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Myrcella starts hemorrhaging, then dies.

On the beach, we see Ellaria taking the antidote to her poison and strutting off with the Sand Snakes.  

This twist is also an answer for all those a few weeks ago who said, “But what’s the whole point of that jail scene with Bronn and the Sand Snakes?!” Again, patience was rewarded, the scene was a setup to introduce a deadly poison to be used more fatally later on.

Let’s put aside for a moment that yet another young woman just met a terrible death on Game of Thrones (though not nearly as terrible as the fate of last week’s volunteer from District 12, a.k.a. The Girl on Fire). Myrcella’s death have some major implications for next season. How do you think Cersei is going to react toward Dorne when Jaime shows up with their dead daughter? This could easily be seen as an act of war. For that matter, how is Cersei going to react toward Jaime, who seemingly can’t protect anybody? Jaime should just turn that ship back to Dorne and open a beach bar with Bronn.

Somewhere: Dany has flown pretty far. Last week I hoped that she might land on Tommen’s balcony, and she could tell that ineffectual kid to get out of her bed while Drogon munched on Ser Pounce. But we’re still in Essos, somewhere. Drogon drops her off, exhausted. Dany tries to tell Drogon to take her to Meereen, but he’s a dragon, not Uber.  

She goes for a stroll, and finds herself surrounded by Dotharaki riders. These guys again!—the nomadic army Dany joined in season 1 is back. But to what end?

She drops a ring, I assume, in order to leave something behind so somebody can track her.

Somewhere, actress Emilia Clarke watches this finale and sighs: Great, now I’m going to have memorize a bunch of Dothraki again.  

King’s Landing: Cersei breaks. She’s ready to confess. She’s taken to the High Sparrow. She gets on her knees and tells him what she thinks he wants to hear. Even as Cersei does it, she’s still lying about Jaime. She’s submitting through gritted teeth.

He tells her she will have a trial and he’s willing to release her. But he’s not finished with her yet. She must first undertake an act of atonement. They shave her head (“like Aslan” as actress Lena Headey said). And next, just like the way they treated the High Septon earlier this season, they strip her naked and push her out the door.

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