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March 02, 2015 at 07:25 PM EST

This season of The Good Wife has felt like preparing a fondue: You have to take the time to slice the pieces you’re going to dip into the simmering pot and trust that when you’re ready to whip out the skewers and dine, it will be delicious and worth the wait. It’s fitting then that the episode that (fingers crossed) finally put all the players in place for this season to catch fire was one involving cheese.

Before we get into Eli’s dairy problem, let’s dig into how Will’s getting burned. Kalinda told him Peter was backing off the investigation because of his conflict of interest, and with the more reasonable Cary in charge of it, Will had dodged a bullet. Dana called Kalinda and told her she needed a meeting with Diane — even though the investigation was winding down — and promised she’d tell her when things started heating up again. That was now. Peter hadn’t recused himself to back off, he’d done it so he could bring on a special prosecutor, Wendy Scott-Carr, whose slow, deliberate, self-righteous way of speaking will annoy the crap out of Will (and Diane) if nothing else.

Wendy told Cary and Dana that Peter had given her full autonomy to set objectives, and that after looking at the evidence, she decided they were no longer going to use Will taking that $45,000 from a client’s account 15 years ago to settle a gambling debt to get to drug kingpin Lemond Bishop. They’re going after Will himself for his alleged role as the nexus of a judicial bribery scheme. Cary seemed less eager than Dana to change directives at first, but then he appeared fully on board. We all think of Kalinda as being the show’s most mysterious character, but Cary is giving her a run for her money these days. We’ve been waiting for him to turn pure evil since he went to the state’s attorney’s office, and he hasn’t. He’s playing a sharper game, but he hasn’t let revenge alone rule him. Just when you think he’s turning soft (like kissing Kalinda last week) or hard (going after Will), he does something to keep the doubt in your mind (like walking away from Kalinda or raising the question of mission creep with Wendy). It feels like Cary’s move to the state’s attorney’s office is finally paying off for the character and Matt Czuchry, who gets to play in that gray area.

Over shots, Dana give Kalinda the update that they’re going after Will for banging bribing judges. Dana thinks she’s cultivating that relationship by getting drunk and telling Kalinda that she can’t seduce her. Kalinda said she doesn’t want to — Dana’s too easy. Ha. That little back-and-forth wasn’t as sexy as it should have been because it feels like Kalinda knows Dana is taking a page out of her own playbook. Dana said she doesn’t get sex without a penis — it’s like baseball without the bat. “When you get a woman excited, it’s not like a man,” Kalinda explained. “It’s not aggressive. It’s slow, suspenseful.” Dana stumbled trying to stand up, and Kalinda caught her. Again, not all that sexy, but it was enough to make you wonder, for a second, who Dana was doing the heavy breathing with in bed when we cut to her saying, “I said it would take more than just a few shots to get me into bed.” It was Cary, who wanted to know what had sealed the deal then. Dana said it was when she asked Kalinda what it was like to make love to a woman, and she said when a woman gets excited, you can feel it. “She wanted to touch you?” Cary asked. “Uh-huh. She wanted me like this,” Dana answered, initiating another round. Embellish much? Dana thinks both Cary and Kalinda are using her to hurt each other, but I think Dana is using Kalinda to turn Cary on (that conversation was the closest we’ll get to a three-way) and hoping to throw them each off their game enough to keep them from helping each other out. (Showing up in a leather jacket by Kalinda’s preferred label?) Dana can’t really just be into Cary, right? I don’t trust her. Though I do appreciate her sticking her gum under the chair Cary told her he was sitting in at Lockhart & Gardner when he was waiting to get fired.

NEXT: Wendy and Diane fire their first shots, Will and Alicia report to military court

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Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles, and Chris Noth star in the legal/family drama.
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