McKinley High decks the halls with a Christmas extravanganza. But is it enough to satisfy Gleeks until next year?

By Tim Stack
December 08, 2010 at 02:01 PM EST
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Merry Gleestmas…or Happy Gleemukah…or something that doesn’t sound so damn awkward! How have we already gotten to this point in the season, Gleeks? It just seems like yesterday New Directions was in the quad and rapping to Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind.” But now he are we are, almost halfway through our second season of Glee and — some of you might not realize this — we won’t have a new episode until the Feb. 6 big-time Super Bowl episode. Yep, Gleeks, it’s gonna be a long, cold winter, but we’ll push through somehow. Just wear warm clothes and keep those iPod Glee playlists on repeat. Hold that thought…

Dear Grilled Cheesus, I know I previously asked for one of the Dalton Academy blazers but I’d like to add on the New Directions holiday cardigans as well (and maybe one of Rachel’s floppy hats — don’t judge me!). Size small. Thank you!

Love, Tim

So tonight was the big Glee holiday bonanza and, while it was undoubtedly entertaining, I’m not sure it was the most memorable of all the Glee hours. It’s hard to tackle the holidays and make it feel fresh; I think that’s just a problem that goes with the territory. It’s also hard to create exciting musical numbers with tunes that are typically thought of as kinda corny and dated. All that being said, I still laughed and — yes — even cried at this hour. It all just makes me wanna pray to Grilled Cheesus and ask that this hiatus not be so long!

So the Christmas spirt has hit McKinley High and no one is feeling it more than Brittany (except maybe Finn who said X-mas was his fave holiday). Child-like Brittany revealed to her boyfriend Artie that she still believes in Santa (BTW, I hope no young, Santa-loving children read these posts or watch Glee because their worlds are gonna be rocked). Artie, like the dear, sweet boyfriend he always is, decided to push the entire glee club to play along with Brittany’s delusions. This all led to one of the funnier mall Santa visits I’ve seen since A Christmas Story. My fave was Santana sitting on Santa’s lap and saying, “Please tell me that is a roll of Certs in your pocket.” Ggggggrrooosssss. Brittany, though, wanted something quite sweet from the dude in the red suit: she asked to let her boyfriend, Artie, be able to walk. Everyone together: Awwwwwwwwww.

NEXT: Step away from the hat rack, Rachel

Meanwhile, Rachel attempted to use the holiday season to win back Finn but no such luck. Frankly, I still don’t completely understand why Finn is sooooo angry at her. Like, she kissed Puck, which stinks, but they were not on the best terms and she apologized. He got it on with Santana! And, yes, I know they weren’t officially together, but still. I mean, Rachel is even wearing sad little beret-ish hats! Just forgive her, Finn!!! On a side note, how many times has Rachel sung her little heart out in that auditorium? Gurl needs a therapist…and perhaps someone to chaperone her shopping trips to Anthropologie. She may have too many dresses.

Speaking of romances, Kurt admitted he was in love with Blaine…just not in front of Blaine! Kurt, I love ya, but get in line: Blaine is my (faux) boyfriend first. You can have my sloppy seconds if Blaine and I ever (faux) break-up. But seriously, I must give props yet again for the producers and actors (and even Fox) for having two gay teens serenade each other on television. When has that EVER happened? That is major, and so important.

In true Sue Sylvester form, she rigged Beiste’s Secret Santa so that she received all the gifts. It basically turned into a battle between Will, Beiste, and Sue over the gifts. One thing I’m not sure about is why Sue finally gave in at the end and decided to be nice. That didn’t really feel believable. I really think producers need to make sure that Sue’s iciness doesn’t melt too much because that’s the reason she’s a fan favorite. But I did love at the end when Will said “I thought you hated the holidays.” And Sue replied, “No I just hate you.” Now, that’s the Sue I love!

Who sang “You’re a Mean One, Sue the Grinch?” I couldn’t tell even after listening to it a second time. Help me, Gleeks!

One other thing I noticed tonight: Will has excellent handwriting.

Another thing I noticed: Will needs a lady. STAT.

I totally love how Becky is becoming Sue’s little minion. It’s both adorable and hilarious. She looked too cute all dressed up like a reindog. Very fun.

Beiste also had a nice little scene with Brittany where the football coach dressed up like Santa Claus and tried to let Brittany down about Artie being able to walk. It was fun to see these two in a scene together, and both played it perfectly.

The biggest surprise for me was the final moment when Artie debuted his “Rewalk” which allows him to stand on two feet and walk. First of all, my eyes watered when he first moved. And then I smiled at Brittany’s reaction which was just completely adorable. How do we think Beiste afforded that? Is she definitely the one responsible? Hmmmm….

NEXT: Rating the songs


“The Most Wonderful Day of the Year”

This opening number almost felt like the beginning of a real holiday musical. It was a little cheesy but also kind of charming and sweet. B

“We Need a Little Christmas”

We only got a little taste of this song due to the rowdy classroom of haters but it sounded promising. B

“Merry Christmas, Darling”

I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song. Am I alone? But it was cute and Lea Michele did a great job as usual. Still, it’s not one of my fave holiday tunes. B

“Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Complete and total highlight of the episode and one of the best moments of the second season.  So charming. A+

“Last Christmas”

This was really fun and had great production design. I’m always a sucker for duets between Rachel and Finn as well as Wham!. A-

“Welcome Christmas”

I didn’t even know this song had a name! And I’m still not really even sure how you pronounce the chorus but I’ve always had a soft spot for this tune. B+


“Can I be honest? I don’t understand the difference between an elf and a slave.” — Brittany to a mall elf

“Just know you have rights.” — Brittany to the mall elf

“Can you believe it? Six different people got Sue a shake weight?” — Will to Beiste

“Becky, go to the glove compartment of my LeCar and bring me my tear gas. And then get me Gloria Allred.” — Sue, when Will and Beiste attempt to reclaim the Secret Santa gifts

“Was her name Ricki Lake?” — Brittany after Beiste told her there once was a girl who put her husky size to good use

“I want Channing Tatum to stop being in stuff.” — Mike Chang on what he wants for Christmas

“You’re a regular Agatha Christie, except even more sexless.” Sue to Emma

So, Gleeks, let’s hear it: Did this episode put you in the holiday spirit? And is it enough to hold you over until February?

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