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The weather is warm, but many relationships cool

November 25, 2016 at 10:47 PM EST

Nursing their aching feet and mulling over what they ordered last night (Chinese, Greek, and Italian) and what they watched, Rory calls Emily and finds she was still asleep at nearly noon — very un-Emily-like. And then she feigns having to go and hangs up on Rory, which is even more un-Emily-like. After that call, a concerned Rory points out that Lorelai hasn’t been very helpful to her mother lately, to which Lorelai retorts that Emily’s the one who quit therapy.

Michel, now back in town, also asked Lorelai to meet him for a drink so they could talk…and you know where this is going. They go to the Secret Bar, and he says he took a meeting with the W Hotel while he was away, and decided he needs to take the job and doesn’t want to stay in one place forever. Lorelai seems understanding, but also crushed. “I’m really gonna miss him,” she tells Rory after.

Lorelai also attends the first run-through of Stars Hollow: The Musical, along with the rest of the advisory committee. After Taylor swears them to secrecy, they watch Violet (Foster), Carl (Christian Borle), and the rest of the cast perform, and… it’s weird. Really weird. Lots of time traveling, costume changes, bad songs, and an if Hamilton can do it, so can we! rap song that name-checks Lin-Manuel Miranda (you know Taylor thought he was being soooo cool when he came up with it). Everyone’s enjoying it except for Lorelai, who looks mildly horrified. Afterward, Taylor holds a meeting where everyone praises it — Babette even prepped zingers that diss other Broadway shows like School of Rock and The Book of Mormon — except for Lorelai, who asks a lot of very important questions. What was with the weird opening scene? Why the rapping? And the ABBA song the company sings for the finale? (Sophie suggests they can use a song she wrote instead, but when she starts playing “I Feel the Earth Move” Taylor dismisses it as not catchy enough.)

Rory surprises Emily at her house and gets a surprise there of her own: Emily Gilmore has voluntarily allowed a TV to be moved into the living room. And she ate dinner in front of it on a TV tray. Rory asks if she’s been doing anything besides running errands or her DAR meetings, and tells her grandmother to get out a little and have fun. What she does do is email Lorelai — the first contact they’ve had in a while — about Richard’s gravestone. Apparently, this is the fifth one they’ve had made, as previous versions all got chucked for various infractions noted by Emily, and she wants them at the gravesite to unveil the new one.

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Meanwhile, at the Gazette office, Rory gets a visitor — Jess (!!!), who’s back in town to help Luke deal with his mom and TJ and the weird vegetable cult they accidentally joined. They share a drink and catch up: His book press is doing well, no one permanent in his personal life — which reminds Rory she still needs to break up with poor Paul — and she tells Jess how unmoored she’s been feeling. “I could have been a contender,” she laments. “I’m broke. Busted. Beggared. I have no apartment, no car. … Everything I own is scattered in boxes around three different states. I have no job. I have no credit. I have no underwear!”

Jess replies that she’s just in a rut and needs to something find something to write that she’s passionate about: “You should write a book.” And not just any book — a book about her and her mom. As he tells Rory, it’s a story only she can tell. He departs (hopefully not the last we’ll see of him!) and Rory seems to be considering it — she goes back through old issues of the Gazette on microfilm and finds one with the absolutely ridiculous (but totally Stars Hollow-worthy) headline, “Teen Mom Lorelai Gilmore Arrives in Stars Hollow, Takes Job at Independence Inn.”

A week later, Lorelai goes to her mother’s house and finds Emily sitting with someone named Jack Smith, a friend of her dad’s who spoke at the funeral. They’re on the back patio, where he’s making gimlets, offering to drive everyone to the cemetery, and making Lorelai thoroughly weirded out. She ducks into the kitchen and calls Rory, who admits she’s the one who encouraged her grandmother to go back to the club and get out a little bit more. When Lorelai asks her mother about him, she says she and Jack are just friends and her daughter responds that it’s just weird to see her moving on — to which Emily interprets as Lorelai saying her mother can now be someone else’s problem. Twisting the knife, she tells Lorelai about the plan in Richard’s will to expand Luke’s Diner and asks why Luke never called her about their real-estate field trip. Which, of course, was all news to Lorelai.

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