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Netflix’s Fuller House is back with season 2 — and we recapped each episode. Read on for the best (and worst!) parts, the funniest lines, and each half-hour’s nostalgia score. (And need a refresher on the first season? Check it out here.)

EPISODE 1: “Welcome Back”

What happens: After spending her summer without any romantic distractions, DJ is ready to choose between Matt, the cute co-worker, and Steve, the high school sweetheart. The problem? While DJ was focusing on herself, Matt and Steve focused on getting new girlfriends. Stephanie’s having a bit more luck in the love department: Kimmy’s brother, Jimmy (who is basically an extra goofy version of Ashton Kutcher), finds her in the backyard singing a song and the two are soon making out. It looks like the house is about to get fuller — also because Fernando got evicted after forgetting to pay rent and is now trying to crash there, too.

The best part: Jimmy pretends to be DJ’s boyfriend so she can fit in with the other couples at her annual barbecue, but… they aren’t very convincing. Out of nowhere, he flatly says, “DJ and I love to scuba” and then calls her “big mama” in response to her calling him “big guy.” In other words, Stephanie does not have to worry about DJ stealing her new man.

The worst part: Every time they break out the Gibbler Gallop. We get it: The Gibblers are quirky. Now please make them stop dancing.

The best lines: “That’s so shellfish of him!” —Jimmy after finding out his uncle Andy still has a shrimp allergy

Nostalgia score: 4/10. Some catchphrases make their way in — Stephanie utters a “How rude!” a few minutes in, and DJ later lets out an “Oh, Mylanta!” — and there are plenty of references to Steve’s relationship with the Tanners’ fridge, but otherwise, it’s relatively tame on the nostalgia front.

Episode grade: B

—Ariana Bacle

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EPISODE 2: “Mom Interference”

What happens: Matt’s super-healthy, super-young new girlfriend, Crystal, feels bad that DJ is all alone — so she sets her up on a date… with her grandpa, played by Alan Thicke (who lovers of ‘80s family sitcoms will remember as Dr. Seaver on Growing Pains, Full House’s network sibling). The age difference is a bit of a turnoff, as is his habit of starting with “Mike here” each time he speaks. And anyway, DJ has bigger things to worry about: Jackson wants to start playing football to impress Lola, but his mom is worried that he’s going to hurt himself. This starts a little war between the two that ends with an aww-worthy resolution. Oh, and Tommy gets a haircut.

The best part: Each time Mike speaks. (Stephanie, who spends all of game night cracking up at the ridiculousness of the setup, would agree.)

The worst part: Stephanie refers to sex as a Happy Meal.

The best lines: Kimmy: “Max, you do know that bacon comes from pigs?” Max: “I don’t mean to embarrass you, but I believe you’re thinking of ham.”

Nostalgia score: 3/10. There’s talk of hugging it out — a Danny Tanner staple — and Thicke’s cameo is a fun throwback to ‘90s TV.

Episode grade: C

—Ariana Bacle

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EPISODE 3: “Ramona’s Not-So-Epic First Kiss”

What happens: Ramona wants to get her first kiss over with, so she pecks Popko, Jackson’s friend, who she doesn’t like — until they lock lips. Her crush is cut short, though, when she finds out he’s dating someone else. Meanwhile, Stephanie and DJ decide to have a little Saturday fun and crash a wedding, where DJ meets a cute guy she immediately hits it off with. But her crush is also cut short, because it turns out this cute guy is gay. At least she got a new friend out of it?

The best part: At the wedding, Stephanie tells DJ to make up a fake name. So she does: “Sinead…” she stumbles. “O’Connor.”

The worst part: DJ’s attempt at an Irish accent.

The best lines: “Last week, there was this terrible screaming baby [at the movies]… Tommy, I should not have taken you to Captain America: Civil War.” —Fernando

Nostalgia score: 6/10. The episode ends with clips from Full House of Stephanie, DJ, and Kimmy’s first kisses.

Episode grade: C+

—Ariana Bacle

EPISODE 4: “Curse of Tanner Manor”

What happens: It’s Halloween in the Tanner house, but DJ is disappointed to learn that precocious neighborhood blogger Taylor has deemed their house the “lamest Halloween house in town.” To rehab her image, she decides to throw Max and his friends a big, spooky party. Unfortunately, the party is kind of lame, even with the help of Kimmy and Fernando, who try to bring some spunk to the fete in costume as Lucy and Ricky. Meanwhile, Jackson and Ramona, being the cool teenagers that they are, bail on the party in favor of a haunted house. This hurts DJ’s feelings, but Steph and Jimmy, who are working in the house as zombies, do their best to knock a little sense into the too-cool-to-admit-they’re-terrified pair.

