Raimy finds herself in an impossible love triangle while Frank tries to work things out with Julie … all while there's a serial killer on the loose
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Love is in the air on Frequency. Romances are rekindling while a serial killer is on the loose — what could be hotter? Okay, you’re right. That’s not hot at all. Let’s handle the case of the week first and then get to all the ~feelings~ stuff.

In case too much Thanksgiving turkey caused you to forget: Raimy and Satch found evidence of the Nightingale at an abandoned camp in the Catskills. After CSU went through the cabins, they confirmed this was where Larissa Abbott was taken — which means this really was the Nightingale’s first kill. Raimy wants to go through all of Larissa’s things, but her brother threw it all out back in 2001, when they found her body. To the ham!

Raimy tells Frank about the latest developments and tells him to go talk to Larissa’s family in 1996. Even though she’s been missing for two years in his time, Frank knows her body won’t be found for five more years. He’d love to give the family some closure now, but Raimy says he can’t. She has to work as many leads in 2016 and not change the past, that way when they’re ready to catch the Nightingale, he won’t be tipped off again.

So in 1996, Frank goes to the Abbott household, where he talks to Larissa’s family. The mother is desperate for news of her daughter, especially when she puts two and two together and realizes Frank is investigating the Nightingale killings. As much as it pains him, Frank restrains himself from giving her any time-altering information. He says they’re doing everything they can and then searches her room, where he finds her diary.

Meanwhile in 2016, Satch and Raimy are talking to Deacon Joe, a man who ran a program called Saint Abigail’s Angels back in the ‘90s. For two weeks every summer, he would take at-risk children to the Catskills camp. He says none of the kids stand out to him as red flags, but he does offer to give them his old files.

Frank reads Larissa’s diary over the ham to Raimy that night. She writes a lot about Matteo, the boyfriend who beat her, and someone named Meghan. Larissa’s mom didn’t know who she was, so the only trail at first is Matteo. Frank tracks him down at a scrapyard and questions him about the night she went missing. He swears he was at his sister’s house and only (“only”) beat her once — when he found nude photos someone else had taken. She would never say who took them, but she did mention Meghan: She was a “screwed up” girl whom Larissa was trying to help.

And he’s not the only one who knows about Meghan. Satch and Raimy track down a Vincent Davis, the only name from Deacon Joe’s files to have an adult record. Vincent is in a wheelchair after a drunk-driving accident 14 years ago (which I guess means he can’t be the killer?). He tells them a camp tale about a “creepy ass girl” who walked naked through camp bleeding from her arms. The year was 1991, and her name was Meghan.

In Larissa’s diary for June 28, 1991, Frank finds her description of the events. She tried to help her, but Meghan uttered, “I just want him to leave us alone,” and then disappeared.

Raimy and Frank think she’s a ghost, but we know differently. From the beginning of the episode, we’ve seen flashes of an unwell woman in a psychiatric hospital. She has been trying to get in touch with Raimy ever since she saw the news conference, but she doesn’t trust her doctor to hear the phone call. With no other options, she pulls the fire alarm and sneaks into an office to call the tip line. She’s able to say, “My name is Meghan,” before an orderly clicks the receiver.

After the incident, her doctor goes into her room and brings a friend: Deacon Joe!!! She’s clearly terrified of him, which the doctor thinks is just psychosis. Deacon Joe and the doctor have decided to put Meghan in long-term care so she’ll stop harming herself. In reply she says, “This man is a monster. He’s going to kill me.”

Is Deacon Joe the Nightingale killer?! We should be finding out soon, because the woman who took the tip-line call places the file on Raimy’s desk at the end of the episode. It has the name Meghan and a phone number to boot. Watch out, Deacon Joe.

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Julie and Coach Ted

Coach Ted drops Raimy off at the house after a game; she runs inside and Ted tells Julie he had a “good time” the other night. They make plans for a date the following week and then he plants one on her… He’s standing right in little Raimy’s line of sight from inside the house.

Raimy is not pleased by this. She refuses to do her chores, she starts talking back to her mom, she cuts up her brand-new mitt, and then she quits softball.

Julie and Frank

When Frank pulls up to check on the protective detail outside the house, they tell him about Julie’s little kiss. He goes inside and yells at her for not keeping their daughter’s welfare in mind, like she asked him to do. She admits Raimy saw the kiss and Frank really loses it. So much so that Julie kicks him out.

A couple days later when he’s calmed down, he comes back by to chat. He says it’s ultimately about jealousy. He goes to put Raimy to bed, and once she’s asleep, he finds a paper fortune teller. Inside she’s written things like “Hit a homerun,” and “Get straight A’s” — when Frank opens it all the way, it says “Ways to make Mommy and Daddy happy again.”

It breaks his heart — rightfully so! — and he comes to a compromise with Julie: They have to keep their daughter out of the drama and do what’s best for her. And now that Frank finally opens up to Julie about his reasoning for going undercover, it seems like Julie might be softening on the idea of him being around.

Raimy and Kyle … and Raimy and Daniel

During Sunday Funday with Gordo, Raimy is surprised when Kyle drops by with pizza and beer. She completely forgot they had plans, but Gordo wants pizza and Kyle wants to play video games. The three of them are hanging out, having a good time, when her doorbell rings again. This time it’s DANIEL.

Her in-another-timeline fiancé is drunk and can’t get Raimy out of his head. She leaves Kyle and Gordo and drives him home, where he kisses her on his doorstep. “I just needed to know what that felt like,” he says and then starts to vomit. So romantic.


While working on case files later, Kyle stops by and they eat dinner and work together — she’s clearly trying to put Daniel out of her mind. But that won’t last long because when she heads home, she finds him on her porch. She walks up to him and they make out. Dramaaaa.

Timeline tidbit:

  • Frank asks Satch why he’s still sticking up for Moreno even though they all know he’s dirty, and Satch says he’s protecting Frank. Hmmm.

“It’s the ‘90s!” Moment of the Week: Raimy watches Animaniacs, including a segment with Pinky and the Brain

Episode grade: A-

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Based on the 2000 feature film of the same name, The CW’s drama Frequency features Peyton List, Riley Smith, and Mekhi Phifer.
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