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November 09, 2012 at 05:41 AM EST

Is this the show that you want? Last night’s episode of Glee – after a month-long hiatus – was, I think, what most people expected of the fourth season. Rachel, Kurt and NYC were nowhere to be found, and the entirety of the episode took place in Lima and McKinley with all the new high school characters, as people both young and old grappled with changing roles and relationships. That, and some classic hand jiving.

That’s right: While I predicted that Glee Does Grease would be an hour-long extravaganza – and it still might be next week, if the previews are any indication — last night we got our first teases of Rydell High, as auditions for McKinley’s fall musical began. Artie was once again directing, but this time he wanted a co-director. Finn, who was currently working at Burt’s auto shop, got corralled back in by Artie. Finn was a little bit of a directionless sad sack last night – reminding me of Troy Bolton in that SNL High School Musical spoof – but by episode’s end, he had redeemed himself.

Auditions began in earnest at the top of the hour, when Blaine – who seemed like a natural for Danny Zuko because of their mutual love of their hair – sang a passionate version of “Hopelessly Devoted To You,” while flipping through a not-at-all-creepy stalker scrapbook of Kurt photos. He then explained to the directors – a group that now included Mercedes and Mike, because why the heck not? – that he just wasn’t up for a big part in Grease, because he was still too devastated from his breakup with Kurt. Aren’t we all. Blaine got an unopened Gilmore Girls box set back from him. That’s enough for anyone to claim that they were only willing to be Teen Angel.

While Blaine may not have been interested in a leading role, others definitely were. Marley made no secret her plans to be Sandy, Sam wanted to be Kenickie (“Grease Lightning” is his ringtone!) and, in a genuinely surprising twist, Wade shared with Marley in the bathroom that he secretly wanted to be Rizzo. Sue — who overheard — did not approve, but I definitely approved of Wade and Marley’s co-audition song, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss).” Wade was brave, and, after the audition, told all the directors that he wanted to be considered for Rizzo. There are worse things he could do.

NEXT: Glee Project’s Blake Jenner joins the cast!

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Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, and high school anxiety star in Fox’s campy musical.
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