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The yearbook photos lead the Glee kids to a commercial spot and Will to the truth about his wife. Is it the end of line for him with her and the club?


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December 03, 2009 at 05:00 PM EST

I hope that Will has somewhere comfy to crash tonight — he’ll need a good night’s sleep after ”Mattress.” While New Direction’s dedicated (ex-?)director expended a lot of energy in this episode fighting for a yearbook photo for our music geeks that would serve as a moment of underdog triumph (mission semi-accomplished), he also uncovered the wicked truth about Terri’s dummy tummy, and he made a costly choice in sleeping arrangements. Meanwhile, Emma drew some boundaries with him, and New Directions ”Jump”-ed into minor TV stardom without him. Bottom line: Stuff happened this week, and it felt like a step forward after last week’s all-over-the-place hair toss. And how about that poignant ending? One of Glee‘s best. Better still, we’re now just one week from Sectionals (finally!), and I’m ready for New Directions to put a musical hurt on the competition. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Pull up a cushiony object — still wrapped in plastic, natch — and let’s revisit the developments that made ”Mattress” a bouncy delight.

The reign of Terri is over! (Maybe…)

Did the writers actually listen to our grumbles/ pleas to wrap up this nutso story line? Whatever the case, it’s all out in the open now: Will knows that his wife is a big fake-fat faker! Ahhhh! Feels like a breath of fresh air just to say that.

The frustrating volcanic pressure that had been building for weeks in that faux-pregnancy plot created a compelling display of emotional fireworks when released last night. There was Will in his apartment bedroom, rummaging through drawers for a pocket square, when he happened upon a pregnancy pad. He confronted Terri in the kitchen, and when she tried to pretend that the pad was an aid for trying on maternity clothes, the mood turned tense and dark; Will whipped the pad across the room and demanded, ”Pick up your shirt.” She didn’t. ”Think about what you’re accusing me of,” she said nervously. ”…turn around and go find your pocket square.” Good Will Husband was gone — he grabbed her arm, lifted up her shirt, and ripped the lie off her. ”Why did you do this to us? I don’t understand!” he asked with fiery-watery eyes. Everything was coming to the surface now. After Terri accused Will of changing once he took over Glee Club, Will declared: ”I should be allowed to feel good about myself.” Terri: ”Oh, who are we kidding, Will? This marriage works because you don’t feel good about yourself!” (Oh my ouch.) Will careened between anger (”You made yourself a stranger to me now! Are you happy??? Are you satisfied???”) and sadness (”I loved you, Terri. I really loved you”) as she tried to explain the hysterical pregnancy mess. Disgusted and overwhelmed, he finally marched out the door despite her begging him to stay.

Was it the end? Felt like it… until that scene in Emma’s office, where Will was beating himself up over the mattress misdemeanor. Emma advised him to focus on his own life: ”You know, divorce is a really big deal.” ”Who said anything about getting a divorce?” responded Will. (Well, you did tell Figgins and Sue that you were thinking about leaving Terri.) Next, Will asked Emma, ”Is that what you would do?” and she concluded her awkward answer by saying: ”Her methods were wrong, but, uh, I totally understand her intentions… You’re a lot to lose, Will.”

Interesting moment for Emma: She could’ve thrown Terri under the bus, but instead gave her the benefit of the doubt… and yet was still unable to hide her own feelings for Will. Earlier in the episode, Emma had tried again to stomp out those embers of affection (often fanned by Will). Will told her he believed that Ken had purposely scheduled their VFW wedding to conflict with Sectionals so Emma couldn’t go. ”Come on,” he said, ”we both know how he feels about our… relationship.” (Maybe Ken feels that way because you call it a relationship, Will.) ”I’m marrying Ken, Will,” Emma declared. She conceded that she’d given Ken reason in the past to be jealous, but ”I need you to know that I’m done with that now.” The way Emma saw it, Ken’s got 74 flaws and substandard hygeine, but he’s good with the students and ”he’s absolutely full of compassion.” (Slow down that love train, girl!) Will apologized — ”I was out of line. It won’t happen again” — before walking out. But with that ”lot to lose” comment still hanging like unfinished business, we’re left to wonder: Will Emma go through with that passion-free exchange of vows next week? That would be devastating. And crazy.

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