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It's a bird. It's a plane. It's the Glee kids pretending to be superheroes


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November 23, 2012 at 06:01 AM EST

I hope you all are wearing your handmade capes — or, at least, holding a copy of The Avengers — because last night’s episode of Glee was an NYC-free superhero power hour that had Blaine swayed by the Dark Side, the McKinley kids prepping for sectionals, and Marley stuck in a love triangle.

We learned some key new info about our favorite heartbroken former Warbler: When Blaine isn’t pining for Kurt, he’s running an after-school superhero support group/fan club. All of the gang’s alter egos were amusing, from Asian Persuasion for Tina to Chameleon (because of his many voices!) for Sam. But I think my favorite was Brittany: Human Brain. Anyway, the group meets and solves crimes a.k.a Tina texts Blaine about getting back together with Kurt, which is all Blaine can think about these days. Poor Blaine. I think he really needs to spend some quality time with a Taylor Swift album.

Like all great superhero stories, we needed some trauma to kick things off properly. Kapow! The Nationals trophy was stolen, with a note that promised “a great reckoning” at Sectionals. Who could it possibly be? Blaine had a few ideas, and made his was over to Dalton Academy. Dun dun dunnn. While there, Blaine met new Dalton leader Hunter Clarington. Not a moment later, Blaine was surrounded by former Warblers, including a newly nice Sebastian, encouraging him to come back to the powerful, incredible Warbler team. They presented him with the iconic uniform jacket. “Why be afraid to try it on?” they taunted. This whole exchange was so comically over the top that I think it was my favorite part of the episode. Or maybe I just liked it because it gave us another Blaine-centric Warbler number – he couldn’t fight them off! This was his destiny! – that looked and sounded incredible. Maybe Blaine should go back to Dalton. What can I say? Blaine wasn’t the only one seduced by the Dark Side.

Meanwhile, Finn was still in charge of Glee club (now with new member Kitty!) and was trying to figure out what they should sing for Sectionals, which are next week. No time like the present! Finn landed on “Foreigner” as the theme. His suggestion was to sing songs by Foreigner, in a foreign language. It was a truly horrible idea, and amusing as it would have been to see it play out, luckily the kids instantly recoiled and shut that down.

His follow-up idea, inspired by The Avengers, was much better: dynamic duets. Finn partnered the kids that weren’t getting along (Kitty and Marley, Jake and Ryder) and told them to perform together. Kitty’s alter ego was just plain mean girl, apparently, as she continued to badger an insecure Marley about her weight while the two were working together. I really don’t like how cavalierly eating disorders are being addressed, but I digress. Because Marley is desperate to be accepted, the twosome came together and performed “Holding Out For A Hero” during class, which was a ton of fun.

NEXT: Ryder has a secret…

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