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Things are never simple with time travel. And even though they’re not actually time-traveling on Frequency, they’re messing with time. And time isn’t very forgiving. But in addition to having problems with changing the timeline, Raimy and Frank have relationship and work drama as well. Nothing is easy with these two, but would we want it any other way?

“Gray Line” starts in 1996 with a kid throwing a fire bomb into Maricella’s house. She’s not there, but her mom is and gets sent to the hospital with severe burns.

Maricella’s obviously not pleased — and she runs straight to Frank to tell him about it. Apparently, she’s still dealing drugs and encroaching on Stan Moreno’s turf, which is what made her a target. Frank wants her to testify against him and go into Witness Protection, but she has a better plan: Every week, Stan meets with a bookkeeper in the cemetery to receive his cut of the drug operation. All Frank would need to do is record the meeting and they’d have enough to catch the dirty cop. Easy peasy, right? (It’s not.)

Frank calls in a former NYPD employee to help him record the conversation. When he’s meeting with him in his garage-home, Satch walks in and gets very high and mighty. He doesn’t think Frank is going about trapping Stan the right way.

Which is why when the cemetery meeting goes down, it’s a bust. Stan shows up, alone, and starts talking to Frank by name through the planted microphone. He knows Frank is listening because Satch is a big tattletale. “In the end, all any of us has is loyalty,” Stan tells Frank. It’s looking like Frank can rely only on his family…

…and they aren’t too happy with him either. Throughout this ordeal, Raimy is frustrated he’s running around trying to catch Stan and save Maricella, when catching Nightingale and saving her mother is the more important play. And she’s got quite the lead on Meghan, so she’s on a roll with this case.

After hooking up with Daniel (we’ll get back to this), Raimy finds the tip-line file from “Meghan” on her desk. Her name is Meghan Womack and she called from Bellevue, where Raimy goes to find she’s already gone. She’s been transferred to a long-term facility — but the orderly mentions her stepdad is “a deacon at Saint Abigail’s.” That’s confirmation enough for Raimy that Deacon Joe is the Nightingale, but since they’re going to be murdering the man, Frank wants a little more intel.

Raimy goes to the other facility and learns Meghan has escaped. Just then, Raimy gets a call from the tip line; they have Meghan on the phone and put her through. Meghan gives Raimy her location before dropping the phone and running. When Raimy gets there, she’s nowhere to be found.

Doing some research on the family, Raimy finds out that the day Meghan cut herself and walked naked through the camp, the deacon filed a complaint saying she tried to kill him. Plus, Raimy can’t find records of Meghan’s mother, Christa, or little brother, Robby. Hmm…

After learning all this from Raimy, Frank tracks down 1996 Meghan to a record store. He asks her questions under the cover of investigating Larissa Abbott’s missing person case. Meghan says the camp was a bad time for her: Deacon Joe would take her whole family to the camp and make them live in a trailer…and he also beat them. One day he beat up her brother so bad that she fought back, but by the time the police got there, her brother and mother were so scared they supported Deacon Joe’s lies against Meghan.

To show the world their family wasn’t okay, Meghan cut her arms and walked through the camp prayers naked. (Maybe not the best way to get that message across, but okay.) That was the first time Joe had her locked away. While she was in there, her mom stopped visiting. A year into her commitment, her brother came and said Joe had murdered her. Then Robby stopped coming, too.

When Frank asks why she thinks Joe killed her mom, she said it was because her mom was trying to start her own life. She had gone back to work…at a hospital. SHE WAS A NURSE. Bingo!

NEXT: The hunt for Meghan is on

As far as Raimy is concerned, that’s the nail in Joe’s coffin, but Frank wants more evidence. He says if they don’t have enough for an arrest, they definitely don’t have enough for him to KILL the man. They must find Meghan in 2016.

Raimy is about to head up to Westchester when Joe himself visits the precinct. He says they’re treating him like a fugitive by questioning his neighbors. Joe says he was doing a 24-hour sit-in with a parishioner suffering from an addiction when Meghan went missing. Convenient. He also says he hasn’t seen his wife since 1992 when she left for Arizona. He sent her monthly checks, though.

Raimy doesn’t buy any of this and races off to Joe’s house before he can get there. She breaks into the house when she hears banging sounds. She sees Meghan’s hospital bracelet in the trash and then heads up the stairs toward the banging. That’s when Satch calls and her cell phone rings out loud. Come on, Raimy, rule 1 of breaking and entering: always silence your cell phone.

Anyway, she ignores the call, and Satch leaves a message saying Joe paid a woman to pose as his wife in Arizona and cash her checks. So, it looks like the assumption he murdered his wife is very true.

Raimy enters a bedroom and finds a hole in the wall; inside the wall are numerous duffel bags. As she bends over to look, Deacon comes up from behind and attacks. They scuffle, but she gets the upper hand and he runs away. When he flees in his car, Raimy goes back to investigate the bags. One is full of shoes, one is full of clothes and Christa’s necklace, and one is full of Christa! More importantly, Christa’s hands are tied with rosaries. Looks like Raimy just found the Nightingale killer. (It only took 20 years and nine episodes!)


Speaking of hooking up, after finding out about Satch’s betrayal, Frank runs to Julie. He tells her he wants to reveal everything about his time undercover, and then they kiss. And then they hook up.

Anyone else weirded out by the fact they intercut a mother-father sex scene with their daughter’s sex scene IN THE SAME ROOM?! Weird choice, show.

Anyway, after their separate sexy times, Frank and Raimy meet up on the ham. Raimy tells him their suspicions are confirmed: Deacon Joe is the Nightingale killer.

“Now I’m going to kill him,” Frank says.

Aside from that bleak ending note, things are looking up on Frequency. The killer is within reach, Frank knows what to do to bring Julie back, and everyone’s love lives are sorta on track. But we still have four episodes left — so something is bound to go off the rails before we get to the end.

Episode grade: A-

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Based on the 2000 feature film of the same name, The CW’s drama Frequency features Peyton List, Riley Smith, and Mekhi Phifer.
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