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November 29, 2013 at 05:46 AM EST

A Glee episode on Thanksgiving?! You betcha! But I hope you weren’t expecting a sit-down feast full of food-inspired dance numbers and Rachel singing in an apron, because this episode wasn’t exactly feeling the holiday spirit. It was, however, themed in a way that simultaneously felt very different and very similar to stuffing a turkey — handling puppets! (Think about it.) Overall, I think the episode was trying just a little too hard, and what maybe could have been cute (put probably not) forced me to watch most of the hour through squinted eyes, and not because I was tired from eating turkey. Now, let’s talk about these puppets so that I can stop thinking about them before I go to bed and have some very strange nightmares. That being said, Jake is formally invited to my dreams.

First up, we found the Glee Club in the middle of a train wreck of a rehearsal just before Blaine walked in and decided to start running things North Korea-style. He thought it would be a good idea for the group to strip something down for their next competition, a.k.a. less guitar, more piano. How a piano is more stripped down than a guitar, I’m not sure, but Blaine was pretty confident in that statement, so I went with it. The rest of the club wasn’t as giddy on the idea, or rather, how Blaine presented it. As Kurt informed him, being too controlling can come off as being some form of a “puppet master.” Hold that thought.

In New York, Pamela Lansbury had its first gig at a Broadway hot spot. Upon announcing the exciting news to the group, Kurt immediately fantasized the band’s quick rise to glory, which meant — you guessed it! — the first song of the evening.

“Into the Groove”: Kurt, Rachel, Santana, and Elliott singing Madonna in retro outfits? Yes, please. Kurt’s fantasy involved a crowded club, amazing clothes, and just enough dance moves to make me happy. Both Kurt and Elliott sounded great on the song. With these four vocalists joining forces, there’s very little I wouldn’t listen to them sing. However, I could’ve used more of Rachel and Santana. Pushing those two to the back will never sit well with me, no matter whose fantasy I’m in. B+

NEXT: Is Sue too masculine?

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Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, and high school anxiety star in Fox’s campy musical.
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