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Kurt finds himself on the receiving end of an unexpected smooch, while Coach Beiste laments her own lack of lip-lock action


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November 10, 2010 at 04:59 AM EST

Glee is like the gift that keeps on giving in terms of cute male actors. We already had the very handsome core (and, yes, by “core” I am partially referencing their abs) cast. Then, we got increased screen time for Mike Chang (Harry Shum, Jr.). Then, we added Sam (Chord Overstreet), who seems to be perpetually at a loss for where his shirt and/or pants are, but it’s a character flaw that I am fine with. Now, with last night’s episode, “Never Been Kissed,” we’ve been given the gift that is Blaine, played by newcomer Darren Criss. Let’s pause while I take a little prayer break…

Dear Grilled Cheesus, thank you for Darren Criss. Not only is he an alumni of my college, University of Michigan (Go Blue!), but he’s also j’adorable. I’ve now watched his cover of “Teenage Dream” an embarrassing number of times (giving Perez Hilton enough page views to last him a lifetime). But he’s just too cute and I sorta want to enroll in Dalton Academy and have him be my senior buddy. Can you work on that Grilled Cheesus? Love, Tim

PS—If I can’t go to Dalton, I at least want one of those blazers. They’re super awesome.

Okay, and while we’re on the subject of cute actors, Chris Colfer once again proved he’s a real talent last night. The Kurt/bullying storyline felt so real and so painful. Kurt’s role in this entire season is so socially important, and I give props to the Glee gurus (Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan) for tackling bullying in school but also showing there’s no simple solution. Basically, Kurt hit his limit with abuse from football player Karofsky, which seemed to have gotten increasingly more aggressive. Seeking a safer environment (and an excuse to spy on their sectionals competition), he snuck off to the all-boys Dalton Academy where he met Blaine, another out gay student and quite a good singer. The look on Kurt’s face when he watched Blaine sing was just priceless. It gave that musical moment a poignancy that instantly made it a Glee classic (read my reviews of all of tonight’s musical numbers later in the recap).

The big twist, though, was that when Kurt did finally confront Karofsky about the bullying (after a boost of confidence from Blaine), the football player kissed Kurt. Turns out the big tough guy was really just taking out his anger on the one kid with whom he could most relate. The most heartbreaking moment was when Kurt confessed to Blaine that the Karofsky kiss was his first ever. Ugh. Just like that, the tears begin flowing…

And they certainly didn’t stop for the episode’s other major storyline, which involved Coach Beiste, played by the great Dot-Marie Jones (be sure and check out my Q&A with Jones over at our PopWatch blog). The boys in school (and Tina) started imagining Beiste in various bizarre poses (my favorite was her with the meat cleaver) in order to “cool down” from their make-out sessions with their girlfriends. It just made you feel sooooo bad for Beiste, especially since the season premiere taught us that she’s a sensitive gal.

NEXT: Puck returns, along with Sue’s particular brand of evil.

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