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A power outage at McKinley High leads to emotional performances; Sarah Jessica Parker returns to the NYC scene


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April 26, 2013 at 03:46 AM EDT

This week’s episode of Glee was something longtime fans of the show could recognize: It was full of memorable Sue Sylvester one-liners, inspiration from Mr. Schu, one slushy incident, and multiple Broadway numbers. Plus, with the return of Sarah Jessica Parker to the NYC world, how could fans not fall in love? Let’s dig in!

Things all started with Ryder back behind a computer screen chatting with his mysterious love. He wanted answers that Katie wasn’t ready to give. So after failing yet again to find out the identity of his crush, Ryder went where all confused teens go when they need some answers: Glee Club! Unfortunately, things weren’t looking too great for the club at the moment. Schu had overheard a particular member of the competition singing — everyone say hello to American Idol‘s Jessica Sanchez — and he had decided to apply the “go big or go home” outlook to things. Schu wanted epic… and then the power went out at the school.

Was it a zombie apocalypse? Beyoncé’s halftime show? Sadly, it was neither of those things, but rather a boring old power outage caused by a balloon getting caught in an outlet. Hey, it happens. Principal Figgins quickly came over the loud speaker to inform the students that classes would continue as scheduled and that flashlights would be distributed based on grade point average. That sounds like a very fair, Darwinistic approach, don’t you think? And congrats to Ryder, who was clearly smart enough to be granted flashlight privileges when he revealed to Jake that this Katie person knew his deepest, darkest secret. Color me intrigued!

Stepping out of the dark and into the very bright city, Santana did a little dumpster diving and found an incredibly questionable chair that she brought home to Kurt and Rachel. But the roomies were a little preoccupied with the idea that Santana had become a bouncer at a lesbian beer garden and a “girl bar go-go girl.” According to Santana, she was a cage dancer dressed as Barbarella, which therefore meant that they needed to calm down. Basically, Santana was still trying to figure out her dream. Although Rachel and Kurt might not get it, I thought it was a very realistic sentiment.

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Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, and high school anxiety star in Fox’s campy musical.
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