Kurt and Rachel have their NYADA auditions with judge Whoopi Goldberg


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May 02, 2012 at 04:40 AM EDT

In (somewhat) lighter news, Puck was failing school and in danger of not graduating. The guys went full Black Hawk Down and planned an all-night study session officially so he could pass his European Geography class, but mostly so they could all jam along to “Rain in Spain” from My Fair Lady. As several commenters pointed out in the live blog, this is essentially a plot point of The Babysitters Club movie, where Puck is a less funkily dressed version of Claudia Kishi. Anyway, try as he might, Rome wasn’t build in a day — he wouldn’t be able to find it on a map even if it was — and he failed the exam.

What does this mean for Puck next year? His dad showed up last night as well (hey there, former Melrose Place-er Thomas Calabro) and asked him for money. Puck gave him the cash he had stashed away for his L.A. pool business, so now it looks like that won’t be happening and he won’t be graduating. Yikes. It’ll be interesting to see what decisions Puck makes over the next few weeks — I’m guessing they won’t be great ones. Note to the ladies of Glee club (and Principal Figgins): Just Say No.

Musical Grades:

“School’s Out”: Puck covers the Alice Cooper original. Fitting choice, although the vocals left a bit to be desired in the rocker angst category. B

“The Rain in Spain”: This number consisted of the guys talk-singing their way through My Fair Lady and European Geography. Inspired song choice. B-

“Not The Boy Next Door”: A walking dancing PSA for always having a backup plan (and a snug pair of pants) ready to go. The final note in the arrangement seemed a bit high, but I think it’s safe to say that one Kurt Hummel will be a NYADA first-year this time next year. A-

“Rain on My Parade”: The 20 seconds we got were amazing. Girl’s got pipes. This is a minor setback, Rachel! You’ll be a star yet! Incomplete

“Shake It Out”: This haunting arrangement really benefited from the a cappella sections that provided a different vibe than the Florence + The Machine original. B+

“Cell Block Tango”: Showing nearly an exact replica of the staging from the movie, this version lacked the heat and emotional punch from the stage show. To quote Sue, it kind of missed the point. C

“Cry”: The closer of the episode showed Rachel emotionally pouring all her disappointments and doubts into this Kelly Clarkson tune. Powerful and chilling. A

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Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, and high school anxiety star in Fox’s campy musical.
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