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Netflix’s Fuller House is back with season 2 — and we recapped each episode. Read on for the best (and worst!) parts, the funniest lines, and each half-hour’s nostalgia score. (And need a refresher on the first season? Check it out here.) 

EPISODE 1: “Welcome Back”

What happens: After spending her summer without any romantic distractions, DJ is ready to choose between Matt, the cute co-worker, and Steve, the high school sweetheart. The problem? While DJ was focusing on herself, Matt and Steve focused on getting new girlfriends. Stephanie’s having a bit more luck in the love department: Kimmy’s brother, Jimmy (who is basically an extra goofy version of Ashton Kutcher), finds her in the backyard singing a song and the two are soon making out. It looks like the house is about to get fuller — also because Fernando got evicted after forgetting to pay rent and is now trying to crash there, too.

The best part: Jimmy pretends to be DJ’s boyfriend so she can fit in with the other couples at her annual barbecue, but… they aren’t very convincing. Out of nowhere, he flatly says, “DJ and I love to scuba” and then calls her “big mama” in response to her calling him “big guy.” In other words, Stephanie does not have to worry about DJ stealing her new man.

The worst part: Every time they break out the Gibbler Gallop. We get it: The Gibblers are quirky. Now please make them stop dancing.

The best lines: “That’s so shellfish of him!” —Jimmy after finding out his uncle Andy still has a shrimp allergy

Nostalgia score: 4/10. Some catchphrases make their way in — Stephanie utters a “How rude!” a few minutes in, and DJ later lets out an “Oh, Mylanta!” — and there are plenty of references to Steve’s relationship with the Tanners’ fridge, but otherwise, it’s relatively tame on the nostalgia front.

Episode grade: B

—Ariana Bacle

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EPISODE 2: “Mom Interference”

What happens: Matt’s super-healthy, super-young new girlfriend, Crystal, feels bad that DJ is all alone — so she sets her up on a date… with her grandpa, played by Alan Thicke (who lovers of ‘80s family sitcoms will remember as Dr. Seaver on Growing Pains, Full House’s network sibling). The age difference is a bit of a turnoff, as is his habit of starting with “Mike here” each time he speaks. And anyway, DJ has bigger things to worry about: Jackson wants to start playing football to impress Lola, but his mom is worried that he’s going to hurt himself. This starts a little war between the two that ends with an aww-worthy resolution. Oh, and Tommy gets a haircut.

The best part: Each time Mike speaks. (Stephanie, who spends all of game night cracking up at the ridiculousness of the setup, would agree.)

The worst part: Stephanie refers to sex as a Happy Meal.

The best lines: Kimmy: “Max, you do know that bacon comes from pigs?” Max: “I don’t mean to embarrass you, but I believe you’re thinking of ham.”

Nostalgia score: 3/10. There’s talk of hugging it out — a Danny Tanner staple — and Thicke’s cameo is a fun throwback to ‘90s TV.

Episode grade: C

—Ariana Bacle

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