Rachel and Finn step away from their power-couple status, leaving Quinn and Sam at center stage
Glee Duets
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S2 E4

Ladies and Gentleman, may I present the debut of Squinn (Sam + Quinn = Squinn). And hot damn do they make a cute couple! I thought Rachel and Finn were adorbs, but Squinn may have the pair beat. They’re like a little blonde burst of sunshine. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Squinn, I need to take a quick prayer break…

Dear Grilled Cheesus, thank you for Chord Overstreet and his agreement to do half-naked locker room scenes. That is all. Love, Tim.

Last week’s Glee was an emotional tour de force, and frankly my tear ducts and my heart can’t take that kind of a pounding each week. So it was nice to have Glee get back to music and fun…although there still were some very touching moments.

The focus was on the members of New Directions competing among themselves in a duets competition. But before I get too far, um, hello, this episode was directed by Eric Stoltz, who’s been making news of late due to the recently released footage of him as Marty McFly in Back to the Future (before the role was recast with Michael J.Fox). Apparently the new thing for ’80s icons is to become involved in teen shows: Andrew McCarthy has directed episodes of Gossip Girl. Molly Ringwald is on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I’m just waiting for Emilio Estevez to pop up on Hellcats.

Rachel and Finn basically decided that they couldn’t be the power couple anymore if they wanted to boost the morale of the rest of the glee club. So “Duets” became a big showcase for Sam. Now I was a tad skeptical about Chord Overstreet in the premiere episode; I liked his rendition of “Billionaire,” but I thought he lacked a little charisma. Let me announce here that my mind has been changed. Dude is completely adorable. Also, I love that the big joke was Kurt teasing him about dying his hair, and then that turned out to be the major secret he revealed to Quinn. Too cute. Also cute: Sam’s attempt to speak Na’vi and do a really bad Matthew McConaughey impersonation. They both played like something an actual high-school boy would do.

Ryan Murphy had told me a few weeks ago that he was impressed with Sam and Quinn’s chemistry, so I think it’s safe bet that we’ll be seeing more from them in the coming weeks. I think my fave scene was when they were in the classroom and he was trying to teach her guitar and plan their duet. It felt awkward and charming at the same time.

In more surprising couples news, Artie and Brittany teamed up for a duet…and ended up sleeping together! Um WTF? I was totally caught off guard. But even more surprising was Brittany actually showing emotion when Artie felt hurt by her using him. Are we beginning to see shades of Brittany beyond the classic dummy? It seems so. We also got a fairly erotic bisexual moment between Santana and Brittany. (So I guess their make outs weren’t just all talk.)

Speaking of Santana, girl was on a bitch-a-palooza this episode, and I loved every minute of it. My favorite moment was when she finished performing with Mercedes and she asked for the gift certificates, “Cuz weez be goin’…to Breadstix.” I laughed out loud. GEEEENIUS.

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Once again, Kurt stole the show in terms of pure emotional power. I said it last week and I’ll say it again: Kurt is the most important character on television right now. But it’s brave and great for Glee to not make him a perfect angel, either. That’s realistic. I liked that Finn kinda called Kurt out for coming on strong. And once again Mike O’Malley as Burt Hummel was just amazing. I loved that tiny moment when Kurt just rested his head on his dad’s shoulder.

For me, though, the best moment of the evening was when Rachel approached Kurt at the end and told him she could tell he was lonely. And that’s when she said the line that I keep thinking about: “I know you’re lonely…but you’re not alone.” What an incredibly powerful statement coming in the midst of all these gay youth suicides. It just further illuminates the relevance and importance of a show like Glee.

Also, I totes get the deal with Breadstix. Growing up in Kalamazoo, MI, the fanciest restaurant in our town was Olive Garden. Like the OG was a fancy night out and had similar endless breadstick options.

Has there been a better sight gag yet than Brittany trying to roll the meatball with her nose?


Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart

Really fun, and Finn’s vocals sounded better than ever. I’m a little tired of Finn and Rachel circling the piano—they seem to do that every other episode. But still a good way to kick off the show. A-

River Deep – Mountain High

AWESOMENESS. Just flat-out awesomeness. From the choreography to the attitude to the song, I looooved the whole thing. I think this actually tops the Santana/Mercedes “Boy Is Mine” cover. A+

Le Jazz Hot

More amazingness from Kurt, and definitely one of the biggest numbers of the night (that Glee club has some kind of budget). But it was yet another showcase for the genius of Chris Colfer. B+


Finally Mike Chang (sorta) sings! Totally fun song, although I’m still not really convinced of his vocal chops. Still, that boy can dance! B

With You I’m Born Again

It was supposed to be a bad performance and inappropriate (which they definitely accomplished with the costumes). But it still was listenable because Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are such good performers. C+


In the words of Santana, “So frickin’ charming.” The song makes me look forward to more Squinn duets. A

Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy

So amazing. Maybe one of my favorite Glee duets OF ALL TIME. It made me smile and nearly shed a tear. Perfection. A+


“He’s on Team Gay. No straight boy dyes his hair to look like Linda Evangelista circa 1993.” –Kurt discussing Sam.

“For a while I thought you were a robot.” –Brittany to Artie

“He emailed me like 6 Mp3s of him singing and I thought it was Faith Hill.” –Sam about Kurt

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