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Quinn’s fate is revealed, and Blaine’s brother (Matt Bomer) provides some comic relief


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April 11, 2012 at 04:49 AM EDT

Welcome back! After the serious downer that was the mid-season finale (Quinn car crash, Finchel almost wedding, Karofsky suicide attempt) you may have thought that the rest of the season would be more drama than comedy. But Glee is always good for a curveball (and a well-placed inspiring musical montage). Instead of tough hospital talks with Quinn, we were treated to one of the most laugh-out-loud funny hours of Glee in recent memory, thanks almost entirely to guest star Matt Bomer, who played Blaine’s famous (by Lima standards) big brother, Cooper Anderson.

But first, Glee had to address at least one of its many cliffhangers, and the Quinn “Is she dead?” drama was put to rest right away: She’s not. She’s alive and mostly well, although she is temporarily in a wheelchair. Her legs may not be working great, but everything else was, meaning she was free to lecture anyone who came into her path about the dangers of texting while driving. She took it a step further, however, and was also a walking wheeling PSA about texting dangers in general. She should have pointed her finger when she was speaking so we knew she was serious.

I thought there would be more time spent on what was obviously a hugely traumatic event for the core group of kids, but beyond Rachel having a mini-breakdown while the gang was planning where to go for senior ditch day (Final decision: Six Flags), it was mostly business as usual. Quinn explained, “I’m not going to dwell on this, and neither should you.” Okay then!

With her cliffhanger wrapped up, I assumed we would also get a status update about Karofsky. When we last saw him he was in the hospital visiting with Kurt after his suicide attempt. But he wasn’t mentioned at all last night. Quinn and Karofsky’s troubles took a backseat to Blaine’s brother, who showed up for the first time. Thanks to a credit score commercial with a catchy jingle (it’s Kurt’s ringtone!) and looks to rival a Disney prince, Cooper’s arrival was greeted with more fanfare than a One Direction performance. Even Sue was smitten.

But it turned out that Cooper “Cray Cray” Anderson had one person who wasn’t a fan: His brother Blaine. The reason? Cooper was always criticizing him. Well, nobody was criticizing the brothers’ competing Simon Le Bon impressions during New Directions rehearsal. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was desperately hoping for a touring brother act. But their relationship can’t be all charisma and sexy dance moves, (can it?) and we learned that the duo of dreamboats didn’t just have a series of sing-offs growing up: They had a long-standing complicated relationship.

NEXT: New Directions attends Cooper Anderson Master Class; hilarity ensues

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