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Netflix’s Fuller House is back with the second half of season 3 — and we’ve recapped all nine of the new episodes. Read on for the best (and worst!) parts, the funniest lines, and each half hour’s nostalgia score. (And need a refresher on the first half of the season? Check it out here.) 

Episode 10: “My Best Friend’s Japanese Wedding”

What happens: We begin right where we left off — the Fuller House gang has just landed in Japan for Steve’s wedding, with plenty unresolved. (And hey, cool detail: The theme song’s in Japanese!) As they all get accustomed to the pace of Tokyo — navigating the new technologies, crossing the crazy-busy streets — Steve prepares for marrying C.J. by meeting her family, Max tries out a “committed relationship” with Rose by going to Hello Kitty Land with her (and Fernando), and Kimmy Gibbler tries to prove herself as a wedding planner extraordinaire. (Oh, and Ramona falls in love with a Japanese pop star.)

But of course the biggest piece of business is the cliffhanger we were left on, in which D.J. — who due to an unfortunate turn of events winds up as C.J.’s wedding planner — accidentally confessed her true feelings for Steve…to Steve. Both go on like it didn’t happen, with Steve having witnessed Matt propose to her and D.J. left stumped as to why he didn’t say anything in response to her inadvertent confession on the plane. But by the time Steve and D.J. reach the altar, he can’t go through with marrying C.J., breaking up with his bride-to-be just before they make it official. (He pays a physical price.) D.J. then follows suit, breaking things off with Matt when he tries to steal the spotlight and hastily get married. This leaves Steve and D.J. with only each other — and before they leave Japan, they leave open the possibility of giving their relationship another go.

The best part: Kimmy Gibbler planning the heck out of this wedding, donning a headset with expert code language for good measure. I’m morbidly curious as to what that imported Hong Kong sushi she ordered tastes like.

The worst part: The episode’s depiction of Japanese culture veers from exceedingly broad if well-intentioned to, well, exceedingly stereotypical.

The best lines: “Twenty-five years ago, and he’s still milking the same cow. How rude” —Stephanie, when the gang sees Jesse on a huge Japanese billboard, cashing in on fame from a one-hit wonder he had decades ago. (Erm, sound familiar?)

“You’re a veterinarian: Give him the fish heimlich!” —Steve to D.J., when his wedding ring is swallowed by a fish.

“I think I can fix this, and even if I can’t, don’t worry! No one looks at the bride and the dress! Or is it everyone?” —Kimmy to C.J., when the latter’s wedding dress is eaten by a smart toilet.

Nostalgia score: 3/10. The Stamos crack is plenty funny — and the actor does make a brief cameo — but otherwise it’s all about moving the current plot forward.

Episode grade: B+

David Canfield

Episode 11: “Troller Coaster”

What happens: Everyone’s back home and suffering from some terrible jet lag. Stephanie, at first, is the only one up at 3 a.m., but soon she’s joined by Kimmy, D.J., and even Fernando. They get back into the swing of things the next day. Ramona learns she got into the San Francisco School of the Performing Arts, an achievement that thrills her parents but intimidates her after Cara, her student mentor, scares her out of going. Stephanie is working on having a baby, which means Kimmy has to help her with hormone shots (and which leads to some erratic behavior). Max, meanwhile, learns he’s finally tall enough to ride the “Troller Coaster,” and is joined by Jackson and D.J. for the milestone. At the ride, D.J. runs into Steve, whom she hasn’t spoken to since Japan, and they take the intense coaster together. Later, Steve shows up at the house for them to have their long-awaited talk. He and D.J agree to give it a month before they give romance another go — but before he leaves for their hiatus, he leaves her with a passionate kiss.

The best part: D.J. and Steve finally having their talk. Regardless on your feelings of them as a couple at this stage, it’s a sweet reunion.

The worst part: Ramona’s school story line only gets a handful of scenes and is resolved too quickly to make much sense.

The best lines: “My body is still on Tokyo time. So it’s 7 p.m. in the future. What am I in the mood for tomorrow night?” —Fernando, browsing the fridge at 3 a.m.

I’ll stick you in the butt!” —Kimmy to Stephanie, no context needed

Nostalgia score: 2/10. I suppose you could count the Steve/D.J. rekindled romance as something for the old fans?

Episode grade: B

David Canfield

Episode 12: “Fast Times at Bayview High”

What happens: Roberta and Jackson are off to their first day in high school, and they’re both excited, as are D.J. and Kimmy. Now that Lola is moving, Jackson offers Roberta the opportunity to hang out with him and Mankowski, but Roberta is trying out for the dance team, so she thinks she won’t need their company.

Once inside the high school things don’t go as planned for Jackson or Ramona. Jackson slips on a slice of bologna and gets dubbed “bologna boy.” As for Ramona, her excitement gets the best of her, and she offends the dance team captain, Chad Brad Bradley, when she calls his moves “straight out of the ’90s.” Ramona is the first and only one cut from the dance team.

Over at the veterinary clinic, D.J. gets two special visits: The first is from Matt, who spent some time in Bora Bora and now has a golden tan, and the second is from Kathy, an alligator pet. D.J. and Matt get trapped in a room with Kathy and are forced to face their feelings for each other. The two ex-lovers come to a friendly and hilarious understanding and realize they still both care for each other.

Back at the high school Max and Kimmy have devised a plan to help Ramona make friends and land a spot in the dance team. Ramona is put on the spotlight after Kimmy, impersonating a hip-hop dancer, confronts Chad Brad Bradley and it all culminates in an epic dance battle.

 The best part: Jimmy vows to be Steph’s baby daddy until “never do us part.” Jimmy gets on one knee and gives a super cute speech, telling Steph he vows “to diaper and to swaddle, to burp and to bathe, to tickle and tuck in.” The moment is perfectly accentuated with the sweetest “aww” you’ll ever hear from a baby, thanks to Tommy Fuller.

 The worst part: When Jackson says, “Oh this is awesome, I’m fake news,” after Rocki spreads a fake rumor about him being the best kisser around.

 The best lines:

Kimmy: “Are you wearing my good luck charm?”
Fernando: “Yes, it is riding up my butt.”

“No, choreog. The -og makes it cooler” — Chad Brad Bradley explaining his abbreviation to Ramona during tryouts

D.J.: “I won’t drop you!”
Matt: “Well you dropped me in Japan.”

“I don’t remember you ordering but you just got served” — Kimmy dissing Chad Brad Bradley after he stumbles on a dance move

Nostalgia score: 5/10. Both D.J. and Kimmy had rough first-day-of-school experiences in Full House and this episode is a throwback to the difficulties of fitting in and the need to feel accepted by new classmates — all while staying true to who you are.

Episode grade: B–

Ernest Macias
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