The best part: Kimmy Gibbler makes a great Lucy Ricardo, and even the toughest cynic can probably admit they melted a little when Fernando serenaded her with the I Love Lucy theme song, just like Ricky does to Lucy in the episode “Lucy’s Last Birthday.”

The worst part: Ugh, can we never see Taylor again? Dude was annoying with a capital A. From barging into DJ’s house uninvited (it’s only okay when Kimmy does it!), to insulting every aspect of her party, someone needed to dismiss this kid with a classic, “How rude!”

The best line: “Let’s travel back to a terrifying time where TV was in black and white and there were only three channels.” –Fernando (dressed as Ricky Ricardo) tries to set the mood for his performance of “Babalu”

Nostalgia score: 2/10. “I can’t believe my son’s best friend is such a pain in the butt. Oh… now I know how my dad felt about you,” DJ says of Taylor in the beginning. That line provides the episode’s only dose of nostalgia. The rest is filled with multiple references to Uber, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even vaping for goodness sake.

Episode grade: B-

—Rachel DeSantis

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EPISODE 5: Doggy Daddy

What happened: The Fuller house is even fuller than usual in this go-round: Ramona is preparing to audition for the famed dance coach Giuseppe Pignoli (guest star Bruno Tonioli), DJ has arranged a big play date for Tommy, and Max has added three chickens (aptly named Danny, Jesse, and Joey – chicken Becky flew out the car’s sunroof by accident) to the brood. Things go awry, however, when Cosmo accidentally swallows a corn on the cob and needs emergency surgery to remove it. Good thing DJ’s a vet, right? Stephanie’s lazy Sunday is interrupted as DJ leaves her in charge of the baby play date, and she and the boys take Cosmo to the clinic, where some unexpected sparks fly with Matt, who is already in a relationship.

The best part: This one’s a tie — there’s a warm and fuzzy brotherly love moment between Max and Jackson in the waiting room while Cosmo’s having surgery that gives us all the feels, but there’s ALSO a surprise steamy kiss between DJ and Matt, followed by Matt revealing his feelings for DJ. Ahhh!

The worst part: Kimmy and Fernando disrupting Ramon’s dance audition dressed in their finest DWTS garb was cringe-worthy. Leave your kid alone and let her do her thing!

The best line: “Wow, it is so nice to see things turn out so well for one of those child sitcom stars.” —Stephanie gets meta after finishing Ariana Grande’s book

Nostalgia score: 2/10. The few nostalgia points from this episode come from the fact that both Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin appeared on Dancing With the Stars and were judged by guest star Bruno Tonioli. But that’s about it.

Episode grade: B

—Rachel DeSantis

EPISODE 6: Fuller Thanksgiving

What happened: The gang is reunited in full (no, these jokes will never end) for Thanksgiving, but of course, it wouldn’t be a Tanner/Fuller Thanksgiving without some bumps in the road: Danny’s having a mid-life (or is it two-thirds-life?) crisis, Jesse and Becky are fighting over whether or not they should adopt another baby, Joey’s four children are destructive demons, and for some reason someone invited Steve — who doesn’t seem to be quite over DJ — and his new girlfriend. Phew. DJ had the weekend calculated down to the minute and feels in over her head when nothing goes according to plan. But alas, in classic Full House fashion, the trials and tribulations are nothing a few heart-to-hearts can’t fix.

The best part: This episode’s plot wasn’t the strongest, but it didn’t matter — the sight of all those familiar faces sitting around the same table again was enough to make even casual Fuller House viewers thankful.

The worst part: Suuure Danny was supposed to be having some kind of near-death experience mid-life crisis thing. But hoverboards? Skinny dipping? Words like CRACK-A-LACKIN’?! No, thank you.

The best line: “Come on DJ, today is all about family. Don’t let our family ruin that.” —Stephanie

Nostalgia score: 11/10. Man, this one really sent the nostalgia meter off the charts. It featured every single family member (besides Michelle, but she did get a shout-out) together again, a few “cut it out”s courtesy of the whole Gladstone family, a father-daughter heart-to-heart, Jesse’s Elvis voice, and a “Have mercy” from Aunt Becky.

Episode grade: B

—Rachel DeSantis

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EPISODE 7: “Girl Talk”

What happened: They’re getting the band back together! If you recall, back in season 8 of Full House, Stephanie, Kimmy, and [shudder] bad girl Gia (Marla Sokoloff) were in a little group called Girl Talk. Jesse was their coach, and they nailed their performance of “The Sign” until Steph knocked over a mic and ruined the whole thing. Now, they’re rebooting the band, which can only mean one thing… Gia’s back! Except now she’s a soccer mom! DJ still hasn’t forgiven her for being such a bad influence on Steph, and the two’s constant bickering causes tension for the band. Meanwhile, Fernando helps Max replant his garden after the chickens destroy it, and Ramona and Jackson deal with Jackson’s fedora-ed friend Popko, who creates and spreads a mean viral video of Ramona to the whole school.

