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The men of Glee take it all off to raise funds for Regionals; Santana and Quinn visit Rachel in NYC


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February 01, 2013 at 06:15 AM EST

To get naked or not to get naked, that was the question this week. If you’re a viewer who thought that the official Fox calendar of the Glee cast was a little too G-rated, this was your episode. The outing will primarily be remembered as The One Where Everyone Took Their Clothes Off, which probably made for some very happy fans. From the top!

After some quick detective work last week, the Warblers were unceremoniously disqualified because they used performance-enhancing drugs. Just say no, kids…unless you’re the McKinley High Glee club, which was saying ‘yes’ to this convenient new development. This allowed them to get the club going again and compete at Regionals — if only they had the money. Tina had her first idea of the year: A “Men of McKinley” calendar. It would raise money for transportation costs, the guys would get to parade around shirtless, and Tina would get to see Blaine with very little clothes on. Fans of Michael Scott would see this as a win-win-win.

Most of the guys in the club were excited about this sexy little plan, particularly Sam, who spent part of last season stripping. The timing was particularly apropos, as SAT results came in, and while Brittany blew everyone away (Secret genius? Randomly filling out the Scantron? Who cares?) Sam, unfortunately, didn’t perform as hot as he normally looks. Feeling that his body was his only chance at a future, Sam cranked the ridiculousness up to about a 15 and paraded around school in swim trunks. I’m sure the sophomore girls didn’t mind, but Blaine and others recognized there may be something lurking under Sam’s surface besides ab muscles.

While Sam led the guys through over-the-top exercise regiments to get in shape for the “Men of McKinley” photo calendar, Artie decided he didn’t want to participate. Finn – who was still running the Glee club – first tired to talk him into it, but Artie was steadfast in his refusal, saying it wouldn’t make him feel good about himself, explaining that guys have body issues as well. I was happy to see that as soon as Artie said that, Finn immediately stopped trying to talk him into anything and commended him on speaking his mind, even though later in the episode Artie wound up in the suddenly-mostly-silly calendar anyway.

In other Lima news, Jake and Marley were heating up. Marley wanted Jake to come to the auditorium to help her “Pick a Regionals song,” which may be one of the best “Come hang out with me” excuses I’ve heard in a while. The twosome sang “A Thousand Years” because obviously Marley is a Twilight: Breaking Dawn fan. While the tune is a super inappropriate song for a group singing competition, it’s pretty much the greatest when it comes to Songs That May Make You Want To Tell A Boy You Love Him. Which is what happened to Marley. “I love…this song. But it’s not right for Regionals,” she explained, awkward pause and all. Even a silly high school guy knew something was up.

NEXT: Rachel makes some tough decisions, with help from some special guests!

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Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, and high school anxiety star in Fox’s campy musical.
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