All you need is love — oh, and an undead army, a virgin, and some dark magic
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“Love and Death” wasn’t a particularly strong episode, but it’s worth it to see Madalena get her groove back. When we last left our heroes, Sid had thrown Galavant his sword — with terrible aim, since it landed right in the middle of his chest. So Gal is dead, right? Not so fast. A session with the healer Neo, the Miracle Max of Sporin, (Neosporin, get it?), resurrects Galavant right before Richard and Roberta are about to have their first kiss. Elsewhere in the world of morbid yet adorable coupledom, Madalena dropped an L bomb on Gareth and they — still rather adorably — use Valencia’s army as a couple’s therapist. Galavant and co. borrow a different kind of army (perhaps one more suited to my iZombie recaps) from Neo and head to Hortensia to save Isabella —who’s having a little trouble running her own army. And not only because the weapons are made of chocolate. Most importantly, though I’m not a huge fan of hashtags, #BringBackChefAndGwynne.

Best Song: “Time Is of the Essence”

Although Neo didn’t send them off with “Have fun storming the castle!” he might as well have. This “Modern Major General” ditty had strong Monty Python vibes in running out the clock whilst singing about running out of time, but clearly the shtick was a Princess Bride homage. (Note: If you acknowledge you’re ripping something off, it’s still funny.) Season 2 tends to be heading strongly into a more Python direction, and I like it. Last season was all over the place tonally, but now the musical progression and the humor — mostly farce — have really found their footing.

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Let’s Get Lyrical:

“Time is of the essence, so I need your acquiescence,

If we’re going to save this fellow from the grave.

Time is of the essence, get a whiff of his putrescence

I’m detecting notes of veal. And is that cheese?”

“Perhaps we ought to pause right here and say a silent Mass.

Go ahead and savor it, we might as well, alas.

Wait — I have some gas.”

Employee of the Week: Neo (Reece Shearsmith, known for the British sketch show The League of Gentlemen)

MVP: Madalena (finally!)

Quest Love:

Signs: Portlandia, The Grove, Caves of Sporin, Red Keep

For the Angelenos: “The Grove has great shops and an Apple store. Apples are said to be good for your health!”

“And there’s sparkly fizz in my nethers whenever she is around.” —Gareth in “Love Makes the World Brand New”

Hat tip to Buffy’s “Once More With Feeling,” there are a lot of “I think this line’s mostly filler” lines and sight gags, like when Madalena and the random dude don’t know why they’re in Galavant’s near-death vision.

Richard: I just can’t believe he’s dead.

Roberta: Does seem awfully early in the season for something like this.

Sid: Can’t he be mostly dead but not all dead because mostly dead is slightly alive?

Neo: Yeah, that’s not a thing.

The virginity unicorn returns! A brilliant call back when Richard is outed as pure of body so he can help create the potion to resurrect Galavant.

Barry accidentally sent out a save-the-date for a war from Valencia sent to Hortensia. That’s SO Barry, am I right?

“When all’s said and done, I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, over a dead body, asking him to like her.” —Roberta

NEXT: Love. What is it good for?

With “Do the D’Dew,” we’ve reached the point in the series where it’s become quite obvious — despite the gratuitously outlandish violence — that each character’s quest is more internal than external. Love is not a secondhand emotion; it’s a driving force. While the reality of an undead, brainless army sets in quickly as Galavant’s quest to save his one true love goes from heroic to “no go around that tree,” Richard and Roberta knock boots for the first time (and sing a straight up “Summer Nights” knockoff about it). Isabella goes to surrender to Madalena and Gareth, and they’re not happy, being more of a “I love the smell of killing people in the morning” kind of couple, which leads Madalena to The D’Dew (Dark, Dark Evil Way), a.k.a. Galvant’s Dark Arts. Suddenly, it’s becoming a bit D’Dew vs. I do when it comes to Madalena and Gareth. As Isabella struggles to create an army of subjects that view a potato as a weapon, Richard and Roberta break up, and Galavant learns that even zombie soldiers can be motivated by love! (I don’t get it either, just go with it.) And everyone battles onward whilst singing different words to the show’s theme song.

Best Song: “I Don’t Like You”

“Yes, cat fight!” says the jester. “Finally,” agrees Gareth, kicking back in his chair. “I’ve been waiting two seasons for this.” To be honest, so have I. These ladies were definitely due their duet, and it’s no big surprise it has a Kristin Chenoweth/Idina Menzel, “Dear Old Shiz” meets Hamilton duel vibe. (Interestingly I just realized that Galavant has no main or minor blond female characters. Surely this is some kind of first for television?)

Let’s Get Lyrical:

“I’m thinner, crueler, clearly much cooler,

And check out the bling,

I’m your kingdom’s new ruler.


Got a jeweler to pimp out your crown.”

“The serf may be up, but I’m taking you down.

Enough pleasantry, you’re queen presently.

But hon, you’re just one of the peasantry.

Kosher as bacon and fakin’ the funk.

You’ll just have to deal.

Oh, I’ll deal with you, punk!”

“That’s not all you’ve had now, is it?

The whole feudal system has paid you a visit.

Yet it’s you who’s royally screwed.

You think so, ho?

I know so, prude.”

Employee of the Week: A week without a new employee is a sad week indeed.

MVP: Madalena, again!

Quest Love:

“Guys, stop. You can’t go with me. I’m sneaking.” —Galavant

“Prophecy’s never wrong. That’s just science!” —Madalena

“Look, we’ve got a good thing going. Do you really want to bring dark magic into it?” —Gareth

When Madalena walks in on Wormwood holding the baby and the knife, her acquiescence​ in doing “whatever it takes” for the D’Dew is most deliciously evil — and funny. Mallory Jansen has great comedic timing, and it’s about time they started taking advantage of it again.

“Now please step away from the baby. You really freaked me out before.” —Wormwood

“I can’t go into battle with you. Richard, you’re not a fighter, and I love you too much to watch you die. And you will die. Horribly. Mutilated. Crying blood. Having soiled yourself with people trying to cut off your head. People pointing and laughing. Bloating on the battlefield. It’s going to be hideous. It can be quite fun, but not for you.” —Roberta

“But this time with a D’Dewsy of an ending!” —Madalena

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