The best part: Gia’s comeback was amazing, even if it did include her vaping (can we please stop with the vaping references in this show?). Some of the most memorable Full House episodes involved the resident bad girl, so her appearance was a fun throwback.

The worst part: Jackson’s friend Popko exacting his revenge on Ramona via viral video after she rejected him was harsh. He’s slimy and entitled ,and I hope Ramona kicks him to the curb for good.

The best line: “I’m not tech-savvy. I used to think Wi-Fi was a question!” —Jackson

Nostalgia score: 9/10. The episode references all of the classic Gia Full House episodes, like the one with the cigarettes, the infamous “makeout party,” and Steph’s first crop top. Stephanie also knocks over the microphone again like she did in the original Girl Talk episode. Also, Gia’s traded cigarettes for vapes because of course she has.

Episode grade: C+

—Rachel DeSantis

EPISODE 8: “A Tangled Web”

What happens: DJ goes to extreme lengths to help Max ace his school project and take home the “green ribbon” while Jackson and Ramona are thrilled to spend the night pet-sitting Lola’s dog, Spot — until they find out that Spot is actually a pet tarantula. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Jimmy suffer the consequences of being “that couple” when their music video for Stephanie’s new song isn’t as well-received as they hoped it would be.

The best part: After Stephanie’s music video tanks — we’re talking 41 views in 12 hours — Kimmy puts her skills to work and edits the entire video to clips of Tommy and Cosmo being adorable because nothing goes viral quite like the friendship between a dog and a toddler.

The worst part: Stephanie’s aforementioned music video.

The best line: “He loves being stroked on his fuzzy little thorax.” —Lola while giving Jackson and Ramona a few pet-sitting guidelines

Nostalgia score: 1/10. When giving his presentation, Max introduces his class to his free-range chickens: Jesse, Joey, Danny, and Becky. Other than that small reference, this episode was super chill on the nostalgia.

Episode grade: B+

—Danielle Jackson

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EPISODE 9: “Glazed and Confused”

What happens: Stephanie, Kimmy, and Fernando head to Los Angeles for the day as Stephanie prepares to perform her song for the first time on Wake Up, USA. The day quickly turns sour when Fernando and the adoption agent that Jessie invited to the show convince Becky to give them a tour of the set of Police Mom. The gang makes an attempt to take a selfie from the jail cell on set when they (very predictably) get locked in, putting Stephanie’s performance in jeopardy and leaving Danny to host the show with Kimmy. Speaking of days going sour, Uncle Joey is summoned to the Fuller house — donuts in hand — to babysit the kids while DJ and Matt head to Napa Valley. But the couple ends up having to take a rain check on that vacay, as those donuts were the source of food poisoning for the entire house.

The best part: The adorable moment in which Matt takes a break from being the house nurse and snuggles with Tommy, Max, Jackson, and Cosmo.

The worst part: Kimmy being Kimmy.

The best line: “Never mind, I’m wearing it.” —Fernando when he realizes he forgot to pack his banana hammock

Nostalgia score: 7/10. The spark between Aunt Becky and Uncle Jessie is most definitely still alive while the time Kimmy spent being Danny’s co-host only proved that nothing about their love-hate relationship has changed. Also, Matt’s moment with Cosmo and the boys seems so similar to something that would’ve happened on the original show.

Episode grade: B+

—Danielle Jackson

EPISODE 10: “New Kids in the House”

What happens: For DJ’s 39th birthday, Kimmy accidentally buys her a set of counterfeit tickets to a New Kids on the Block concert. To make it up to her, she and Stephanie finesse the band into making an appearance at the house right before the concert to privately wish DJ — who’s now doped up on pain medication after an emergency trip to the dentist — a happy birthday.

The best part: Steve upstages Matt in the gift-giving department when his pillow person turns out to be a way bigger hit than Matt’s his-and-hers tennis rackets. Noticing this, Steve pulls some strings and scores DJ and the girls three front row tickets to the real New Kids on the Block Concert and gives all the credit to Matt.

The worst part: Kimmy and Stephanie’s “meeting” with New Kids on the Block. Sneaking into a boy band’s limo in the middle of standstill traffic, hijacking it from the driver, and somehow still convincing said band to meet you at home later? These kinds of things just happen every day. (An honorable mention goes to the shameless plug for Donnie Wahlberg’s CBS drama, Blue Bloods.)

