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It's a matter of life and death (twice) on Glee's winter finale


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February 22, 2012 at 07:43 AM EST

The winter finale of Glee just wrapped up and I’m really bummed. I know it’s just a TV show, but doggone it, when you put enough time (nearly 60 hours by now), love and frustration into a show, you can’t help but feel sucker-punched when something like this happens.

You’re probably either really bummed, too, or fist-pumping because you were always in the anti-Quinn contingent. I always oscillated on Quinn — though I would never say I loved her character, I think she’s been one of the most consistently fascinating personalities on the show.

So when future-Yale freshman Miss Quinn Fabray got into a car accident while checking text messages (related to Finchel’s spur-of-the-moment wedding at that), I couldn’t help but feel a bit cheated. True, at this point we don’t know if she’s actually dead or comatose or paralyzed or miraculously safe or returning as a ghost for season 4, but I’m guessing she just bit the dusty dirt road.

I had invested in and enjoyed Dianna Agron’s characterization of Quinn, and to have her suddenly killed (or whatever this turns out to be) just to create a slam-bang cliffhanger ending seems cheap. If this “to be continued” episode were wrapped up next week, I’d probably feel differently, but killing a character on a musical comedy series just to keep up interest during Glee‘s hiatus (it doesn’t return until April) seems contrived and even sort of callous to the fans. Then again, perhaps Glee is primarily a drama at this point.

Perhaps when the show returns her death (or near-death) will be treated satisfactorily. And hey, if this stops more people from texting while driving, it’s probably worth it. Because that’s seriously dangerous.

The episode began as it ended: in a very depressing fashion for a show called Glee. Dave Karofsky walked in to his school’s locker room to find the F word spray-painted across his locker by his homophobic teammates, (not that F word — the actually bad F word).

Now suffering under the hateful persecution he used to heap onto Kurt, Karofsky rashly decided he couldn’t deal with the strain and tried to hang himself (we later learned he was unsuccessful and was recovering in the hospital). Contrary to some, I didn’t find his sudden suicide unrealistic. Given that he’s not a major character, we can assume he’s been going through some tough stuff we don’t see.

Also, anyone with enough self-loathing to do what he did to Kurt is clearly unstable and uncomfortable with himself to begin with. On a related note, if anyone out there is feeling uncomfortable or unstable, don’t do something you won’t be able to live to regret. Seriously, just talk to someone. Please.

The news of Karofsky’s unsuccessful suicide had huge repercussions at McKinley. Kurt beat himself up over shunning Karofsky earlier, but given their history, I think Kurt’s polite dismissal at Breadstix was justified. What I did think was out of line was when Kurt walked in on the God Squad’s meeting and declared Quinn didn’t know what it was like to truly suffer.

NEXT: Regionals, Schu’s pow-wow and Kurt’s touching visit to Karofsky

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Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, and high school anxiety star in Fox’s campy musical.
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