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November 02, 2011 at 08:55 AM EDT

Anyone else tired of watching Finn fight/ignore his leader tendencies and succumb to his doucheyer nature? First, he didn’t stand up for Rory as he got knocked around by every jerk in school (and there are lots), and later Finn by blasted Brittany’s simple, goofy belief system by telling her leprechauns don’t exist and calling her an idiot. Sure, he’d step up eventually, defending Rory and taking him under his wing, then apologizing to Brittany. But it’s beginning to be annoying to continually watch him play out that arc. (Though, was that a gleam in his eye when Burt brought up the possibility of Finn taking over at the garage?)

At the beginning of the episode, the New Directions ripped at each other in the wake of Mercedes departure, snapping and snarling as they despaired at the loss of one of the best singers in the group. Quinn blamed Schuester for being too hard on Mercedes in booty camp, Tina blamed Artie for not giving Mercedes the lead in the West Side Story. Finn lashed out at Blaine when he tried to help with the pep talk.

And of course Mercedes was looking for company over in her new club, pressing on Santana, who in turn pressed Brittany, to join her. And thanks to their lucky little leprechaun, Mercedes and Brittany got their way. And now the New Directions is down three members, whose new Troubletones really will spell trouble for the original club.

Gotta say that I find the whole Quinn story line abhorrent. I know her earliest incarnation on the show was as a queen bee who would often act out her insecurities by being a bitch, so I guess we’re not supposed to be surprised that she’d be willing to go all HAM on Shelby to get her baby back. But for some reason I find the level of treachery and callousness — playing on Shelby’s sensitivities to get into her house to babysit (“You’re a single mother, you’ve relocated, you have a new job, it’s no wonder you’ve stopped working out”) and setting her up for a visit from child welfare officers  by planting baby botulism, hot sauce labeled “Beth’s,” and child sacrifice books in her apartment — just a wee bit too much to accept. Call me crazy.

And somehow Puck’s conscience and true love for baby Beth is far outpacing Quinn’s, which is wrapped up in her lack of a plan for her future and her need to possess something, anything, uniquely hers and perfect. Thankfully, Puck understood that possibly sending Shelby to jail unjustly was a little extreme and he went in and scooped up all the stuff that Quinn had planted. But by later making out with Shelby, who was admittedly in a vulnerable place as she felt the full weight of single motherhood, Puck may have taken Shelby out of the equation even more effectively than any of Quinn’s scheming.  Kissing a student and possibly getting a child molestation charge? Yeah, that’s enough to get her kid taken away. (Note: I know there are no real consequences in this McKinley High world. I remember Sandy Ryerson — fired for touching a student but back peddling pot soon after. But I’m just saying. It’s a possibility.)

Santanna’s  joy at having Brittany confirm that they are, in fact, dating was kind of nice to see. And yes, the bath together should have been a tip-off.

Question: Shue told the kids that “I don’t care what Sue does or who leaves us, everyone’s dreams are going to come true this year.” That’s a tall order, Shue. Are you sure you’re up to it?

Interesting note for the night: Brittany had a throwaway joke line denying “Selena Gomez pregnancy rumors.” Then overnight news broke in the real world that Gomez’s beau, Justin Bieber, has been hit by a paternity suit. Weird.

NEXT: We grade the performances and check the night’s best lines.

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Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, and high school anxiety star in Fox’s campy musical.
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