The best line: “We’ll be loving you forever.” —Jordan Knight as the band leaves the Fuller house

Nostalgia score: 4/10. This episode gets a four mainly because of the appearance of New Kids on the Block. But there was also one “How rude?” and a triple “Oh, Mylanta!”

Episode grade: C+

—Danielle Jackson

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EPISODE 11: “DJ and Kimmy’s High School Reunion”

What happens: DJ and Kimmy head to their high school reunion — and things don’t go so well for either of them. DJ runs into both of her high school exes, Nelson and Viper, but before she’s forced to spend too much time with them, Steve comes to the rescue and the pair dance to their song, “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)” from their favorite movie, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. This reminds DJ of how much she cared for Steve, but before she can bring up her new feelings, Steve tells her he’s going to ask CJ to marry him. When he asks if there’s any reason he shouldn’t, DJ says no. Elsewhere, Kimmy goes from one terrible accident to another. Back at home, Stephanie, Max, and Ramona try to cheer up Jackson because he doesn’t feel special.

The best part: Finding out “Whatever” Guy had gone to Harvard and went on to become a motivational speaker — and hearing him gush “whatever” at Kimmy’s kiss on the cheek.

The worst part: Kimmy’s dress ripping on the dance floor. Given the terrible night she was having and the fact that her dress had a long train, maybe she should have left her signature Gibbler dance moves at home.

The best line:

DJ: “It’s a high school reunion. Not a ‘90s theme party.”

Kimmy: “Our entire lives are a ‘90s theme party.”

Nostalgia score: 7/10. With a high school reunion episode, it’s hard not to tap into the nostalgia factor and Fuller House pulled out all the stops by bringing back Kimmy’s old prom dress, referencing Steve and DJ’s prom photo (that hair!) and, of course, bringing back DJ and Kimmy’s exes.

Episode grade: B-

-Nivea Serrao

EPISODE 12: “Nutcrackers”

What happens: Love (of all kinds) is in the air. First, Stephanie can’t seem to tell Jimmy she loves him back until DJ makes her realize that her hesitation (and freak-outs) are about her commitment issues. Turns out, Stephanie doesn’t want to get hurt like she did when her mother died. So when Jimmy comes over the next morning, she tells him she loves him back. Meanwhile, Ramona doesn’t want to miss Lola’s Christmas party, so she skips the first act of her ballet to attend it. Predictably, she’s late getting back, and Kimmy takes her place as the Mouse King in the ballet. But when Kimmy injures a fellow dancer and makes everyone do the Gibbler Gallop, Ramona comes out as the Nutcracker and slays her… twice. Also, Max finds a girlfriend in CJ’s daughter Rose (who also happens to be a big Titanic fan).

The best part: Cosmo brings Jack the Rabbit a carrot.

The worst part: Two words: DJ rapping.

The best line:

Max: “Where have you been all my life?” ‘

Rose: “My mom’s house.”

Nostalgia score: 3/10. Is it really nostalgia if you do the Gibbler Gallop almost every episode?

Episode grade: C-

-Nivea Serrao

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EPISODE 13: “Happy New Year Baby”

What happens: Steve is having a hard time planning his proposal to CJ at DJ’s New Year’s Eve party, so he asks DJ to help. Later when they’re practicing, CJ walks in on them and gets mad, because she always suspected they had feelings for each other. However, DJ forces Steve to propose, but when he can’t, she gets down on one knee and pops the question instead… CJ says yes, just as Matt walks in. Even though they’re both with their respective partners, Steve and DJ glance at each other wistfully. Later, DJ admits to Stephanie and Kimmy that she’d planned to pick Steve, but that she’s genuinely happy with Matt now.

Meanwhile, Danny, Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky, and Joey are also in town because Jesse and Becky are adopting a new baby, who they’re naming Pamela after the late Pamela Tanner. Elsewhere, Max gets really mad when Jackson dupes him into thinking that it’s midnight two hours early so that he doesn’t have to hang out with him. However, Danny, Jesse, and Joey are able to talk the kid out of his revenge plans and Max eventually forgives Jackson.

The best part: Stephanie and Becky’s talk about adoption.

The worst part: Mr. Woodchuck.

The best line: “There’s no way I’m wearing this! It’s way too big and bright and loud. And that’s coming from me.” – Kimmy does not approve of the Argentinian dress Fernando wants her to wear for a New Year’s Party.

Nostalgia score: 7/10. Having most of the Tanner household back together was pretty nice. Though is it really nostalgia if you’re actively trying to forget Mr. Woodchuck?

Episode grade: B-

-Nivea Serrao

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