a fantastic match. I really hope Wallace Shawn stays around for a long time. It’s nice that Jenny and Blair sort of made up, too. And it even appeared that Jenny and Eleanor managed to patch things up. Blair’s father (John Shea) even turned up at the very end of the episode but sans boyfriend. Did I miss something? Did they break-up?

So Nate’s father has an oceanside house in Dominica? Hello, fancy pants! Most fugitives are hiding out in motels, and this dude is hittin’ the beach with a piña colada. Of course Nate ran into Vanessa at the art gallery because she had “paper work,” i.e., she was jonesin’ to ground some beans. I’m still a little shocked that her winter coat was only one color. I would have thought it’d at least be like a crazy animal print or something with unicorns printed all over it. I’m still a little perplexed by the Captain’s whole extortion plan. He was really going to ransom his family? That feels a little crazy. Also, I have spent many hours ogling Nate’s biceps, so I know how strong that fella is; he could totes take the Captain if push came to shove. Alas, the Captain decided to turn himself in. No more sunset walks on the Dominican beach I guess.

NEXT: Aaron’s possibly flammable greasy hair

This was the first time that we saw Eric since he introduced his lame-o boyfriend Jonathan. What is it with the van der Woodsens’ taste in men? Pamela Anderson has better judgment. Anyways, Bart somehow let it slip that he knew that Eric’s boyfriend had cheated on him, which led Chuck to tell Eric about Bart’s personal PI. First of all, love that Bart has a bright blue safe. After finding dossiers on his mother and sister, Eric told Lily, and she actually behaved like a loving mother. I loved her scene with Eric at the diner table. And — SPOILER — Lily was institutionalized?! What do you think she was in for? It must have been something pretty dark to have pushed her over the edge. Maybe Lily also left a man to OD in a hotel room?

Ugh. That’s all I can say when I think of Aaron. Ugh. Actually, I can say one more word: greasy. I really was afraid for Serena’s safety when they were having dinner. Aaron’s oily hair was drooping awfully close the candle’s open flame. She should be more careful about that next time. She did look smokin’ hot, though, during that whole dinner. It’s a shame her date looked like he should have been selling hemp chokers out of a booth at Bonnaroo. I do love that Dan mentioned Georgina to Aaron at the grocery store. Not exactly something you want to let slip to your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. I mean, Dan, why not just be like: “Oh yeah, dude, be sure to ask her about that guy she left for dead!” I’m actually surprised Aaron was able to concentrate on anything when he arrived at Serena’s house since she was yet again rocking a crazy hemline. Serena, college interviews are over. You can put away your flirty Yale skirts. It’s a family holiday and she’s dressed like she’s going clubbing in Ibiza. Not sure that’s appropriate. Also, I cannot believe that she gave Aaron that entire dossier to read. Um, maybe there are some things that don’t need to be known, Serena, like the aforementioned dead man. That could be a real romance killer. One other thing: Did Serena spend Thanksgiving in her bedroom with Aaron? No turkey? That’s a li’l weird.

I really enjoyed the final moments of this episode. It’s like everything is back as it should be. Lily and Eric had Thanksgiving dinner with the Humphreys. Jenny finally wiped away her smoky eye and pulled her hair into a pony. Chuck and Nate were drinking in the back of his limo. And Vanessa was finally doing something! I knew she was going to grab that letter that Nate wrote to Jenny. The only thing that could have made that more perfect would have been if she had set it on fire…with flames from her eyes! I want her to rage! Let all that espresso anger go! You know she’s like a cauldron of anger underneath those tendrils and excessive accessories.

So it appears that in two weeks we’ll see the much-rumored death episode of GG. Looks like it occurs in some kind of “accident.” Bye bye, Bart — I mean — I have no idea who’s going to die. It could be anyone (Bart). Who do you think it will be (Bart), TV Watchers?

What did you think of last night’s Gossip Girl? Why did Lily enter that mental hospital? Will Nate choose Vanessa or Jenny?

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