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September 22, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT

Netflix’s Fuller House is back with season 3 — and we’ve recapped all nine episodes that have debuted so far. Read on for the best (and worst!) parts, the funniest lines, and each half hour’s nostalgia score. (And need a refresher on the second season? Check it out here.) 

EPISODE 1: “Best Summer Ever”

What happens: It’s the first day of summer — and there’s a lot going on in the Tanner household. For one, Steve drops by to confirm his wedding date to CJ and announce that it’s going to be in Japan. Then, after failing his history class, Jackson has to attend summer school  — a fact DJ dreads telling him and softens the blow with a gift card and entire pie. While at summer school, though, he meets Rocki, a girl with purple hair and trouble written all over her, who turns out to be the daughter of Gia, who Full House fans will remember as Stephanie’s “bad” friend. Jimmy is still looking for a place to park his RV and while hanging out in the Costco parking lot, he and Stephanie see Fernando hugging a beautiful blonde. They tell Kimmy that Fernando is cheating, but it turns out the woman is his realtor and he’s purchased the old Gibbler house for him, Kimmy, and Ramona to live in — and Kimmy ultimately turns down his offer because she wants to stay in the Tanner house, which means the spot is open to solve Jimmy’s housing woes. DJ worries that she and Matt aren’t spending enough time together, so she tries to seduce him at work and it backfires when a patient walks in. Matt assures her that their relationship is growing and they both say “I love you” for the first time.

The best part: We’ve always wondered about the Tanners’ open-door policy. Isn’t there crime in San Francisco? How have they not been robbed blind? Rocki finally says what we’re all thinking: “You just let people walk in? How have you not been murdered by now?”

The worst part: We hope they never have a Fuller House musical episode because the opening “Best Summer Ever” number was just plain-out painful to watch.

The best lines: “Have some lemonade. It’s a little tart, just like you.” —Kimmy throwing lemonade in the face of the woman she believes is Fernando’s lover

“You’re not living here forever.” —DJ explaining to Jackson why he needs good grades
“You’re still living here.” —Jackson’s response

“DJ, I love you.” —Dr. Matt

Nostalgia score: 7/10. There’s the constant use of catchphrases — one “how rude” and one “oh, Mylanta” — but two things put this higher on the nostalgia scale: After it sinks in that Steve really is getting married, Kimmy tells DJ, “And not to you. Which is fine if you happen to hate fairy tales and happy endings.” The nostalgia lovers in us can’t help but agree with Kimmy. It also seems that the show is gearing up for a big arc for Gia in season 3 after her guest appearance in the “Girl Talk” reunion episode of season 2.

Episode grade: B

—Maureen Lee Lenker

EPISODE 2: “Break a Leg”

What happens: DJ discovers Stephanie is borrowing her car to be an Uber driver for extra money on the side, so she decides to become her life coach. Then… Stephanie breaks her ankle during their initial “fun” run. Kimmy is annoyed that Steve won’t hire her to plan his wedding in Japan, so she plans a Japanese showcase with Ramona to convince him otherwise (and is successful). Max tries to woo his classmate Rose with his tiny backyard pool, only to be upstaged by his rival Taylor, who rents an inflatable water slide with his birthday money.

The best part: DJ admitting to Stephanie that she gets overwhelmed and often indulges in Oreos and romance novels. DJ is always the one to take care of everyone and set them on the right path, so it’s nice to see her admitting her weaknesses, particularly to her little sister she always feels pressured to help.

The worst part: It’s a tie: I’d be happy to never hear another joke peeing in the pool, so when baby Tommy ruins Max’s pool party, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. And though Kimmy shows off some impressive (and funny) Benihana-worthy cooking skills, her cultural appropriation of Japanese culture in her wedding planning pitch is pretty cringe-worthy.

The best lines: “I’m a wedding planner, and I was never even considered because I don’t speak Japanese and I’ve never been to Japan and the only thing I really know about them is they have a huge Godzilla problem.” —Kimmy, enraged that Steve hasn’t asked her to be the wedding planner for his wedding in Japan

“Fixing Stephanie by Donna Jo Fuller — why is this so thick?” —Stephanie looking at the self-help guide DJ made for her
“Oh, I’ve been working on it since high school.” —DJ

“Behind all my self-help books, I keep my treasure trove of trashy romance novels. Right now I am halfway through Barefoot With a Bad Boy. He is so bad and his feet are so bare.” —DJ  on her secret, not-perfect life

“Every Friday, I schedule five minutes to cry alone in my room.” —DJ explaining she has scheduled breakdowns every week

Nostalgia score: 3/10. Apart from Steve’s brief appearance and an “oh, cheese” from Kimmy, there’s really not much here referring back to the original series or plucking at those nostalgia strings.

Episode grade: B-

—Maureen Lee Lenker (Recaps continue on page 2)

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