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Signal Loss
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You can’t have it all. That’s a good lesson to learn in life, generally… but especially for time-altering radio-communicating TV characters.

We’ve come to the end of the road with Raimy and Frank. Try as hard as they could, they never could truly set things right. And though this may be the last episode ever, it’s okay. No, it didn’t wrap up everything with a neat bow — but it’s wrapped nicely enough to serve as a series finale.

(If The CW doesn’t give us another season of Frequency, I’m crossing my fingers for another Riley Smith and Peyton List-led series on the network because they’ve been great to watch together… even though they were never actually together. You know what I mean.)

But before we say goodbye, let’s go back to the top of this last hour. Raimy is happy that everything is right in her world: Julie is alive — and a doctor to boot! Raimy is engaged to Daniel. Gordo for some reason is now a lawyer and wears suits; he’s even planning an engagement party for Daniel and Raimy. And things are even good with Satch! Since he didn’t spend years hunting down the Nightingale, his marriage to Leah has remained intact. Raimy can’t stop smiling from the joy of it all.

She calls up Frank on the ham to tell him Deacon Joe has been in prison for 20 years and there have been no Nightingale kills since then. Things are great in Frank’s timeline, too. He, Julie, and Young Raimy are going to a cabin for the weekend. Things are not going to stay great for long…

In 1996, Joe’s being held at the jail, where Robbie Womack is visiting him and finding out that his dad took the fall for all his kills. “No one else is going to understand what you did,” Joe tells his son. After Robbie gives him the details, Joe hands over a signed confession with all the names and locations.

Oddly, we then see Stan Moreno at home taking care of his father, who knows he’s a dirty cop. I guess this was supposed to give us a little compassion for him, but it felt a little… too little too late.

Another odd scene: We see Robbie Womack’s teenage son telling his parents how he got beat up at his new school when kids found out his grandpa was the Nightingale killer. This felt slightly unnecessary, but it did introduce us to the Robbie in this reality: He plays it cool on the surface, telling his son that they don’t support violence, and then he runs into the bathroom and tries to shut out the female demons in his head.

Acting like life is normal, Raimy heads to the hospital to pick up her mother. In the parking lot, she sees the exact same truck that chased her about five realities ago. It still belongs to the same person: Doris Perkins. She goes to the address on file, and our buddy Robbie Womack answers the door. Apparently, Doris Perkins is his mother-in-law, and the reason he was at the hospital is that Meghan is there.

Up at the cabin, Frank gets a call from Maricella, who tells him she forgives him and that things are about to get crazy. (Until this moment I forgot she even existed, to be honest.) But other than Satch and the family stopping by for s’mores, nothing bad happens at the cabin, which came as a big surprise to me.

As soon as Frank gets back to their house, Raimy is ready on the ham with news. She tells him about bumping into Robbie and how nervous it makes her. Frank promises to go see Meghan and Robbie in his time to reassure her. He goes to Robbie’s apartment and talks to them about testifying, but when they don’t raise any red flags, he leaves for the bar. There, Frank bumps into Moreno, who kinda-sorta wants to apologize for trying to get him killed. Frank kinda-sorta accepts, and Stan says they’re not really that different; they do live only three blocks apart after all.

Back at the hospital, Julie is treating a familiar face: Meghan. Robbie is there with her, and he loses it at the sight of Julie. He heads to the prison to see Joe — who time has not treated well in this reality — and tells him it’s fate that he saw Julie again. “These women are sinners,” he pleads. “I don’t know if I can stop.”

NEXT: Please stop, Robbie.

Raimy and Frank talk over the ham about that everything that’s been going on, and then she brings up the elephant in the radio wires: Frank still isn’t in her future. He says that being saved once was enough, that he got everything he wanted. He’s content not knowing his future. Aww.

Raimy goes inside to talk to her other parent, but Julie is in a haze. She says she had a bad day at work because her terminal patient has already been through a lot. She tells Raimy that her name is Meghan Womack…

Meanwhile, Young Adult Robbie isn’t doing so well after the visit from Frank. He tells Meghan that he can’t testify against Joe: “He’s not a monster. I’m not a monster. Those women needed to be saved.” Recognition flashes across Meghan’s face as Robbie explains that he was dating Larissa, but when she cheated on him, he lost it. He had similar breaks with the other women. “I gave them a good death,” he says. Meghan tries to flee, but Robbie bashes her head against the wall.

And just like that, she’s wiped from Raimy’s reality. “Who’s Meghan?” Julie says when Raimy tries to continue the conversation. Raimy rushes out to the ham to warn Frank, but he’s out checking on Robbie, who called him crying.

Raimy rushes to the precinct to search police records: She learns that Meghan died and Robbie went missing after that. After that, they realized Joe had only murdered his wife and that Robbie was the true Nightingale. Satch calmly explains all of this to Raimy (it’s weird that at no point this season did anyone think that she might have had some type of amnesia or brain injury with all the explaining she needs). Satch says he’s “finished” with his sister. “How do you know Robbie’s finished?” Raimy spits back.

About that time, Frank sees what Robbie has done and realizes what’s going on, too. He calls Stan — who we now know lives close to the Sullivans, convenient! — and tells him to get over there. Stan rushes to his car to be the good guy, but OUT OF NOWHERE is shot by Maricella. It seems like her whole purpose this season was to come in and ruin things at just the right moment.

Julie is putting together dinner in the kitchen, unaware that Robbie is in the house. She takes a tray out to Young Raimy and Young Gordo, who are playing on the ham. Robbie follows her out there and points a gun on her while saying he’s there to help her.

Adult Raimy is in the garage, too, ignoring her own engagement party inside the house. She starts to yell out over the ham to Robbie. Right then Gordo’s dad walks in, and Robbie shoots him. Raimy tries to get under his skin through the ham, but he gets angry and throws it off the counter — severing Raimy’s connection to the past.

Frank rushes to the house and sees Robbie taking Julie away in his truck. He shoots Frank and then starts to take off, but Satch shows up to save the day and T-bones the truck.

Raimy walks out of the garage and sees that the house is now dark. She’s thinking the worst (so am I!), but the house is dark because they’re watching a slide show. All is well with Raimy — her mom is still alive; she’s still engaged to Daniel.

And right before the show cuts to black, we see Robbie walking across the street. Dun dun dunnn.


There are still quite a few questions and loose ends. Like Raimy, I think we’ll have to be okay with not knowing. What did you think of the season (maybe series?) finale?

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Based on the 2000 feature film of the same name, The CW’s drama Frequency features Peyton List, Riley Smith, and Mekhi Phifer.
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