Hannah does cocaine for the sake of an article she plans to write; Marnie runs into an artist friend
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“Here’s your comfort zone. This (you know, over to the side) is where the magic happens.” Or so says the editor of an online magazine who’s just promised Hannah a freelance rate of $200 an article. She suggests that Hannah could write about having a threesome with some people that she met on Craigslist. Or about doing cocaine. Hannah takes both suggestions seriously. Neither is actually that shocking in the world of confessional personal essays. It was probably only a matter of time before Hannah started orchestrating experiences for her writing. What if the entire arc of Girls was the story of Hannah becoming the next Cat Marnell? In “Bad Friend,” Hannah gets halfway there, but whether she actually manages to write about her crazy night is another question entirely.

First Hannah has to figure where one procures cocaine. She goes to Jessa first, obviously, explaining that she needs some “to snort for work because I’m planning to write an article that exposes all of my vulnerabilities to the entire internet.” Marnie suggests that she ask the creepy guy who lives on the ground floor of Hannah’s building. Laird is a junkie, she says, he told her that once by the mailboxes. So, like a woman who knows what she wants, Hannah goes and knocks on the junkie’s door.

Laird’s (Jon Glaser of Human Giant and Parks and Rec) apartment is perfect. It’s messy and dark, and lit only by the glow from cartoons on the television and the sunlight peeking through the mismatched sheets haphazardly bolted to the walls. Everything looks a little musty. Laird and Hannah make small talk about Wi-Fi network names and his pet turtle who can be a real a—— sometimes. He asks about Marnie, and wonders why they were friends, referencing their different tastes in magazines. He offers her pomegranate juice, and tells her he’s really glad she made the first move. He also says that he’s an addict. Undismayed, Hannah still manages to ask him for cocaine. Laird is clean, but offers to get her some anyway. Someone’s got a crush on Hannah.

At Marnie’s new job as a server an older man grabs her hip, calls her sweetheart, and orders a bottle of their best Sauvignon Blanc (seems like an odd choice for a group of men, right?). But before she can place the order, Booth Jonathan (Jorma Taccone) spots her from across the room. He immediately condescends to her for giving up on her dream so soon (as if no artist has ever had to work a service job). Marnie fights back and tells him that he’s basically a con who convinces people to pay too much for his derivative art. Booth asks her when the last time she had sex was, and with basically no effort or charm at all, gets her to just leave the club and go back to his studio/home. “Want to see the best thing I’ve ever made?” he asks, before locking her in a prison of televisions stacked up from the floor to the ceiling, broadcasting horrific, stressful images all to the tune of Duncan Sheik’s “Barely Breathing.” Marnie tells him he’s really talented. And then they have sex. He’s into it. She’s…hard to read.

NEXT: Hannah and Elijah do cocaine…

Meanwhile, to prepare for their cocaine adventure, Elijah picks out an outfit for Hannah of shorts and a white bustier with fruit patterns. She tells him how excited she is to write the article, but when we cut to them already high, it becomes somewhat obvious that there’s a possibility that no article is going to come out of this experience. They talk past each other manically. Elijah reminds her that perhaps she should be writing her musings down. They decide the best thing to do is for her to scribble her thoughts on the wall, but all she can manage to write is something Elijah said.

But the writing session doesn’t last long, and Elijah and Hannah eventually make their way to a club. They sweat, they dance, they smile, and they sing along to Icona Pop’s “I Love It.” Somewhere in the middle of all this, Hannah switches shirts with a guy on the dance floor and sports a see through, neon, mesh tank for the remainder of the episode. It’s somewhat distracting, mainly due to the fact that she is not wearing a bra. They do a few more lines off a toilet lid, and everything is great until Elijah confesses that he had sex with Marnie — the thing that he knew would break Hannah. And it does. ‘Til now, I’d been misreading their relationship. They’re not just best friends and roommates, they’re exes. Hannah and Elijah are two people who have a history — and all the resentments and complicated emotions that come along with that, regardless of the fact that Elijah is gay.

They continue their fight at a drugstore and find out that Laird has been following them…well, her, to make sure she’s safe. And they all go to visit Marnie at Booth’s. Hannah doesn’t want an apology from Marnie for sleeping with Elijah. An apology would be boring, she says. What she wants is for Marnie to acknowledge that she’s the bad friend — a conclusion to the fight that led to Marnie moving out of their apartment in season 1. “I don’t even care, we can keep being friends just as long as you know you’re a bad one.” Then Hannah tells Elijah that he has to move out. Hannah leaves with Laird and they make out back at their building. Perhaps she will get a story out of this after all.

A few general questions for you all: Adam was notably missing from this episode. Do we think he’s gone for good? And then there’s Marnie. She looked bored during sex. She looked annoyed and stressed in the television installation. And yet she essentially tells Booth that both were great, and that HE is great. WHY? Does she really believe it? Is this just a confused girl under the spell of an overly confident guy? Or is she in on the game and putting up with him for the sake of doing something different?

Quote of the Night:

“I’m thinking about calling my next show ‘Children’s Death Games’.” -Booth Jonathan

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