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March 10, 2015 at 12:07 AM EDT

After Hannah’s lost weekend episode, Girls returned this week with “Boys.” Don’t let the title necessarily deceive you. Though things are a little bit more focused on the men – namely Ray, Adam, and Booth – everything comes back to the girls and how their expectations, their actions, and their assumptions all work to destroy, frustrate, and captivate the men around them.

The episode opens with Hannah having drinks with a middle-aged writer and publisher (played by John Cameron Mitchell, Hedwig and the Angry Itch). He’s that sort of manic, aloof, and overly excitable stereotype of someone who has probably been in the New York publishing world too long. He compliments and possibly insults Hannah’s writing, (“they’re very sweet, naive and infuriating”) and explains to her that his mission is to do something that’s high/low. “Like Target?” Hannah asks. In his mind, Hannah is perfect unknown to be the voice of her lost generation, and he tasks her with writing that eBook. In a month. For the rest of the episode, Hannah remains in a daze. She’s half there in all her interactions and you can see the stress of this insane deadline just eating away at her. But, coming off of last week’s Hannah-centric episode, she’s just a background through line.”Boys” focuses on Marnie and Booth, and Ray and Adam.

In a distinct contrast to Hannah’s time with Joshua (Patrick Wilson) last week, we meet up with Marnie and Booth comfortably lounging in bed. Even in the first moments of their conversation, it’s clear that she thinks that their relationship is something that it’s not. Booth could not be less interested in hearing about Hannah, or, basically anything Marnie has to say, but she doesn’t see it like that. She’s still too blinded by his fancy life. After Booth loses his assistant in a very Sex and the City manner, he asks Marnie to help host his party that evening.

Marnie, assuming that this is the next step in their relationship, takes her responsibility very seriously. She goes out and buys a ridiculous outfit with a gold lamé bustier and a sheer plastic overlay. At the party, she plays the part of the social butterfly of the art world. She is outwardly embarrassed when Hannah arrives in an unassuming chambray dress and anorak. Marnie has decided that these are her people and that she fits the part perfectly — she’s the social climber who doesn’t realize she’s a social climber. And now that she’s found a wealthy, “interesting” artist, who is solidly part of the scene she so desperately wants to be in, she’s thrilled.

NEXT: When the party ends, the truth comes out…

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Four young ladies live in New York City, and it’s SO hard.
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