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May 03, 2013 at 01:28 PM EDT

In the end, we learned that Kurt’s dad was indeed cancer-free, which is a huge relief because I doubt any of us were prepared to lose the man who is *universally accepted as the Greatest Dad on TV. (*That’s an overstatement. Maybe it’s just my tiny universe.) Also, if he was gone, who would talk some sense into these crazy kids? Case in point: When Blaine approached him about proposing to Kurt (I doubt any Gleek was unaware of this plotline) Burt gave him real-talk. “You kiddin’ or you nuts?” he asked Blaine. But Blaine was serious, so Burt went into super-dad mode and discouraged him from making such a big decision, telling him that if they were meant to be with each other, there was no point in rushing into it. Blaine heard him, but I don’t think he heard him, if you know what I mean.

Other stuff: Cassandra’s streak of awful was officially broken when we learned that she’d planned a nice dance number in support of Rachel. As much as Cassandra has gotten under my skin this year, I actually dig her. I hope she sticks around next season. We also learned this week that Tina had been wait-listed for vet school, which I took to mean that Tina won’t be joining the NYC gang after graduation. Bummer. And Schue announced early in the episode that he’d re-proposed to Emma and they planned to marry after Regionals.

Spare commentary: 1) Kitty, you’re a much better character when you’re not evil. I hope the face she showed during this episode sticks. 2) I want that Debbie Allen cane! 3) How cute was Rachel’s phone call to Schue at the beginning of the episode?

Tonight’s Glee recap is a duet due to cable issues. So while I’ve subbed as your recapper, your regular recapper Erin Strecker was still able to cook this week’s musical grades…

Musical Grades (Originals all by Stevie Wonder)

“Higher Ground”: Complete with a cheesy Mr. Schue lead-in, Mercedes totally rocked the only episode she’s been heavily featured this season. Shout out to Marley for her reaction shots throughout the number as Mercedes broke things down. B+

“I Wish”: Mike Chang and Jake have a dance off and it’s glorious. They really should have Jake and his dance moves be a bigger plot point next season – particularly if we aren’t getting Mike Chang back on the regular. So much fun! A-

“Signed Sealed Delivered”: Kitty, Jake and Ryder have their choir room fun in this Wonder classic, but I have to agree with Mercedes – they never really took it to the next level. B

“Superstition”: Marley gets in touch with her inner diva, thanks to some help (and killer riffs) from Mercedes. Nicely done, ladies. Where were you when Marley was having her freak out in November, Mercedes? A-

“Uptight”: Cassandra July shows her supportive side in this upbeat number that put big group dancing on display. A year in, Kate Hudson is surprisingly well suited for this part, yes? B+

“You Are The Sunshine of my Life”: Kurt’s “second chance” to his father – with back up by Marley, Kitty and Tina — in the old choir room was angelic and sweet. Favorite relationship on the show? That’s easy: It’s all about Kurt’s love for his Dad. A-

“For Once In My Life”: Once again, we’ve got an ending number in the auditorium, this time led by a newly empowered Artie.  I loved all the color and the cheer, and the harmonies were nothing to scoff at, either. B

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Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, and high school anxiety star in Fox’s campy musical.
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