Jenny's birthday party becomes ground zero for Serena's identity crisis, Nate and Blair's conflict with Chuck and Vanessa, and Rufus and Lily's consideration of living together

By Tim Stack
Updated March 31, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT
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‘Gossip Girl’ recap: It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

I think it?s a fair statement to say Gossip Girl has been a tad off in these last couple of episodes. It has felt a little too serious and draggy. But the hour of bitchery, fashion, and cute boys I love the most is back, ladies and gents! I thought this was a fun, fun episode that propelled the story forward in interesting ways and actually made me sad that we won?t be seeing any original episodes until April 20.

So, there are two elements that I did not like in this episode: Blair and Nate. But even though their back and forth failed to light any sparks, last night?s GG edition was still incredibly satisfying. I don?t know what it is about Blair and Nate but their pairing just doesn?t do it for me. Last week, they had such a great scene in that ballroom at Nate?s family?s reunion. But this week it just all felt blah. Oh well. Maybe all the snow doused their passion. That?s it — I?ll blame it on the snow. Precipitation always ruins romance.

Wow. Jenny Humprhey is 16 years old. It seems like only yesterday she was skulking around the Brooklyn loft, hanging out with slutty models, and almost having three-ways. By comparison, today she?s almost Mary Poppins. It made me a little sad, though, that she had no friends to invite to her party. But only a little sad. We are talking about annoying little Miss Racoon Eyes after all.

How Victoria Beckham is Poppy now? The bob. The fur vest. The European jaunts. Very Posh Spice. I love how she completely sized up and judged Serena?s current social life. And apparently there is only one pastry shop on the Upper East Side. That place must make a damn good croissant!

When Rufus told the kids that Lily wanted them to come over for breakfast and then she appeared in that tent-like orange top, I was almost certain she was going to reveal she was pregnant. Or incredibly bloated. But no — she just wanted to throw Little J. a sweet 16 party. I honestly don?t know why Jenny wouldn?t immediately jump at the chance for a van der Woodsen party. Hello, fancy! Also, can someone take me to Missoni for my birthday ensemble? That dress was the jam. Fantastic. Even better was the fact that the party brought back the meaner, manipulative Serena. I love that she basically threw the whole party to spite Penelope and the mean girls. My favorite line of the night actually belonged to Miss Penelope: ?In the last 20 minutes, I?ve been hit on by 2 Bronfmans and a gay designer. It was totally worth it.?

I definitely noticed The Misshapes amongst the crowd at Little J.?s birthday party and I believe that was noted celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan. As for the rest of the crowd, I found it sort of unbelievable that such a mix would show up after Jenny email blasted Gossip Girl. I mean, aren?t the majority of kids who read that site big ole upper crust snobs, like Penelope and her gang? The hoodlums who showed up to the party looked like the audience for TMZ or something.

NEXT: Chuck and Vanessa get horizontal

What’s more fun than mean Serena? Mean Vanessa. This is how the character should be from now on. It?s more entertaining and actually gives her something to do besides steam milk. And how beautiful did she look at Jenny?s birthday? Purple is definitely Vanessa?s color. It feels like Eric Daman and the costume folks have been really stepping up their game with Vanessa?s ensembles. Also, she and Chuck have surprisingly good chemistry. Their scene in the elevator before arriving at Jenny?s party was oddly sensual. And that final moment between them in Chuck’s bedroom was pretty great. I like the idea of this coupling. Also, you can kinda see how/why Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick may have hooked up in real life (if paparazzi photos are to believed).

Serena?s look at the party was definitely a mixed bag. Her hair looked like she hadn?t bathed in days but her dress was very sexy.

The scene where Dan, Serena, Jenny, and Eric got lined up and scolded by Rufus and Lily for getting the van der Woodsen apartment trashed was so awkward. But nothing was more awkward then when they all turned Jenny in! And she totally copped to it! It was the poor girl?s birthday. But, to be fair, she was being kind of a beast. I did like that she basically admitted that she?s not the easiest person to like. Nothing is more true, Little J.

I love, love, love that the van der Woodsen?s have their own Russian/Eastern European service person. I believe his name is Vanya and I predict some kind of love affair between Vanya and Dorota. It seems too perfect. She can walk over with Blair and he can open the door for them both. Romance!

Also, Dan getting fan mail? Um, I don?t think so. But the big twist of having Rufus and Lily?s thought-to-be-dead son writing to Dan? Genius. I sort of forgot about that story line but I love that it?s creeping its way back into the series. Please make this actor attractive.

And while we?re on the subject of attractive actors…helloooo, Poppy?s boyfriend, Gabriel. Hot damn. Or should I say Hot Man?! Nice work CDubs casting. Was he actually one of the guys that Serena and Georgina flirted with? I don?t offhand remember him but then again I didn?t have any recollection of Carter Baizen either. The mind is the first thing to go.

It looks like Eric has finally completed the evolution from blonde to brunette. It?s a nice look. Now that he has the hair, he just needs an actual story line.

I have to say that Rufus and Lily were kinda boring in this episode. Note to producers: We don?t want to hear about things like financial aid. That?s not why we watch Gossip Girl. It?s for the fantasy of wealth. Not student loans and taxes. And definitely not tuition payments. I am glad though that it appears Rufus and Lily won?t be moving in yet; that seemed to be moving along a tad too fast.

So, the scenes for the next original episode look fantastic! It appears that Serena gets married! WTF?! I believe this is the set-up for the big Serena downfall that occurs which brings the return of — drumroll please — Georgina Sparks!

What did you think of last night?s Gossip Girl? Will Blair and Nate last? What are your feelings about Chuck and Vanessa?

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