As Burt and Carol plan their wedding, McKinley's staff and students finally take action against Kurt's bully

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Gleeks, much like you, I just “Furt”-ed…or at least I just watched the latest episode of Glee, titled, obvs, “Furt.” We’re coming off a season high of Gwyneth Paltrow’s phenomenal turn last week as substitute Holly Holliday and, while “Furt” didn’t exactly reach those same, borderline-exhilarating musical-comedy heights (though it did feature a fun turn by icon Carol Burnett as Sue’s mother), it was certainly more emotionally rewarding. Judging from the tears of my entire family who watched the episode with me, it definitely was able to touch a broad fan base. But enough about the Stack family and their leaky tear ducts…

So the big plot development tonight was the engagement of Finn’s mother and Kurt’s father, Carol and Burt, and the respective songs prepping for their nuptials. It also was a return to Finn dealing with his own issues with Kurt. Frankly, it was great to see a more Finn-centered episode (even though Kurt was still front and center too). It’s been a while since we’ve gotten some Finn focus, and I think I just missed Cory Monteith. But I also forgot what a good, natural actor he can be. I liked the somewhat self-referential jokes too about Sam becoming the star of the school while Finn was sort of dropping to the B-list. Chord Overstreet definitely has become a major presence this season, though that may be more thanks to his seemingly endless string of workout scenes. (Note to producers: I’m not complaining!)

The other major storyline was the continued bullying of Kurt by football player Karofsky. Finally (!), the glee club and the McKinley High staff got involved. More surprising was that Sue actually stood up for Kurt, an ironic and kinda unbelievable twist given that she, herself, is a ginormous bully. But that did lead to one of the show’s funnier moments: After Kurt said that calling him “lady” was the same as what Karofsky was doing, Sue then apologized and asked him to pick between three other nicknames—Gelfling, Porcelain, or Tickle Me Dough Face. Kurt chose Porcelain. I would have opted for that as well. Not only does it reflect my pale skin but it also sounds like the name of a 1970s revenge film, like Dolemite. I can already see the tag line: “Porcelain: He looks smooth but don’t let him crack!”

The most moving aspect of this episode, though, was how the glee club finally came to Kurt’s aid, particularly the guys. The dudes, except for Finn, all stood up to Karofsky in the locker room, which landed Sam a black eye. Eventually, Burt even discovered Karofsky’s behavior toward his son and, in a moment that gave me chills, confronted the bully in the high school hallway. I feel like I say this every other week but I just love Mike O’Malley. How can you not absolutely adore his Burt Hummel?

NEXT: Prepare for Carol Burnett: Nazi hunter! Plus, another Glee-inspired crying session.

Also deserving props is the completely wonderful Romy Rosemont as Finn’s mom, Carol. Just perfect. It’s especially hard not to love these two after the wedding sequence, which was soooo much fun. In a riff on the ubiquitous “Forever” You Tube video, the New Directions gang did their own version to a Bruno Mars tune. The entire scene was just utterly joyous and sweet, a showcase for how music can transform everyday events. Plus, Burt and Carol both danced! Plus, their individual vows were really lovely, even though they did seem to be more about their kids than their significant others. Oh well.

And then came Finn’s chance to speak. Cue the Stack family weeping in their living room (well at least my parents and me—my bros were more stoic). Basically, Finn finally stood up and became a man by accepting Kurt’s place as his stepbrother. Plus, he invented the Finn/Kurt combo of “Furt!” Who says he isn’t smart?!? The whole scene felt just so genuine and heartbreaking. And then they danced together! A straight guy and his gay stepbrother danced together on a major network show! Huge moment! Huge!

We did get more of a sense as to why Sue has been such a nasty lady with the surprise arrival of her mother, Doris, played with aplomb by Carol Burnett. Love that she was ACTUALLY a Nazi hunter (although that joke may have been used a little too often). Still, just seeing Jane Lynch and Burnett act opposite each other was worth it.

Plus, Carol and Burt were not the only folks to get married: Sue married…herself. Yep, after being burned by newly engaged Rod Remington, Sue decided to attempt an online dating service, which matched her up with, uh, herself. Sadly, our President and First Lady were not able to attend the nuptials (though they were invited), but Sue’s sis and crazypants mom were there. Sue finally was able to realize that her mother was, in fact, a bully, and not someone she needed in her life. It was a nice moment, although I still want Sue to be a biatch. I like her just the way she is.

Sam and Quinn had some sweet little moments, and he finally got the head Cheerio to pledge some commitment to him. This pair is quite adorable and I’m excited to see where this relationship goes.

There were also some sweet moments between Finn and Rachel. I know this may be a tad controversial but… I MISS RACHEL. She’s sorta been on the backburner this season. The character can be abrasive, but I like that added vinegar to my Glee. I need some more time with Ms. Berry. Anyone else agree with me?

Finally, while it appeared that Karofsky had been expelled by Sue, the school board let him come back to McKinley. That inspired Carol and Burt to use their honeymoon money to let him attend Dalton. Basically, it means goodbye New Directions and hello dreamy Blaine! It was a surprising twist, but one that I think will yield some nice drama.

Next week’s episode at Sectionals looks awesome with what sounds like a cover of Florence + the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over.” I do know for sure that Dalton Academy will be doing Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” which YOU CAN WATCH HERE!

NEXT: Rating this week’s songs, and reviewing the episode’s best lines.



So fun to see Lynch and Burnett performing together. A little too theatrical, but still fun to see such amazing gals on screen together. B+

“Marry You”

Loooooved. I got a little teary-eyed. It was just about as good as the famous “Forever” YouTube video. It’s a Bruno Mars song that I didn’t really know beforehand, but it just fit so perfectly and was a blast to watch. A


Pretty simple, but Matthew Morrison does a mean Michael Bublé, and it was fun to see him get in on the wedding action. B

“Just the Way You Are”

Well, I couldn’t see or hear most of it because I was weeping. But from what I can tell it was a highlight of the episode. Just adored it. A


“Good news, Sue: We finally caught the last Nazi!” –Doris to Sue

“I’m sorry I thought that was your name. As an apology I’ll let you choose with the following nicknames: Gelfling. Porcelain. And Tickle Me Dough Face.” –Sue to Kurt, after he gets upset that she calls him “lady.”

“When you guys fooled around, did he ever just lie there?” –Brittany to Tina

“I don’t think you ever truly appreciated the sacrifices I made being a famous Nazi hunter.” –Doris to Sue

What did you think of “Furt”? Did any tears flow in your household? And are you hoping for a little more Rachel in future episodes? Sound off in the comments!

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